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  1. We love the partially obstructed view cabins on deck 7, however I'd try hard to avoid any cabin over the movie theater. We did have a lot of noise from an action film that was annoying. It was pretty loud.
  2. It was nice to hear from you, Sealion! I'm sorry we didn't get to meet. Glad you enjoyed your cruise and that your Mom did for the most part as well. Even tho the weather was a little dicey, we thoroughly enjoyed our trip. I'd cruise the little Navigator again, in a heartbeat! I did take the time to write a review for the review section. I don't usually bother, but was impressed with how things went on this cruise. We too are considering an expedition cruise as well, however we're kinda old duffers and that may be a little out of our comfort zone! Hope to meet up with you sometime in the future, but enjoy where ever you're headed next!
  3. Pay Dirt! It's published!
  4. Thank you, Keith! That's all I wanted to know!
  5. How long does it take to get your review published in the "review" section? I wrote one quite a while ago, I know they received it, but it's not showing up. They said they'd email me when it had been read and reviewed by the powers that be, but this is taking a LONG time! So far nothing.....I'm assuming that if they don't like it for some reason, that they'd let me know it's not good?
  6. I must echo Pingpong's comments. Ship looks fantastic! I guess they know what they're doing, but I never saw any teak decking that looked less than beautiful. Our cabin was impeccable as was the rest of the ship. Spotless and fresh...lovely sense of design.
  7. LOL! Sadly we're on our way home. It's been a wonderful cruise that's wrapping up today. I haven't been back to the cabin yet, but I know I'll find that special mat they put on the bed and a few empty suitcases....ugh... Before we work on filling up the empty bags, I need to report on a special drink that I had never heard of....a Mitchelada(sp?) but those who know, get the idea. Basically a bloody mary made with beer (and a special addition if you choose, tequila!) OMG! Sounded kind of awful, but was wonderful! Hat's off to Maya at the pool bar for keeping the BM&M Society supplied with fresh options! We have loved this little boat....yes, I know it has 3 issues.....stern vibrations are still there, so just don't get a cabin back there, only one special restaurant, and no ob bar. We can easily work around all of the above in a trade off for the best itineraries. The ship is sparkling with refreshed "everything"...lovely decor and sharp artwork. Crew is charming every step of the way. Had dinner with Davor the other night....such a fun evening! We will be sorry to leave this little gem.....long may she sail! L&J
  8. It's a difficult job but someone's got to do it!!! Beautiful day in St. George yesterday.....Did an around "the neighborhood" kind of tour and enjoyed! Then a swim in the pool and cocktails with Maya! Tasted a new rum from Venezuela ...Diplimatico ((or something like that), Very nice....."Z" would be proud of us! More later.......carry on! J&L
  9. Good Morning to all ! We have unfortunately had to move the BM&M Society meetings indoors as it's pretty brisk out by the pool. I'm hoping to get back to the traditional meeting spot as we near Bermuda (giggle!) I can't really add much to the excellent reporting of Pingpong and ""Sea lion". We enjoyed Newport and had a chance to have lunch with our daughter as she and her husband live there. Portland was charming, although they had serious power issues due to the storm.....trees down, cars squashed etc. No school for anyone and many businesses closed, etc. Lazy morning today....just finished caviar and champers.....what a way to start the day! More adventures to come....stay tuned!
  10. We have another hour before our transport to the Big Apple and the Navigator. We've enjoyed all of your reports! Have a safe trip home and thank you for taking care of the Navigator for us! Linda and John
  11. Enjoy Newport! Our daughter and son in law live there. It's a wonderful town full of history and so many things to see. It has a rich maritime history as well....both with the military and of course, the competitive sailors (cue Eizabeth and Bob) as well. Even tho the season is just about over, you should see lots of what we call "cocktail wagons" (giant, almost cruise ship size, private vessels) and some of the bigger racing yachts. They'll be headed for warmer climes in the next week or so, if they're not gone already. Have fun! J&L
  12. Not long ago, we had a big discussion on "of all of the ports you've visited, which one is your favorite".....geez that's kinda tough, but I guess not only as a New Yorker, but as American as well, there was little hesitation when I said that my favorite was NY harbor. Something about Lady Liberty, that I've seen dozens of times, that just does it to me. Forget about the fact that both John's and my family came thru there (some at Ellis Island, others at Castle Garden) really doesn't matter so much, but the general welcoming arms of this country does it every time. Won't get into the politics of that last statement, but you can read between the lines.....Ok....done! So Rich and family, DON'T MISS IT! She's spectacular!!!
  13. OH WOW! Fever Tree!! A massive thank you to Vlad, and intrepid procurer for obtaining our favorite tonic water. I don't care what "flavor" it is, as anything FT is a great and wonderful thing! Hope you have a great time in Boston and I know for a fact that Newport will treat you well! What are you doing there? J&L
  14. Oh, be still my heart!!! That would be absolutely wonderful!!! So very much appreciated!
  15. I'd be delighted as well, if they stocked ANY Fever Tree tonic. I had forgotten to request it for our cabin.
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