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  1. What I wonder about are the 2021 New Zealand cruises Azamara plans for next Jan and Feb. With kiwis looking at a potentially years-long international travel shut down, how will international visitors be dealt with ashore, during these numerous, Azamara port stops? Three months and counting....
  2. Here on Kauai we are waiting for the proverbial flip flop to drop. Zero cases of Covid, but expectations are that will change when the state opens up to to transpacific visitors Oct. 15. Officials have deemed the tanking tourist economy a greater risk than the virus, and so if you secure a negative Nucleic Acid Amplification test no more than 72 hours prior to flight, you're good to go. Unfortunately, visitors can also opt to quarantine for 14 days instead of taking the test, and then you have the worry that others on the plane were positive, and will get that news in a few days...
  3. Of course they did! Your photo of rocky soil and olive trees with sea in the distance reads Pure Greece. Sigh. Enjoy!
  4. There was a time when clotheslines were not available in every cabin. One one cruise, the Hotel Director took photos from the dock, of guests' laundry flapping in the breeze off balcony cabins - after which clotheslines quickly appeared. And were utilized : )
  5. Yes, Denise, the photos certainly appeal! You said you've visited the area before, and I wonder, what do you think of Pilos, opposite you on the Ionian Sea? We love the Peloponnese and that area features some enticing, ancient ruins...
  6. And if "some time to come" extends into, say, Feb. 2022, how will Azamara cope with social distancing for a cruise that's been nearly sold out since 2020? If distancing is to be enforced, how will the popular Perry Golf voyages cope? Hopefully not by refusing someone boarding at the dock... Yes, this feels as though it's a problem for the far, far future, but, maybe not completely off-topic?
  7. A special gift indeed, helby! We each received a beautiful, Balinese textile with bright, saffron sash after attending Bali's Azamazing Evening in March, 2018. The event was extraordinary. There were the usual sips and nibbles, and we were greeted by a score of costumed celebrants. There were masks, music and dance, beautiful women, fearsome men, and a jaw-dropping fire dance. Back at the ship, the gifts awaited in our perfectly made-up suite. Sigh. Someday...
  8. Your windswept laundry reminds me of the outrage here on Kauai when a prominent social media mogul purchased 700 acres on the North Shore, and immediately built a wall. Wind is important in Hawaii. There were more than 300 words for the breezes and winds of the islands. His mile-long, 6 ft high wall blocks traditional paths and, more importantly, the winds. Hope you were able to safely retrieve your air-dried laundry, GC!
  9. Very happy to hear you've been able to sit out and enjoy the weather, GC. And I certainly feel your pain with the diesel-driven landscape equipment. Here in Hawaii when restrictions were put in place and the visitors stopped (i.e., yesterday, 1745 arrivals via air to the state; same time last year, 35,000) the jungle continued to grow. Landscapers were immediately classified as essential workers, and the mowers, hedge trimmers, and 500 horsepower leaf-blowers all started up. Deafening, especially against the creaking silence of streets with no traffic. However, I'm grateful to the workers and happy they've employment. Kauai will be even more lovely when this is over and we can once again welcome travelers.
  10. We opted for the ship's bicycle tour out of St. Peter's Port and had a wonderful excursion. We biked narrow, flower bordered lanes, enjoyed a beverage stop, pedaled past gorse and fabulous sea views, stopped at a windswept, stone church and basically saw nothing of the center of the town. I loved it.
  11. You docked in Itea? Which were the prior and next-stop ports? Was this on Journey? Delphi has been a long-held goal of mine... We'd just discovered Azamara in 2009, I wonder how I missed this itinerary??
  12. While it's true that this entire thread is no laughing matter, I admit I very much enjoyed looking up "face like a Lurgan spade." I learned that one theory suggests the phrase originates with the under-paid workmen who dug the Lurgan Park Lake. True, false, or something in between, it makes for a nice diversion from the news of the day ; )
  13. If anyone's keeping a tally, here's another thumbs-up for Kotor. A secluded port at the end of a scenic sail-in, it offers atmosphere right there at the dock and it's a remarkably easy base from which to launch further explorations of Montenegro. I would return in a heartbeat.
  14. I was quite impressed when I first read on this forum that you'd moved to Athens to facilitate cruise travel, GlobalMethod. So practical! Hopefully the city will sustain you until you can board a ship once again. Have you taken overnight or day trips to Delphi as you wait and watch? I continue to hold that trip as a travel goal... We spent several days on Aegina before sailing with Azamara last June - and there are so many more islands to explore! Good luck with your planning, may the 'fernweh' eventually be banished for us all.
  15. Yes to both of these special events, which we were delighted to attend last summer!
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