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  1. I don’t think you are allowed to you use common sense on this forum...
  2. Wow - the MSM has won again!
  3. yeah apparently you have never owned a small business. No way I could afford to pay one of my 4 or 5 employees for two additional weeks.
  4. I attacked no one. I simply had an observation about the wide use of cell phones throughout the ship, giving 3 examples to support my observation.
  5. Haven’t you heard? The use of cell phones is too prolific on the Edge and there are creeps taking your picture without your permission!
  6. Very well said! 👏🏼 As an owner of 3 business, I have empowered my employees to make decisions on my behalf so I can enjoy my vacation. I leave the phone number of the insurance agent in the event anything burns down or there are any serious accidents - call him, not me. And family members have been informed that if there are any deaths in the immediate family while I am out at sea, just put them on ice till I get back.
  7. And one other thing, not that I need to mention it, but yeah - my thread title was a bit bizarre but it got your(everyone that clicked on the title) attention and made you look and join the discussion! I think some people's funny bone is broked....
  8. A couple of points here - #1 - Photography is about many things - journalism with pictures, preserving history, capturing memories, advertising, art, etc. Taking a picture of someone at a bar on a phone is no different than taking a picture of a child begging in the street of India, a couple kissing on the Spanish Steps, a wedding couple on the beach - all pictures I have taken while on vacation because I enjoy photography, not that I am that great at it. #2 - We can't have it both ways in todays society with all of the electronic devices around - privacy in a public setting AND constant communication with the world. From redlight and toll cameras, to street surveillance cameras to ring doorbells or video cameras at the entrance of every retail location you enter these days - there is no privacy. When I am out in public, I expect someone somewhere is watching me and taking pictures or video of me doing something dull, fun, or dumb. Do I like it? No. Is there anything I can do about it? No, not if I want to socialize with anyone at all. The privacy in public ship sailed a long time ago. Can you say People of WalMart! #3 - You mention respect in general. Everyone seems to be focusing on the people at the bar. That was not the only observation I mentioned. Respect in general includes keeping your FaceTime conversations muted to the public, your notifications muted to the public, or putting down your phone when ordering a drink or paying for something when people are behind you, or just plain being aware of your surroundings in public. Electronic devices are great.....when used appropriately with the correct etiquette, something that some parents are not teaching their children. Ok, just my thoughts.
  9. Thank you! Forums IMO are about discussion on topics to get differing opinions. I do get board with Cruise Critic forums because it does seem to be the same old questions every hour. I simply posted my observation to see what others thought - I was not trolling. No different than someone posting their thoughts on the quality of food in the MDR. I think this has been a great discussion. And just as I saw on the ship, about 50% of cruisers need their phone with them at all times, 25% know phone etiquette and only need it occasionally and the other 25% either leave the phone at home or locked in the safe in their cabin. And to emphasize, at no point do I think I came across as rude and disrespecting others opinions. At least that was not my intention. But I can't say the same for some others that posted in this thread.
  10. Ah now see - there are laws concerning audio recording in public without consent.
  11. I just discovered Johnny Cakes last week in Sint Maarten! Specifically at Maxine's on the west end of Great Bay Beach. Man these things were good - I could have made a meal out of them alone! Why am I just now learning of these? Anyhow, give 'em a try if you haven't already. The goat curry was also great at Maxine's. Great views and drinks as well.
  12. LOL that's a topic for a completely different forum that can have lot's of great discussion! Farm kid here with no allergies...
  13. So help me understand - you have a reasonable expectation of privacy while sitting at a bar on a cruise ship that the general public has been invited to sail on? Yes, I think people have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their cabins and public bathrooms/locker rooms on a ship, but not in bars, restaurants, pool areas. And if the picture is taken in a public area, is it then illegal to post on public forums or social media? Just at a glance, I do not see anything in CC guidelines that prohibit posting pictures of people in public places. If I am wrong, please correct me so I can change my habits.
  14. I take pictures because I like to document my travels through photography, whether it's taking pictures of people, animals, landscapes, objects, or anything else that peaks my interest. No laptop for me.
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