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  1. Silver Origin has sailed from Bridgetown and is now enroute to Willemstad.
  2. From Seabourn Sailors Facebook page. Carnival Corporation denies it is considering selling the Cunard and Seabourn brands. Chief communications officer Roger Frizzell said: ‘There is no truth to this rumour. Cunard and Seabourn are iconic brands for our company, and both lines have a strong track record of success over the years.’‬
  3. From the website. Silver Wind:• WI210614014 - Silver Wind will welcome guests once more from June 14, 2021
  4. The Origin is now due west of the strait of Gibraltar headed to Tenerife.
  5. Sorry, I was referring to the loyalty benefits, but my recollection of shareholder benefits is that for the most part they could not be combined with other OBC.
  6. I think we need to put this in perspective. RCL paid $1 billion for 2/3 interest. Thus, that would make the remaining 1/3 worth about $333 million, not $666 million. Thus, paying $245 million at this time is a great deal for Manfredi, especially given the depressed value of RCL stock.
  7. That will probably (and hopefully) never happen.
  8. Cruisemapper is showing the Origin in Le Harve, France.
  9. The Origin has left the shipyard in Rotterdam enroute to Ecuador. She is sailing at a slow 8 knots off the coast of England near Dover.
  10. The September crossing has now been cancelled. The first sailing is now November 10th.
  11. Updated resumption dates. Silversea’s global family will reunite on the following voyages, as our ships recommence their itineraries around the world: Silver Cloud: • E4201028019 - Silver Cloud will set sail on October 28, 2020 Silver Wind: • WI201111010 - Silver Wind will welcome guests once more from November 11, 2020 Silver Shadow: • SS200913011 - Silver Shadow will commence service once again from September 13, 2020 Silver Spirit: • SL200903011 - Silver Spirit will set sail on September 3, 2020 Silver Muse: • SM200910013 - From September 10, 2020, Silver Muse will resume sailing Silver Whisper: • WH200908016 - Silver Whisper will commence service once again from September 8, 2020 Silver Explorer: • E1201020011 - Guests will cruise on Silver Explorer again from October 20, 2020 Silver Moon: • MO201002010 - Silver Moon will set sail on October 2, 2020 Silver Origin: • OR200822007 - From August 22, 2020, Silver Origin will resume sailing
  12. Apparently, SS has cancelled all Whisper cruises in July and August as the 1st scheduled cruise on the website is September 8th, the crossing from Barcelona to NYC.
  13. We always get a Vista suite, except for this past year's WC. We did a Veranda because of Antarctica. It was a nice change, but the price differential was pretty steep and we found that we did not use it very much. Deck 4 is nice and quiet and there is a self service laundry room that most folks do not know about, so it is not used much. Also, we eat lunch in the MDR, so we always go in the back door at noon and go right to our normal table in the rear area. The other plus side is that Deck 4 has less motion than the higher up decks. On the WC, we were on deck 6 and noticed more motion than we usually experience on deck 4.
  14. In 2014, we had an overnight in Freemantle. Went to see the prison the first day and had an excellent tour guide. Freemantle is very nice and easily walkable city. Next day, we took the train to Perth, walked around the city and then a cruise down the Swan River back down to Freemantle. Some unbelievably expansive and expensive homes on the river. On this trip, we also stopped at Kangaroo Island, Bunbury, Geraldton, and Exmouth in addition to Adelaide, Melbourne and Geelong. Exmouth was fascinating as we saw Emus in front yards and huge termite mounds. All in all, a fun and fascinating trip.
  15. Have not - good article and excellent news about SS's future.
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