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  1. Well the OP sure opened up a can of worms LOL. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it cell phone obsession is here to stay and (self absorbed?) people will continue to be enthralled by it's constant use.
  2. We were on the 2017 Mardi Gras cruise. It was a blast. Sure it was crowded but it's the crowds that make it fun. You are within walking distance of the parade routes and the trolly line makes it easy to get to Bourbon street. If you've never been to Mardi Gras this is the way to do it.
  3. For those who aren't D or D+ a couple bottles of wine and something to supplement them makes sense. Particularly if you don't drink pop, tuity fruity drinks, specialty coffee or bottled water. We find that we drink way more than we normally would when we get the drink package. On the other hand a fifth of scotch, bourbon or one's favorite spirit discreetly packed allows one to have a drink on the balcony before dinner and a glass of wine taken to dinner is all one needs. If you need more than that you can always buy drinks or an occasional beer on board.
  4. And if in two cabins you can bring 12 cans per cabin.
  5. Just some more info... West End Divers has a package that includes a 2 tank dive, equipment, taxes, transportation from/back to port and all other fees for $140. They can accommodate snorkelers on the dive boat and will accommodate cruise ship arrival times.
  6. I met a guy on a cruise who was retired navy. He swore he'd never, ever get on another ship as long as he lived. Well he met a woman who talked him into taking a cruise. He loved it and became a diamond within a year or two. He lived in Florida close to the port and jumped on every cheap cruise he could find. He dumped the woman but not cruising.
  7. I was on the Allure last year for a 7 day cruise. About the 3rd day there was a card on all the tables at the bar advertising the drink package at a discount. My wife and I did the numbers and it came out to $48/day + gratuity. That was about the cheapest we ever saw it onboard. Of course you'd only be paying for the last 4 days of the cruise so would save money that way. That was the first and only time I ever saw RC offer an onboard discount. We were tempted since we hadn't bought a package but didn't.
  8. Best 7 day cruise is in Hawaii on the NCL Pride of America. The ship/cruise line isn't all that great but you don't spend much time on board. It starts and ends in Honolulu so no long voyage to get there. We've done it twice (10 years apart). Spectacular cruise.
  9. RC is showing Truly seltzers as part of their beverage package. Not seeing it on X yet.
  10. I'm just amazed that somebody actually reads the rules...😁
  11. Which is a 25% discount off an unknown inflated base price. Still cheaper to buy it before hand.
  12. Subway has a 2 tank dive package that includes transportation for $100. It also includes access to their beach club and one drink. It does not include the park fee or equipment rental. I couldn't find rental costs on their website. You can't book it directly through Subway's website. It is special package available through roatanexcursions.com Blue Planet has a two tank dive for $80 which includes equipment and taxes. It doesn't say if it includes the park fee or not. It does not include transportation.
  13. I did a cost analysis of all the places mentioned. Roatan Divers Conconut Tree Blue Planet Barefoot Subway Bananarama West End Anthony's Key They all varied in price from $35/tank to $50/tank or from $70/2 tank to $95 (two tank discount). Equipment rental ranged from $5-$20. In some cases the prices included taxes and in some taxes were extra. In some cases it included the reef park fees ($10) and some it didn't. None of the dive ops included transportation to/from the port. Transportation from and back to the port is $20-30. Some ops will offer discounted transportation hence the $20. The price of the cruise ship excursion (Royal Caribbean, which uses Anthony's Key) is currently $119 for a two tank dive. This includes transportation, rental and all other fees. Surprisingly, It looks like the best/cheapest option if all you want to do is drive is through the ship. If you have snorkelers that want to tag along the cruise ship excursion is not for you however.
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