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  1. I was actually a contestant once. Everyone interested put their name in a bowl and then names drawn. No one playing were related.
  2. I am not for the vaccine passports. I don't see them as being feasible. Its already a pain and expensive to have them renewed every few years. Can you imagine the glut of new passports if that was implemented? I'm all for people getting vaccinated, but I also understand those who don't for their own personal reasons. Cruising had become our vacation of choice. I really don't see us ever cruising again. Not because you are or are not vaccinated, but because I don't see it being the same. We have already moved on to other vacations, road trips and AI's. I am truly concerned about the whole cruising industry. I don't see it fully recovering and if it does, it just won't be the same.
  3. She had serious cancer surgery. Someone had to be there. Her husband was recovering from his own medical issues and was advised to stay away. Even during this crisis some things have to go on. Things still have to be taken care of. I was more than willing to do this for her and I would do it again in a heartbeat.
  4. We all have choices. RCL is a business and they have the right to manage that business. I have the right not to cruise with them. It's wonderful the way that works.
  5. Agree to disagree. Opinions are like bellybuttons, everybody has one. One more observation, sorry, I just can't stop. If you can't spread the virus after you're vaccinated, then why are you still advised to wear a mask? Because they still don't have a grip on this thing.
  6. Because the "anti-vaxxers" aren't blaming/ridiculing/verbally attacking those who choose not to get the vaccine. I have been a victim of all of the above. A woman i work with demanded a list of people who haven't received the vaccine. She wants to make sure she is not scheduled to work with them. BTW, we work in retail. Let that sink in. I am afraid of a "vaccine" that has not been fully been vetted. I don't care if you get it or not. Its your choice
  7. As of now, we choose not to get the vaccine because of the reasons I have already stated. We have also decided not to cruise until things settle down and there aren't so many restrictions.
  8. Just like the yearly flus always have. Yes, I realize this virus is a whole new animal. I can attest to that. There is so much we don't know and one of the reasons I won't get the vaccine until we learn more and maybe not then.
  9. We never restricted ourselves from our family including our grandchildren. Our adult son who lives with us had it last summer. Neither myself or husband got it. We did quarantine ourselves for 2 weeks as not to spread it to others. In November I had to take my sister to the hospital so she could have surgery. I was there for 13 hours. I came down with it 3 days later. I am sure I got it at the hospital. All I'm trying to say is it is not a death sentence. My husband and I are considered to be in the high risk group because of our age, over 65. We're probably will not be getting the vaccine. We are going to rely on our body's natural antibodies. I understand that people are lining up for the vaccine and good for them. I'm just weary of all the self righteous people out there condemning people with opposing opinions.
  10. I don't know about those specific cabins. But we had 3 on the Panorama deck opened in a row. They actually completely removed one and stored it.
  11. I have a legit question. If you are vaccinated, then why are you afraid of people who aren't? Also. I have read that since the vaccine does not have any of the virus living or dead, it won't protect you from getting it, but you'll get a much milder case. Before you accused me of being an "antivaxxer", I'm not. I'm just very careful about what I put in my body.
  12. I've never had one, but it sounds extremely unappetizing.
  13. We redeemed points from our Carinval Mastercard for $200 in gifts cards. We've had 3 canceled cruises and a 4th we canceled. We are not likely to use these gift cards any time in the foreseeable future. I called Mastercard today to see if we can trade them in on another gift card or get credit. They said they would open a "case". I am to call back in 7 to 10 days to get an answer. Has anyone else requested a refund or credit for their Carnival Mastercard gift cards? What were your results? ' '
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