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  1. Forget about the toiletries.....I need a proper Bellin-tini or Cable Car. Just just don't taste the same when made at home....not even close.......sob!!! Really miss the Avenue and the Cove!!!!
  2. Does anyone know where Mark Ferris (sp?) is now or where he will be in the future.....? I know a long shot as to who knows where ANYONE will be in the future!
  3. Thank you so much, Roy! You created a wonderful guide for those of us who like the promenade deck cabins! You're the best!
  4. Hi Roy, We met years ago at a M&M on the Symphony. I don't expect you to remember us...haha! A quickie....could you please direct me to your cabin "assessments" of Serenity's deck 7 cabins? We've used your Symphony assessments with great success in the past. We always book a promenade cabin....Love our HUGE veranda...haha! Thanks so much, Linda Wishe
  5. OMG....this really dates me.....the youngest set of twins in the Bobbsey Twins books. Nan and Bert were the oldest....egad! Feeling ancient now! And now back to cruising!
  6. I apologize if I'm butting in here, but we'll most likely cancel as well. It has nothing to do with Negative Nellys whatsoever. I has to do with the miserable condition that our country is in. Do you really think that the Port of Miami, let alone, San Juan, are really going to be open to cruise ships on Oct 1st? In my heart of hearts, I wish it was different. How can anyone worry about the condition/regulations on the ship, when we can't even get there?
  7. I think you may be right, however what American port could actually be used, other than maybe NY?... Miami? I don't think so, Tampa? nope, LA/San Diego? nope, Boston? maybe. I just don't think that in another 10 days, things will change dramatically. And then will ships be ready? How 'bout crew? I'm not even sure if all of them have gotten home yet! I really can't imagine the CDC lifting the ban at this point. Maybe some of the lines that have ships in Europe can go ahead, but since the majority of countries don't want American passengers, that doesn't look good for any of us.
  8. Our TA just called Crystal and the deposit will go towards a FCC to be used within a year. No mention of any admin. fee.
  9. Long story short... We're on the Oct1st thru the 14th Caribbean on the Serenity. In my heart of hearts, I know this isn't going to happen. Our final payment is due on Aug 1st. If we cancel before final payment what happens to our deposit? A) future obc B) future credit towards another cruise C) Donation to Crystal, Inc to keep them afloat D) none of the above. Our deposit isn't a huge one, but kinda hate flushing 400$ down the drain....or into the Crystal Welfare fund.
  10. Hi Shelia, We're in the same boat, only in a worse position as our final payment is Aug.1st. Like you, unless we hear something new/positive, we'll cancel as well......not looking good.
  11. I realize that things can spin around on a dime, but unfortunately, I don't think that's going to happen with Miami, where we would embark. Things are looking pretty bad there right now. In my heart of hearts, I'm not seeing the CDC, CLIA or any of the other powers that be, allowing all of us to cruise out of Miami..... Unless there is some massive down tick in the virus in Florida, I'm getting a little pessimistic. I do so want this cruise to go...but in reality (I'd much rather be in my cruising world...haha) I'm not seeing it, unless there is a change in embrakation ports. San Juan isn't looking so hot either......sigh.
  12. I know that.....I was referring to the episode where the family went to Scotland for "shooting".
  13. Is this the Scottish castle that was used in Downton Abby? If it's not, it's very similar!
  14. Without pulling up deck plans for the Symphony, we've enjoyed the cabins with the so called "obstructed view" on the promenade deck...I think deck 7? Unless you want to look at the stars in the evening, if you choose your cabin carefully, you won't miss a thing. We consider them a great value and we can hop out onto the promenade deck in a flash if need be.
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