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  1. SS posted an update today delaying the start for 4 ships - (1) Shadow from 4/28 to 5/15, (2) Spirit from 4/20 to 5/5, (3) Moon from 4/1 to 5/4, and (4) Origin from 4/3 to 5/1.
  2. I would also suspect that the shipyard that was scheduled/will be performing the Wind refit is backlogged and that contributed to the delay.
  3. Silver Dawn floated out today - see link below. https://cruisereport.com/cruise-industry-news/silver-dawn-floats-out?fbclid=IwAR1Lr-6-6zmOjKZ11Z9EHEZdroq_gX0zHoAMlCfrsWPS1u64XUY5HSlgBQo
  4. The article appears to be misleading as the SS 12/15/20 resumption of itineraries posted on the website showed that the first 2021 cruise would not be until 4/1/21.
  5. On the SS website, today's update shows the Wind restart date being moved from 6/14 to 11/20. Looks like the drydock will happen late summer/early fall and that SS is setting the Wind up for the 21-22 Antarctica season.
  6. Mysty - thanks. Not surprising. I suspect that many of the April cruises, especially those in Europe, will also go by the wayside. Our next plan is the Spirit B2B2B in September. We are also awaiting the itinerary for WC 2023 - looks like it will start in Sydney and will be on the Shadow instead of the Whisper.
  7. Just got the e-mail from Roberto Martinoli that SS has cancelled the planned Whisper Grand Med scheduled to depart 3/31/21. Not surprised.
  8. Also, they cancelled these cruises so that they can be flexible in scheduling cruises once cruising restarts based on port availability/
  9. Mysty - got a notification that you posted a reply, but it never appeared. Not the first time this has happened and I have had the same problem with other posters. Wonder what is going on with Cruise Critic?
  10. Couple of other thoughts/suggestion: 1. Bring a US extension cord or two - the Whisper has a limited number of 110V outlets. The extension cord comes in handy. 2. Bring a nightlight to plug into the 110V shaver outlet in the bathroom. Suites are pitch black with the curtains closed and the nightlight provides just the right amount of light. 3. As Mysty indicated, bring a pair of good binoculars. 4. Bring two cameras - on one trip, one of our cameras broke so the extra was very beneficial. 5. Consider a waterproof camera, especially if you plan to snorkel.
  11. We are booked and it will be 5th WC on the Whisper. And when SS opens the booking for WC 2023, first open to 2022 WCers, we will be there to sign up. It appears that WC 2023 will depart from Sydney.
  12. Thanks - 2008 was before my SS time as we our first cruise wasn't until 2010.
  13. DW & I have taken 3.5 WCs on the Whisper (2020 was cut short by about half). We love the Whisper, especially the crew & staff, food, and service. We are not big show/entertainment fans, but do go to an occasion show, especially when it is an early show. As you noted, the Whisper does not have some of the features that the Spirit & Muse (Arts Cafe, Silver Note, etc). The Whisper was supposed to undergo another major drydock to make it like the revamped Shadow, however, that appears to be up in the air. For WCs, the Whisper has a pretty solid number of regulars (those
  14. Posted on another thread. Break new waters with Silver Wind. A major upgrade in December 2018 will saw Silver Wind looking better than ever. A second refurbishment in summer 2021 will see her benefitting from a strengthened to ice-class hull and will make her one of the most adaptable ships in our fleet. Still timelessly elegant, still luxuriously relaxed, her improved cruising versatility means she is able to whizz from the Polar Regions at the ends of the earth to the iconic ports of the Mediterranean with fluid ease. So whether you want to get up close and personal to
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