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  1. hmm I grew up in chicago "hostess" (good) and also lived in Philadelphia, it's tasty cake by a mile, little debbie is horrible
  2. my bad. I missed the part where New Zealand, Taiwan, and Germany were encouraged by the media to riot/gather/protest day after day for over a month.
  3. thanks, lol, I still keep making that same mistake, (oddly I like raisins by themselves, plus chocolate covered but not in any other type of food)
  4. so many variables and unknowns, plus when the riots (destruction, looting, large close gatherings, murder, assault, etc day after day sans masks started all over the country) well at that time the majority of the media basically encouraged people to do whatever they wanted and never mentioned masks. WW2 the greatest generation made incredible sacrifices (including their own lives) all the millennials had to was lay on their couch, collect a very generous $600 per week plus from unemployment in order to save the usa, and the selfish ones could not even do that, they could not even do that, they etc... Instead they went out partying and destroying the country.
  5. Yes of course I would love to help you and be your "advisor" with travel information, there is a place called "trip" , so you can learn and enjoy great people sharing information about the baltics. Have a great day 🌲
  6. you are making cc great place for politics, anyone know of site where we can chat about cruises?
  7. The popular phrase 'nickel and dime" really comes from many complaints over the years, one such complaint is the deceiving marketing of the "fee at sea" program, it is not free, not even close to being free. All one has to do is do a mock booking of a sailaway cabin vs a mock booking of "fee at sea" cabin. Then you will understand why some call it "the old nickel and dime routine, beware". To each their own but beware of the marketing term FREE, cause it is not.
  8. I am glad you got back to talk about cruising instead of politics
  9. double the post of delete sais the people of CHOP
  10. per capita the usa does not have the most death, what an odd thing to say, facts matter my friend
  11. in california your vote does not matter, the people who said it was xenophobic to close the boarders will win in a landslide, nothing can be done better off just watching net flix and chill for the evening of the election.
  12. yeah but while getting the test are being near another human being you may have been infected, As far as where to Sail, I would recommend the bathtub
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