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  1. Your statement brought up an interesting thought. Making the cruise ships safer and healthier would require more staff and new policies. These would raise costs, so I fear that cruises will have to raise their prices to pay for these things.
  2. I agree with your sentiment. As people who have loyalty status on a few cruise lines, this is sad for us, but I'm grateful for all our wonderful previous travel. I may feel differently in a year, but have lost trust in other people to do the right thing (personal hygiene) and am not willing to take the risk. I will return to Europe someday to visit my family but that is about it. I doubt we will cruise again unless massive changes are made. I'm not holding my breath for that to happen.
  3. I'm one of those who received Black card status before I ever sailed once with MSC. While I appreciate the perks, I agree it was a very unfair policy for their loyal customers.
  4. I just received this email: LET'S KEEP DREAMING TOGETHER Dear MSC Voyagers Club Member, The unfortunate developments related to the coronavirus crisis over the past few months have made it difficult to travel – and even worse – have made our own lives more challenging in sudden and unexpected ways. During this difficult time, MSC Cruises remains sensitive to the needs of its guests, its employees, and naturally you: our Voyagers Club member. For this reason, I have decided to extend your member benefit by a year. Guests like yourself, who cherish traveling and cruises and wish to continue dreaming with us, are going to be able to do so by keeping the same member points and status for an extra year. If your card is already expired in 2020 or is set to expire in 2020, its validity will be automatically extended to December 31, 2021 with its point balance and status remaining intact. We will make it through this together, and we will welcome you on board once again as soon as you are ready, to continue exploring new destinations and cultures. We will soon send your way extraordinary offers and fascinating, new itineraries. Lastly, I thank you for both having chosen us in the past, and for your numerous messages of affection and solidarity. On board our ships, we have shared unique memories and emotions and became part of a big family that loves the sea and traveling with MSC Cruises. Let’s keep dreaming together.
  5. I hope your friend leaves before the jet setter returns. What a moron.
  6. The task force said we are testing more people than any other country. If you look at the deaths, it is probably obvious that these countries have many more cases but don't have the resources to test their people. Does anyone think Russia has just one death?
  7. I follow the worldometers website. It is fascinating to see that the US is really doing so much better than many first world countries if you look at the last two columns on the right. Second and third world countries are likely much worse than reported. Also, John Hopkins University's report from two years ago declared the USA to be the best prepared of any country for the preparation for a pandemic like this. I think the media just loves to be horribly negative. The reason China and Asian countries are doing better is that the government requires great discipline of their people. The USA and Europe can't be compared to this. Imagine if Chinese college students were going to the beaches during this crisis. Wouldn't happen!
  8. The CDC just discovered the coronavirus survived for 17 days on surfaces on the two infected Princess cruise ships. This doesn't bode well for future cruise travel. Once again, it will be a long time before we will be On a cruise ship.
  9. You nailed it! I left my last cruise in Feb with disgust over some of my fellow passenger 's poor personal hygiene. I can avoid these types much more effectively on a land trip, but then, there is the airplane issue.
  10. I read the first page of this posting. Seems like the older mother, who was portrayed as a worry wary is now the wise one. Look at all the stranded people around the world possibly bringing the virus back home. The new cases in China are mostly coming from their own students returning home. Moral of the story: Listen to your mother!
  11. Please let us know when you arrive home and try to eventually report on your experience. Best wishes and prayers!
  12. We were given four in Feb since we did a B2B. We gave one to the family at our dinner table, one as a gift to a neighbor boy and melted the other two and made chocolate peanut clusters.
  13. Most are responsible, but the taxpayers pay for the weak minded and fools.
  14. I seems the cruiser's country is becoming increasingly responsible. Many people jumped on the super bargain rates for some I These cruisers and travelers who now find themselves trapped in a ship or in a country closing the borders in 24 hours. most of us said "no way!!!!" to those bargains, but many hopped on with rose colored glasses. Now our military has to go to the rescue.
  15. Oh, I would invite my daughters and granddaughters to travel with me. Personally, I mostly enjoy traveling to Europe as I have family there and many ancestral roots in four countries. Cruising there on a TA has been our preferred method, but my daughters wouldn't have three weeks for that sort of trip. I like active traveling and visiting historical sites, so the Caribbean doesn't much interest me.
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