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  1. On October 20th sailing the following personnel were on the ship: Retreat Manager: Anastasiia Retreat Concierges: Toni and Georgina Luminae Maitre'd: Reggie
  2. Totally agree. I was also onboard the October 20th Summit cruise. I agree that the experience was definitely not enhanced by having all these Celebrity folks onboard. Celebrity certainly did a dis-service to their "paying passengers" by having these meetings onboard. Some of us paid LOTS of money (stayed in a Royal Suite) to be onboard this sailing and we could not even get near the Martini Bar at night to get a cocktail. It was like a mosh pit of Celebrity employees. Same thing with Cafe Al Bacio in the morning. Could not get a reservation in a specialty dining venue until the last 2 nights (when the majority of these Celebrity folks were no longer onboard). I truly felt bad for the employees who had to serve these folks - most of whom had, from what I could see, a definite "me me me entitlement" attitude. I did manage to nab a spot at the martini bar one night but couldn't stay long because I don't really like the "mosh pit vibe". But in the time I was there I did not see ONE person throw the bartenders a couple of bucks although none of them had any problem shouting their orders to the bartenders. Shameful on Celebrity's part. LLP was onboard but unless you happened to see her eating lunch in Luminae or having drinks in the Retreat Lounge I think she pretty much was "out of sight" and did not interact much with the passenger base. I personally saw her several times in Luminae and she never came across with any "entitlement" attitude with the waiters in there.....she was kind and gracious to them. A lot of her employees would do well to take a page out of her book when it comes to treatment of crew. However, pertaining to the question by the OP, I would imagine that on the "Sail with the CEO" sailing LLP might be out and about with the general population a bit more - maybe even giving a speech to passengers or something like that. But not really sure as I've never been on one of these promotional "Sail with the CEO" sailings.
  3. mk-ultra, Nobody was ever associated with my solo booking either. It was booked as a solo right from the get-go. She was associated with my PREVIOUS booking and Celebrity thinks that someone changed the specific field to her email address and must have made it a "permanent" change.
  4. This did happen to me once. I usually travel with my best friend. But on occasion I will do a solo cruise without her. One of my solo cruise's correspondence was addressed to me but sent to her email address. Nobody at Celebrity could figure out how her email address replaced mine in one field in my profile (a field that I could not see but the folks at Celebrity could see it). The only "guess" they had was that on the previous cruise we were on she was booked as Passenger 1 and i was booked as Passenger 2 (I'm usually Passenger 1) and that somehow caused her email address to replace mine. They re-input my email address in that field and we haven't had the problem since then (well, not at least not yet.....but it wouldn't surprise me if it happened again as the Celebrity systems are loaded with bugs!)
  5. Another thought: Your travel agent can certainly waitlist you for a FV cabin. My TA waitlisted me for a particular sky suite once and the waitlist cleared and I got the suite I wanted. So, ask your travel agent to waitlist you - BUT also check the website daily, typing in 3 for the number of passengers and see if one becomes available. If it does become available either call your TA immediately or put it on a 24 hold on the website.
  6. I have traveled solo in suites on M class and have eaten solo in Luminae. The staff goes out of their way to be attentive and other tables are close enough that you can converse with other folks. My experience was that the waitstaff served you very promptly so that you weren’t lingering too long between courses, which I appreciated.
  7. You have to check the Celebrity website daily. Sometimes these FV cabins open up way in advance for less than 5 people. We're cruising in both May 2020 and October 2020. I've got a FV booked for the 3 of us for each sailing.
  8. I added a 3rd passenger to an already booked suite a few times. It never changed the pricing for Passenger 1 and 2. So I'm hopeful that you will be able to add your DD without having to re-price the cabin in its entirety. Of course, the best answer is "you never know"!!
  9. Appreciate that you're still posting. I'm enjoying reading every post.
  10. chemmo, Thanks so much for posting your review. I really enjoyed reading it. Enjoy your last day onboard. Wishing you a safe trip home.
  11. MEcruzr, I understand what you're saying. My experience is on Summit only. When the restaurant first debuted I think Celebrity wanted it to have that "stuffy" atmosphere. I will tell you, though, that over the years Luminae (on Summit at least) has evolved quite a bit. I don't feel it's the least bit "stuffy" anymore, although I will say it is quieter and dinner is at a more relaxed pace than the MDR. Sure, there are still a few of those tables where the occupants are what I would call "stuffy" (i.e. they think they're better than everyone else!!) but for the most part most people are jovial and laughing a lot in Luminae. The waitstaff seems to be able to tell if you are a "fun" table or if you are a "stuffy" table and act appropriately. Actually the last 2 times I ate in Luminae on Summit (both this year) I commented to my traveling companion that the frivolity level in Luminae is starting to match the MDR. Anyway....different strokes for different folks. And it's all about personal preference and what you're happy with. I'm sure you'll enjoy your cruise no matter where you eat!! BTW - I met you once on Summit (maybe a year or two ago). You were staying in PH with your mom and another friend and I was in RS down the hall. Chip, our butler, quickly introduced us one day in the hallway.
  12. I'm not a fan of the Luminae MENU but since you can order from the main dining room menu in Luminae I have no issue with Luminae. The atmosphere and the "quieter" environment and personalized service is what I love about Luminae. I will admit when Luminae first debuted on Summit I felt it was a bit "stuffy".....but don't feel that way at all anymore. So I'm guessing that you don't like the atmosphere in Luminae and prefer the atmosphere in the MDR. Is that correct?
  13. Leunig's on Church Street.......right in the center of the Church Street Marketplace downtown.
  14. Great review. I am really enjoying it. I have never heard of the Beaver Tails.....but it looks delicious. I'm very familiar with Poutine - my brother owns a restaurant in Burlington VT and gets loads of Canadian tourists in for lunch/dinner. Poutine is a staple on his menu! It looks to me as if Quebec is a "walking" city so anyone with mobility issues should be aware. Am I correct in my assessment?
  15. Chemmo, On the September 1 Summit sailing they did use the Retreat Deck for the sailaway out of Bermuda. But it was so hot, sunny and humid up there prior to the ship actually moving that not many people lasted until the ship was actually underway. TOO HOT and no shade anywhere. Folks were dripping with sweat. Not good!
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