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  1. I had heard the same thing, but then a few people posted last year that they had received the VIP perks recently. I hope the practice has been discontinued. Maybe that will keep some of the people who put out minimal effort from volunteering to host a M&G.
  2. NCL normally gives VIP status to the organizer of a M&G. You get concierge service, daily snacks (like the strawberries), invitation to an officers' reception, and ability to eat breakfast in whatever restaurant is reserved for suite guests. That last one may have changed now that the Haven is such a big deal - it's been roughly 4 years since the last time I hosted a M&G.
  3. https://www.azoreantours.com/index.php?lang=en&option=shoreen&shore=3 https://www.greenvisionstours.com/en/
  4. You just caught a bad one. I've been to several where it was quite obvious that the organizer only volunteered in order to get the VIP status on board and put zero effort into it. Fortunately the good ones outnumber those few bad ones.
  5. 100% agree that renting a car is the way to go. Roads were in better condition than what I was used to in the US and are well-marked. I can't recall who we used, but they delivered and picked up the car at the port.
  6. NCL notes the potential for sand fleas on the beach and biting insects along the nature trail on Great Stirrup Cay. Anyone experienced any significant problems that would necessitate bringing insect repellent?
  7. I'm probably the only one who was confused, so thank you very much for clearing everything up for me.
  8. I love Rome2Rio, so it's quite likely that I used it as a reference for some of my answer. Everything I read said that this was Edinburgh's newest cruise port. It was certainly not being used as a cruise ship port the last time I traveled there, which was admittedly close to 10 years ago. I'll take your word for it, although it seems like an option to me. Closer and cheaper to get to than Inverkeithing, and cheaper to take the bus than a train. The Op is from the States, so I quoted cost in US currency. Sorry that bothered you. Useful information concerning diversions. I know we didn't encounter any when we took a bus into town which stopped somewhere "near the castle". More useful information except for the fact that the Op was asking about getting into Edinburgh. I'm not trying to get into a pissing contest with you. I only responded initially because the post had no replies after 24 hours, and I was able to provide some degree of information. I readily acknowledge that as a local, your familiarity with the port is far greater than mine. But, I do think your attack on me was unwarranted when you could have simply provided further information.
  9. It may have easy access to the motorway, but that doesn't help cruisers. Any port where the only way out is to start by taking a taxi is not a good location for us.
  10. I'm assuming that the elevator takes you from the train platform up to the bridge, but you still have to go down the other set of stairs. Is that right?
  11. It made no sense to me either. It's been several years since we were in Edinburgh, so I don't remember how high the bridges were. I just recalled that we had to tender, so I was guessing the reason was that the ship couldn't fit under the bridges. At least your reply explains why they are porting in Rosyth, but it certainly does no favor to the passengers.
  12. Two taxis from the airport are going to be expensive - probably at least $50 each. The problem for me is that I see no reasonable route from the airport that doesn't involve quite a bit of walking with luggage, not to mention public transport connections. Maybe one of the locals can suggest a route. As far as getting to the port, I think you're in luck. There is a stop for bus 27 about three blocks away (Pakhusvej ). This bus will take you right to the Oceankaj terminal. Buses run every 30 minutes.
  13. What a lousy place to create a new port. Can a cruise ship even fit under those two bridges or is it still a tender port? At any rate, there are several buses that travel from Rosyth port into Edinburgh and have a stop near the castle. The buses depart from the Ferrytoll, Park and Ride, which is about 2 miles from the port, and seem to run every 15 minutes. There is also a bus stop only 3 blocks from the port which will take you to the Park and Ride, but it looks like that bus only runs every couple of hours, so I would think a taxi to the Park and Ride would be the only option worth considering. This assumes that you're trying to avoid spending $50 each way to take a taxi into Edinburgh. Buses are about $5 each way.
  14. You're correct. I did miss your point regarding the elevator. When you said it was "not in function", I took it to mean that it was not operating. Thank you for clarifying and for all the useful information.
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