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  1. That was pretty cute! I'm still hoping that maybe, just maybe, some of the powers that be on Regent, might consider putting Clicquot splits in their bars. I'd be more than happy to pay an extra charge. I think there might be others who would be interested in that as well. Hello Regent? Can ya hear me now?!
  2. Still giggling at you, Mr. Lish or can I call you De?! Too funny!!! And yes, Susie is a saint to put up with you! Like a lot of us, I'm going to have that __amn song stuck in my head as I go to bed.... Enjoyed it all.....next Fri. seems like a long way away. "All things come to (s)he who waits"!
  3. The BBC's Planet Earth has nothing on you, Scott! They should hire you! I agree about the accompanying music....just awesome! Of course I tear up every time I hear Louie.....just a hangup of mine...haha! It's a good morning here....every morning that I can have my 4 favorite guys....John, Louie and Scott and Drew.....! Carry on, Hugs, L&J
  4. Awe....you guys are the best! Thank you for the kind thoughts.... L&J
  5. I know it's been a while, but finding you two was like finding old friends, just when we could use a couple... We lost our most beloved Snitch to the Rainbow Bridge last week.... It was wonderful to catch up on this wonderful Alaska adventure that you had. Elizabeth and I did Alaska a few years ago and we did some of the same excursions, however we missed the mushing excursion....OMG! What a wonderful trip that was...and the puppies....so beautiful....! Loved your whale sighting on the way into Juneau, the bald eagle and the moonlight on the water in the evening....forgetabout the wonderful food....carpacio....mmmm! We'll be on the lookout for more episodes....Carry on! Love you guys.... Linda and John
  6. We did an excursion in the morning (forget which one) that put us back to the ship about 5-530ish and we were to leave for the ballet at about 6:30. We just put out all of our clothing changes in order in the closet....basically stipped from the daytime and changed for the evening. Very busy day, but definately do able.
  7. We're on (at the moment) a cruise in November that goes thru the Suez and end in Dubai. At this second in time, things look a little dicey. I'm not a "granny", but really don't want to worry about being taken as fodder by some militant.
  8. Please don't feel "silly". There have been lots of "sillier" questions here!!! haha The nice thing about CC is that 99% of us are all here to help! Have a great trip!
  9. "Flossie" and "Army", I was more or less ranting only because it was so difficult to get that shot and it cost so much money. And yes, we're all set to go on safari, deepest New Guinea, or interior South East Asia....when ever that's necessary...haha! In spite of the stupid shot snafu, we had a wonderful time on our cruise thru the Amazon!
  10. Our yellow fever shot story..... We did the Mariner "Radiant Amazon" as well. We were told that we must have the yellow fever shot, IF we were going to Devil's Island....yup, we were and most certainly didn't want to miss that. The next case was where to get the shot.....most drs do not stock that vaccine so then the search was on....Did finally find a travel medicine clinic which would give the shot....300$ each...600$ for my husband and myself. ok....did that, got our "yellow " card, etc. When we were boarding our cruise, when we showed our documents and presented the "yelow card", they said "oh, we don't need that now, just give it to destination services....ok. When we went to DS and showed our innoculation cards, they said and I quote..."what's that? We don't know anything about that...." oooooo kay.......Then I thought, maybe when we get to Devil's Island, the French Guiana folks would check....nope, not even a sole on the dock. Long story short, we flushed 600$ down the toilet for absolutely nothing.....except we've got these really niffty "yellow cards" ...sigh.....
  11. I'm the kind of gal that thinks "more is not always better". I would love to see more photos of the Splendor's dragon.... As far as the Explorer goes, I love the ship....the decor not so much. It would never stop me from cruising on her, but she's definately NOT, on my "most beautiuful" list. On the other hand, her middle of the road cabins are my "high water" cabins....my most favorite!
  12. I could very well be wrong, but to me it smacks of a repro....too perfect, too pristine. If I'm wrong, I apologize to all of the Regent elves who decorate...(giggle!)
  13. I don't think there's anything more debatable than food or art...haha! Maybe politics, but we won't go there!!! From what I can see it looks to me like the Splendor has a nicer selection, more thoughtfully curated, and more color coordinated collection than the Explorer had. I agree that a listing of what art is displayed would be a great and wonderful thing! I'd personally love that! I'm with "hami" in that the dragon looks great. Would love to see it in person. I, ( and I know I'm in the minority here,) am not a fan of the huge and ponderous prayer wheel in front of PR. I like the idea but would much have preferred a smaller, genuine one. I know a small fortune was spent on that thing and it's weight and installation was an issue. All of the above is only my opinion..... I'm really looking forward to some photos of the actual Splendor, not the artist's mock ups....So, all of you Splendor travelers, I'll be looking for your photos!!!
  14. Agree with all of the above posters. We did the Amazon on the Mariner and didn't come across any excursions where boots were necessary, however that may have changed. We did bring all of the "bug" paraphanalia (sp?)....spray for clothing, insect repellent, bug hats, etc but due to heavy smoke from burning the rainforest down, we encountered not a single bug. Will not get into the yellow fever shot thing.....could write a lot on that one!
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