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  1. Wow, you take a lot of stuff. fabric softener sheets and shower curtain liner for a guy???? Really? I've kind of gone minimalist. For a 7 night cruise... I usually take take two or three pairs of shoes. One pair of gym shoes to wear on the plane and/or travel with. One pair of dress shoes for formal nights (if we choose to dress up, sometimes we don't so I don't take them) On pair of Keen closed toe sandals for everyday/everything else. Wearing the Keens reduces the amount of socks you have to take as I can wear them to work out/walk in, or on excursions in and out of the water. In the winter I'll wear the gym shoes on the plane otherwise I will leave them home and just wear the Keens. Two pairs of socks-one dark, on pair of athletic socks (which I rarely wear due to the Keens) Two pairs of shorts, one being rather nice, the other being "river shorts" quick drying nylon that doubles as a swim suit, work out or excursions. Easy to wash out and dry overnight. One bathing suit Two pair of long pants, one pair of Dockers/khakis for evening wear (not formal nights) one pair of dress pants for formal nights (if we decide to dress up and worn at dinner only). 5 short sleeve shirts-one quick drying t-shirt* for working out and the others a combination of button down casual or polo shirts. * I've found that rash covers (quick drying shirts used for swimming/snorkeling) work well as t-shirts for working out, snorkeling or other excursions. You can buy them in long or short sleeves depending on how much sun cover your need. 1-long sleeve dress shirt for formal nights, left home if we don't do formal nights on a particular cruise. Worn at dinner only and then changed out of. Sport coat and tie-for formal nights or left home. Three pairs of underwear-I have some quick drying travel briefs that wash out in the sink and dry in a couple hours. Light weight rain jacket Light weight fleece That's pretty much it for clothes. Of course I take my phone and a 7" tablet computer with books loaded on it to read plus chargers. I also take my toiletries, a small first aid kit and meds. I do take a baseball hat and a lightweight safari type hat, sunglasses, reading glasses etc, etc. That basically my cruise bag if we fly. We tend not to dress up for formal nights if we fly so all of it will go into a carry on. If we happen to drive to Florida for a cruise I'll take the sport coat, tie and mask, snorkel, fins etc, etc.
  2. I looked into doing PADI open water cert on board a cruise last year. I would have done it but there was insufficient info on the website to sign up. When I called RCI the person I talked to gave me incorrect information. I ended up doing the classroom/pool section of the class at home in January and then doing the 4 open water certification dives on a cruise in February through private dive shops. Two in Curacao and two in Aruba as referral dives. Most dive shops will do referral dives for you.
  3. Been on four cruises in the two years I've been eating Keto. It's pretty easy to maintain if you skip desserts and watch what you drink. As you say, it's not a diet. It's just a (better) way of eating. Congrats on your success and good luck.
  4. We went to Macho Picchu last Sept. We actually hiked the Inca Trail to get there. It was a good time to go, weather was perfect. The next day after arrival at MP we did get up at 4 am to see the sunrise but unfortunately it was foggy that morning. We booked a private tour company and were treated first class all the way. I can recommend the company we used if interested, it was a good value. I do suggest going to Cuzco a day or two ahead of time to get used to the altitude and to see the city. Lots of stuff to see and do there.
  5. Was on the Allure in April as a Emerald in a Jr. Suite. You get priority boarding as a suite guest. You also get to use the Coastal Kitchen for dinners. Go to the CK desk when you get on board to book for the evening. You can then book for the next night when you leave after dinner. CK is a nice perk.
  6. My understanding is that some artificial sweeteners can trigger insulin production. Fortunately I like scotch/bourbon on the rocks which is all I drink other than dry wine.
  7. The ABC's has some good diving. I've dived in Aruba and Curacao. I am booked on 12 night southern on X in March that includes: ST. CROIX, U.S.V.I. ST. JOHNS, ANTIGUA CASTRIES, ST. LUCIA BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS ST. GEORGE'S, GRENADA KINGSTOWN, ST. VINCENT BASSETERRE, ST KITTS & NEVIS Lots of good diving to be had on these islands. Unfortunately I'm only booked for two tank dives on three of the islands. Otherwise the ABC's are the way to go.
  8. Take it or leave it, I stand by what I said. What's your point?
  9. We booked with West End Divers for our cruise to Roatan in Dec. They pick up and drop off and will allow snorkelers on the boat with the divers. They were very responsive to our inquiries. Unfortunately the cruise line canceled the stop in Roatan so we don't get a chance to try them. https://www.westenddivers.info/
  10. Not so obvious to some people who think everything is all about them, all the time.
  11. They are in business to make a profit. I would guess the majority of their customers are unaware of cutbacks, are unaffected, don't notice or don't care. I mean... who cares about footstools but some of the people here? Seriously? Who else cares about putting an additional level between Elite Plus and Pinnacle, other than a very few?
  12. Don't forget that the people on Cruise Critic, however vocal they may be, represent a tiny fraction of actual cruise customers. The reality is that the CEO of X is going to do and say whatever is best for the majority not a small percentage. Don't overestimate your importance here. I think she gave us the attention we deserved.
  13. Update, Since this was brought up again I'd like to report that we decided to dive in St.Croix, Granada and St. Vincent. Schedule worked out best and my wife can come along and snorkel while I dive.
  14. I give her credit for coming here and addressing the questions she did. There really is good way to please all the people or answer all the questions on social media. It is a no win situation as evidenced by all the whining here. And yes, she answered the question about a level between elite plus and zenith several times. The answer was NO!
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