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  1. I read this morning that Australia just purchased 20 million Pfizer vaccines.
  2. We prefer other destinations (Europe, Alaska, Hawaii, Australia, etc.) We typically go on a Caribbean cruise in the middle of winter because Florida's weather is often not reliably warm enough. Like many others, the Caribbean islands all pretty much seem alike to me so tours aren't important.
  3. We are flying to Athens and then back from Rome from Columbus, OH : RT- $450 pp. This is a great price, but we also have flexibility. I'm guessing we could get flights with better details, but we hope its worth it.
  4. 121 children in the USA have died of COVID. Check your facts.
  5. Many highly recommend using a travel agent. Here is an example of why booking the cruise through the cruise line may be a better option. I had a similar situation and by the time my agent got around to it, the lower price was gone. All I got was a "sorry." Lesson learned.
  6. I use Cruise Critic in several ways. First, are the reviews of ships and ports of call. You need to learn to discern between the extremes- eliminate those reviews who hated everything and had an ax to grind and those who tend tend to be new cruisers who think most everything is great. I like details rather than "the food was inedible" or "all the crew were rude." My favorite is using Roll Calls for longer cruises. I don't join up with Caribbean sort of cruises. I have had great experiences with joining and/or organizing private tours with other in the roll call. Never had a bad exp
  7. Things are much more encouraging here in the midwest as far as COVID, but so many of our travel plans are so up in the air because of other countries' experiences with the poor vaccination rollout. I want to go Europe and Australia/New Zealand late this year and next spring. I have family in Poland who report the schools are now closed (not in person) and Paris and parts of Italy are in lock down. We are ready for NCL to cancel our November Med cruise.
  8. We were on the NCL Spirit in Nov-Dec 2019 on deck five, inside. It was great and we were very pleased with the cabin and entire experience. And this cruise was before the refurbishment.!
  9. We found out 23 day transpacific to be about 2 days too long but that could be because we just wanted to get to our main destination: Australia. I suspect our 28 day will be a bit more tolerable since it is returning from Sydney with some fabulous ports onroute (New Zealand, three Tahitis, three Hawaii. It might be tedious on those last few days to SF.
  10. I've been able to book the same cabin on an MSC B2B, but had to do so far in advance. I just wish they'd give a sensible response as to why you can't book some cabins that are clearly unsold. They should just tell us that some cabins are held back for various reasons. Instead, they claim that all the cabins must have been sold.
  11. It depends on where you plan on going. We were in two port cities and found them quite modern.
  12. I believe you can add up to two days on each side of your trip for $50 each.
  13. Nothing sinister about the vaccines, but they were developed with a protocol that we should adhere to. I'm happily fully vaccinated.
  14. We had a scheduled late arrival at the Port in San Juan. Getting off the ship was easy, but of course you are competing with thousands of others all at the same time. Unfortunately, because it was winter, it was dark and rainy. We just used it as a stop to get a few things at the pharmacy. A big waste of a port stop.
  15. Sounds like a nice cruise. We took the train from Dover to Canterbury. That was an easy trip and very nice day. In Rome, don't use the metro unless you are very savvy about avoiding pickpockets. Walk or take a taxi. So many wonderful sites in Rome for the fist timer.
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