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  1. Markanddonna

    Which cruise company to choose for a Med cruise

    Might I recommend MSC if you want to continue more European or Italian type of entertainment onto the cruise ship? I was very impressed with their high-quality entertainment in the Caribbean. I rate MSC with RCL overall. They are the fastest growing cruise line in the world now.
  2. Markanddonna

    Wonderful experience on 10 Divina

    Our roll call in January wasn't very active but LOTS of people showed up for the Meet and Mingle. No one from the group spoke at the M&M either.
  3. Markanddonna

    Black Card Question

    We invited our friends (new MSC cruisers with 'no' status) to dine with us when we used our Black Status perk at Eataly, and it was to be our treat which was explained to the server. Their entire meal cost us $0.
  4. Markanddonna

    Trying MSC for first time and have questions

    The Divina has a 24 coffee and tea station on the port side. Good news for you!
  5. Markanddonna

    Wonderful experience on 10 Divina

    I didn't get in to see the MSC Yacht club, but the videos show an area that surpasses the Haven on NCL which I have been on.
  6. Markanddonna

    Wonderful experience on 10 Divina

    There were some rather nice homes on Guadeloupe and they certainly have benefitted with the nice highways. The port city has a poor reputation.
  7. Markanddonna

    Norwegian Air Shuttle News

    I was in France in May and experienced a smoke bomb protest near the Eiffel Tower. I'm not new to French or May Day protests. I also got barricaded from my hotel in Barcelona during their May day protest. Can't say I'm a fan of anything French, but that is just my humble opinion to which I'm entitled through experience.
  8. Markanddonna

    One great feature: no pressure for good reviews

    This seems to be more of an RCL issue. NCL has freestyle which means you never can be assured of who your server will be. The practice was quite annoying on our last few long (14+ days) RCL cruises.
  9. Markanddonna

    Trying MSC for first time and have questions

    That would be great. Getting your morning coffee, esp on disembarkation day, can be difficult or at the very least, a long walk from the bow.
  10. Markanddonna

    Wonderful experience on 10 Divina

    You can find square cabins from 11069-11083, and I am pretty sure these are also square: 11107 & 11111, and 11137-11157. They may also be on other decks. I saw a square cabin video on youtube and that sold me!
  11. Markanddonna

    Norwegian Air Shuttle News

    We have had only positive experiences flying on Norwegian within Europe and then from Europe to FLL on the Dreamliner. That noted, the recent news about dropping flights to Martinique and Guadeloupe and also from NJ to Paris makes me wonder about the French connection to this decision, which is what all three have in common: French regulations and protests. We were on a ship stopping at Guadeloupe this past week and the taxi protests prevented any bus or shuttle excursions from leaving the port areas. MSC arranged for its excursions to be shuttled by ferries across the bay to awaiting buses. Mein Schiff canceled all of their excursions because of the protests. The problems turned our 4-hour excursion into a 7.5 hour one complicated by a bus driver who got our bus wedged into a bad situation: no reverse on the transmission, and he blocked the entire road to all traffic for a while. This situation was of course not in the media, but about 7,000 -8,000 people saw the problems with French control. These problems must somehow also affect the decisions on providing flights to these places. Too bad since both islands are lovely and there is so much unemployment. Maybe Norwegian stopping these flights was not just about their finances. Why fly to a place that puts passengers in jeopardy?
  12. I forgot to mention this in my review. I detest the pressure from the waiters on cruise lines like RCL where the MDR servers start their speeches about giving them nothing less than a 10 on the questionnaire. I remember last time wanting to tell the waiter on day #1 that they already have a ten and the only thing that would decrease his score was to mention the survey. I often feel sorry for the staff that RCL and other cruise lines put so much pressure on them for this. Our MSC waiter never mentioned any survey or anything about giving him good ratings. He just did a fantastic job. There is also no mention of additional tipping or envelopes sent to the room before the final day. We asked the maitre d for an envelope for an additional tip and they had none, so we just handed our waiter cash. Maybe this is because Europeans tend to not tip. How nice to just get good service with no pressure or lectures.
  13. Markanddonna

    Trying MSC for first time and have questions

    I believe Bella does NOT include free room service. That starts at the Fantastica level. I imagine they have gifts. I know that their wonderful cakes can be ordered for about $29.00. We received a cake for free as Black status for my husband's birthday and it was wonderful. Feeds about 15 people.
  14. Markanddonna

    Wonderful experience on 10 Divina

    We have just Platinum status of NCL, not Plus. MSC stopped matching Platinum to Black around October. That came as a disappointment to many who waited too late. Gold still comes with some nice perks though.