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  1. We plan to spend the day in Santos after our cruise, but are unsure about what to do about our luggage. Does anyone one know if there is a place to store luggage at the port? Thanks
  2. DEL67

    Gate ! Monarch Princess

    When are you going in October? My sister and I will be on the Monarch Princess Oct 8th sailing.
  3. DEL67

    Brazil E visa is live for USA

    After I uploaded my photo and first page of my passport I received an email stating that they could not read the passport page. The email; also provided an email address to which I could send the scan instead of trying to upload it again.. I sent it to the email and had my visa a couple of days later.
  4. Is anyone else sailing that week?
  5. One more reason to but insurance. One Christmas Eve day my daughter and I were on our way to Barcelona to board the NCL Jade that day. . Yes, I know it is not good to fly the day of a cruise, but she is a teacher and could not get the previous day off. We had to change planes in Milan. When we arrived there was something in Italian on the board which I did not understand,, There was no one in the information booth so I went into the Lufthansa lounge and asked for translation. Out flight to Barcelona had been cancelled. After standing in line for over an hour, the best Lufthansa could offer was a flight, changing in Zurich, that would arrive after the ship was due to sale. They did tell me that Vueling still had seats. We were able to get seats on Vueling at a cost of over 300 Euros each, but we arrived in plenty of time to make the boat. I did have to pay for the tickets then, but the insurance company reimbursed me the $800 without question once I provided proof of the flight cancellation. Our $150 premium tuned out to be a bargain.
  6. DEL67

    Water - Taking off ship for shore excursions

    We like our water as cold as possible and the bottles of water they sell as you leave warms up quickly (in addition to being expensive.) So we bring wide mouth water bottles aboard ship and fill them with ice before adding water. They usually stay cold for several hours.
  7. DEL67

    What to do in Olympia (Katakolon)?

    As others have said there are just some shops at the port. Beaches are about a 10 minute ride. The Olympia ruins are the big draw. We used Olympia Insider to visit the ruins. Our tour also included olive oil tasting and wine tasting at an agricultural store and a little beach time. There were just 9 of us in a nice van. Our guide was energetic and informative. She was also very good at putting things in perspective which was interesting in this, an Olympic year. The prices at the store seemed a little high compared to the shops at the port, but it was interesting to taste the different olive oils and they had a number of flavored oils which you could also taste. We did not have much time at the beach because my daughter at the beach because our ship left first and my daughter wanted some time to shop at the stores near the port. However our guide was flexible enough to take some of us back to the port while others stayed at the beach.
  8. DEL67

    Walking up/down donkey path Santorini

    To avoid walking up, you could ask is your guide could meet you in Oia as there are boats directly to Oiia near where the tender leaves you; however, since we did not do it, I do not know if it is a long walk up from where the boat docks to Oia. You would still need to get back to the tender from Fira. Those people I met that walked down regretted doing so. Would your sister consider taking the cable car if she rides backwards so she would not see where you are going?
  9. We (2 of us) were in Kusadasi at the end of last month. After much research, I felt the best value was Viator's Kusadasi Shore Excursion: Ephesus Terrace Houses, Artemission Temple, Including Lunch tour. It was just $39 per person including admission to Ephesus and the Terrace Houses. It was a great choice. It was our 3rd visit to Ephesus; yet our guide shared some things that our previous guides had not. Our guide Mutlu Bullit was waiting for us at the pier exit. On the way to Ephesus he told us about Turkey and its regions as well as showing us where the original settlement was. Once at Ephesus, Mutlu was careful to ensure that we were in the shade when possible as he explained each section and provided some history to put it in perspective. Through out the tour he was both interesting and informative and always willing to take pictures of us. We especially enjoyed the Terrace Houses since a lot had been done since our last visit to them about 10 years ago. After leaving Ephesus, we made a short visit to the Tempe of Artemis before going to lunch at a restaurant associated with one of the carpet places. Lunch was delicious: various mezzas, grilled chicken. lamb and meatball kebabs and watermelon for desert. Of course, we were offered a tour of the carpet store, but Mutlu was careful to explain that we were not required to do ss. At our request, they left us at the Bazaar near the pier and we wandered through it before returning to the ship. It was the best tour of our cruise!
  10. DEL67

    Platinum Gift confirmation

    I agree that we should not complain about a free gift, but these are so ugly that I do not think that I will even take it home from our cruise next month. It makes me wonder if Carnival ever asks anyone's opinion on the gifts.
  11. DEL67

    Private tours

    Do you like tasting new foods while learning history We went last year and enjoyed it. We took a walking tour where the guide told us about the history of Puerto Rico while walking to the different tastings. The point tour starts is about a 10 minute walk from the Carnival port and they have small groups of 10 or so people, but I believe that they also give private tours. Their URL is [url]http://www.sanjuanfoodtours.com/[/url]
  12. Thanks for your review. We are on the Vision's Aug 20th sailing. Did the bus into Old Town Dubrovnik take Euros? If not, is there somewhere at the port to change your money?
  13. DEL67

    Vision ots August 6 2016

    We are on the August 20th sailing and there are just 3 of us. However, low CruiseCritic participation has happened on several other RCCL Mediterranean cruise we have taken in August. We were the only ones on our roll a couple of years ago on the Splendour out of Venice and a few years before that on the Navigator out of Rome.
  14. Cabs from Cape Liberty to EWR are expensive so I would look into shared transportation. Note: Timing should not be an issue. EWR should be less than 30 minutes from the port unless here is a major traffic issue. If you are off by 9, you should be there well before 10.
  15. DEL67

    Luggage tags....again

    Wait a few days. I was able to access mine last week - about 6 4eeks prior to sailing