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  1. I would love to be a worker on GSC, many times this port is cancelled, if I were a worker I could do nothing all day or enjoy the activities like a cruiser.
  2. There is a big difference between what is legal and what is ethical. I am curious if the 25% future cruise certificate can be used on any category/timeline? example - Can you book a sailaway 3 days before departure with that 25% future cruise certificate? Otherwise 25% on a cruise purchased 6 months out aint worth squat.
  3. That stinks such an easy (cheap) trip by public bus to get to the mansions and walk along the cliffs.
  4. thanks, never heard of them but the curiosity was killing me (like i dont waste enough time on here already) in the process i found another website for a may20 ncl alaska for $229 (perhaps that is the going rate on the ncl site as well, i dunno) would love to go but i have to work.
  5. Really appreciate all the responses did not mean for my original post to be so morose or melancholy. I just meant, well, you know, you go somewhere and there is a certain decorum that should be followed and then you get some joker that sais something like: "this is a free country I will do what I want" Well I just didnt want to be that guy. I hate to dress up and would try to bring the minimum just do get by, so I just figured I could wear khakis and a polo to the buffet and would fit right in. (I just was not sure that the buffett was open for dinner) thanks again
  6. how did you know to bid more this time? How many days is this cruise?, thank you
  7. all that varies by airline and what type of ticket was purchased, hmm outside of SWA if you buy a non refundable ticket you get nadda
  8. Are you allowed to take his name off and someone elses name on? If so how much would that cost? What cruise is it?
  9. yeah that is the only reason why i looked at the thread
  10. I appreciate all your responses, thank you. Oddly enough this cruise may be a very economical way to see stonehenge, it is a 9 day cruise out of nyc. If we book the cruise we will probably only stay in Hamburg or Berlin for one night. (depending on the most economical way to get back to usa) Seasoned travelers (we just have never seen stonehenge) but we never have traveled on Cunard. We took a Windstar once but dress code was resort casual.
  11. Yeah we cruise for economics and to be on the sea, sight lines are very important to us, it is also great if you get a great itinerary. We go to shows but it is more for filler not the reason to cruise, bars, layouts, etc we dont care. If you have a very port intensive itinerary the ship does not become as prominent a player.
  12. if your a nonsmoker H2O can be challenging at times
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