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  1. I think "blue top" is quite pleasant. Not Clicquot, mind you, but much better than the Jacquart(sp?) we used to get. I didn't care for that one at all....
  2. Great Friday morning laugh! Thanks, Flossie!
  3. I know that Cliquot splits are out there as there are at least places in Newport that serve them at their bars. It may be a case of of only restaurants/hotels have access to them. If that's the case, I see no reason why Regent couldn't get a hold of them. However I realize that not everything is available everywhere.
  4. Another vote against Dom Perignon here. Not a fan and for that price point I can but at least two Cliquots (maybe more on a good day..haha!) I would like to suggest to the powers that be who read these boards, that maybe some splits of Cliquot might do well in the bars....I, for one would be in on that....
  5. I'm only thru "episode 2" as I haven't seen this before. I'm still laughing over all of the previous posts about dress code! For heaven's sake, don't wear that ball cap or jeans, but you're most certainly allowed to have a top on that we're just waiting and hanging on, until there's a wardrobe malfunction....WOW! Holy Moly Andy!....big giggle! I did feel it's a little off putting as some have mentioned, on how much everything costs....I did like the comment that someone made as they were leaving the ship at the very end...."we just cruise to have a good time"....which is what we do, here. It's not how much money or how ostentatious things are on board, it's how much fun can we have? We've been on ships for probably 40 years or more and have enjoyed and had a great time on little, cheapy, cruises ( Chandris Amerikanis, Bermuda Star, etc) to pricey ones like grill class QM2 AND the Explorer. I did enjoy the sheep farm excursion....that's our kind of thing. It's probably been trashed as it's not luxurious enough for Regent. I could only hope they'd do more "local experiences" like that. More than just having a local home visit or a trip to a basket factory. After re reading this, it sounds like I'm trashing Regent or the Explorer, which is not right at all. We love Regent and have recently enjoyed an Explorer cruise this past summer and are headed out on the little Navigator in another month. I guess what I'm saying is you don't have to spend a fortune to have fun....sure helps, however ! (LOL!)
  6. We miss you guys too!!! Can't have a proper MBM Society meeting without you! When you get a chance read your email....I wrote you a couple of weeks ago
  7. Giggle! Where are you going next? We're headed to Canada/Bermuda in a month.....care to come along?
  8. We'll be doing our 50th next year, but may have to break down and tote a bottle of "the Widow" along on our next cruise. We don't have to fly, so shouldn't be a problem, but I'll miss having a special champers served in a bar. Guess I can survive....such a first world problem!
  9. Aw phooey! But I get it, and understand. Was hoping they might crack one bottle per night in one of the bars. Will think about purchasing a bottle and leaving it in a bar..... Thank you all for your responses!
  10. Thanks, all. I like "English Voyager's" idea of splits.....that could really work! Hope Regent is listening!
  11. is there a cocktail menu out there that might list what champagne is available in the bars? Maybe there would be info on that?
  12. Hi Jackie! Your answer makes a lot of sense. Maybe you can't get higher end champers in the bars......I'd order a bottle for the cabin, but who wants to drink high end champers, by yourself, in your cabin! Well.....maybe a lot of people! (giggle!)
  13. This has probably been addressed somewhere on this forum before, but I can't find it! What I'd like to know is this....Can I get a glass of Clicquot in one of the bars? I know I can get a bottle in the cabin for a charge, but if I can get a glass in a bar, that would be great. I know there will be a charge for this (no biggie). Is there a service charge added on to it? Thanks for any and all help!
  14. Regent has put us at the Epic in the past. Lovely hotel....can't find fault in any way.
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