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  1. I'm digressing somewhat, but our experience with Russian authority (immigration on entering at St. Petersburg) is exactly the same. Our "officer", a young lady who seemed about 12 yrs old, was the most sour, unsmiling, and just short of rude, person we encountered. I expected to be carted off to some back room and be strip searched! I guess that's just the way they do things over there. Maybe she was just having a bad day.......(giggle!)
  2. You can do a dummy (pretend) booking on the Regent website and it will give you a maximum of 6 open cabins in any catagory. There are other online sites that specialize in cruises that can be used to see more available suites, but I cannot name them on this forum.
  3. I just looked at January sailings.....all but two are open now. I have no idea what catagories are left , but they're not waitlisted.
  4. Although we primarily cruise on Regent and Crystal, my husband's favorite is the QM2. Not mine, but there are some things I truly enjoy about QM2. The ship is really a little (maybe not so little) city. The people watching is the best at sea, as the entire human world passes by and I love that. From folks that are using the ship as only transportation to those who do a world cruise in a Queen's Grill cabin. They're all there and that makes it so much fun. We also enjoy dressing up and have no problem whatsoever with following the dress code. Even though we don't dance much, when the ballroom dancers are out in the Queen's room, it's great and wonderful entertainment! We hope you have a wonderful cruise, when Cunard gets going agin.
  5. It may be the "Pollyanna" in me, but it could be that the ship has reached capacity with a reduced number of cabins. Or as the "black fairy" would say, there's a good possibility that it'll be canceled. Since Regent isn't doing too well with being forthcoming, there's no telling what waitlisted actually means. I'm seeing lots of waitlisted cruises for the 2021 season, so the optimist in me, likes to think they're at capacity now.
  6. Thanks, MomC....I appreciate the clarification!
  7. Can you refer me to that post as I'd like to read it. Although most certainly I'm not an expert, but I'd like to read that one for myself. Missed it somehow and would like to see it.
  8. We're on that TA....Just checked and it's waitlisted along with a bunch of other cruises throughout '21. Unless there is some sort of "official" notice thru your travel agent or Regent, lets not start a rumor. Where did your information on cancelation come from?
  9. Ditto for the OJ with the Pol Aker....it's the only way I can get it down. Not really sure why Cunard continues to stock PA, as most people dislike it intensely.
  10. aw... although I'm not a martini drinker, that sure looks inviting. Love the Commodore! For some reason, the Chart Room just does not do it for us. Love the view over the bow. I know it has shades in the evening, but still prefer the ambience of the CR.
  11. Hendricks on the rocks (splash of Pelligrino ) with a cucumber spear.... Funny story....We were lucky enough to have a Queen's grill cabin a few years ago. We had a bottle of Hendricks in the cabin. I asked our butler if we could have some cucumber for the Hendricks. A few hours later, a steward delivered a lovely plate of cucumber "coins", complete with knife, fork and salt and pepper! We had a great laugh about that one! At least we got the cucumber!!!
  12. I believe she's either Serbian or from Croatia.....she's s treasure!
  13. What ever bar she may happen to be in, we'll be there. Yes, she IS the best!
  14. Giggling here, as this tread has really gone off the rails..... I guess there's now a big debate on what kind of towel you should wrap around yourself and dash back to the cabin.....and this from probably the most "formal" of all cruise lines. On Regent, who uses the "country club casual" code, there are massive, militant comments on the horrors of wearing your robe to the pool/hot tub.......shaking my head....
  15. Same boat here.....this will be our 3rd cruise out the window. Really wanted to book Alaska with the 1st class air, but alas that ended today....no FCC to use on that and won't risk more cash....
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