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  1. Although I haven't commented recently, we're enjoying your travels very much! Thanks again for taking the time to take us all along! Questions....Did TB get to choose a bauble after the modeling gig? Best bar?( if one suits you more than an another.....dumb question, figuring if they're serving alcohol, it's the best bar.....giggle!) Any experience with margaritas on this trip? carry on.....!
  2. I've had to put this problem into the "stuff happens" category. I, like everyone else whom this has happened to, am not happy about the 200$ loss, but it's nothing compared to what some folks have lost. I'm a grown up....I can deal. Don't like it much, but will happily look forward to enjoying a great itinerary and lots of fun in Iceland!
  3. OMG! Too funny.....and we haven't even gotten to the M&BM Society meetings yet........ I think we're missing a really good time........ Carry on..... L&J
  4. " not literally..." Are you kidding...can you spell murder? dismemberment? 5 hours of the shopping channel? (giggle!)? It sounds like you kids are having a wonderful time...most beautiful weather! Looking forward to all the details of the Navigator....she seems to have itineraries that appeal to us for next year....or your basic route around GB on the Explorer.... Keep us posted on your adventures...so enjoying the read!!
  5. Maybe I missed it, but can you tell us what hotel you're staying at in London? Sounds like the good times are rolling! Keep calm (haha!) and carry on!
  6. Did you get pajamas on your flight? Was kinda hoping to catch a shot of you in your pjs! TB looked adorable as usual and totally relaxed. Need to see one of you now....(giggle!)
  7. Ready to hear your London adventures before boarding. We'll be following along and sailing with you! Fair winds and following seas....... J&L
  8. Phew....! I had just sent TC an email asking about your cruise. I was afraid I missed it! Looking forward to a great report. Keep us posted on good watering holes on the little Navigator! May be considering her in the future. In the meantime think of us during the first meetings of the Blood Mary and Margarita Society! Have fun! L&J
  9. OMG! I'm so very sorry! That's horrible! In that case, I have absolutely nothing to complain about..... ugh....
  10. Thank you....got it. I guess it's like buying that wonderful sweater for full price, only to see it go on sale the day after you bought it! However, I still like the sweater...ah, cruise(haha!) so I can deal!! Not liking it, but dealing!!!!
  11. I didn't think they could raise a price on a cruise that was already booked, much less paid in full......am I wrong on that?
  12. Just saw that Windstar discounted our cruise by 200$ per passenger. Of course, we're already booked, paid in full....sigh. I know there isn't anything I can do about this (our TA tried) other than cancel and rebook which I'm not going to do, but it just doesn't seem fair. Booking ahead (like they want you to do) means being penalized. I would've been (really) happy with a little bone like a miniscule OBC..... sigh.....guess I should just wait till the last minute.......
  13. I actually got that! It was on the first page of the Windstar print out that has our itinerary on it. It was listed as "the port of embarkation". According to that we leave from the "Midbakki port. I haven't looked that up yet, but I'm guessing it might be the one downtown?
  14. Believe me, I don't need paperwork! It was just that there was no indication at all, in all those 8 pages of what happens to baggage! It's been years since my last Windstar cruise so I'm sure much has changed. Looking forward to lots of fun in Iceland! Thanks again, all who responded!
  15. Thank you all ! That sounds wonderful to me!
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