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  1. The sky true blue and cleared up this afternoon. The weather could not be better. A couple of additional photos.
  2. Greetings from San Juan Batista, the only town on Robinson Crusoe Island, with a population of about 850. In February 2010 it was it by tsunami caused by an earthquake in Chile. The 10 foot high waves caused a lot of damage and 16 people died. A few pics from our 3 mile walkabout. Could not get to Mirador de Selkirk or Plazoleta El Yunque as there were heavy rains last night and the trails were very muddy and slippery. The expedition team organized 1 hour zodiac safaris to see the island and seals.
  3. Pics from our walkabout today in the upper city of Valparaiso. Captain just announced a delayed departure. Instead of 6 pm, it is now 5am tomorrow morning due to a delay in getting refueled as we have 15 days until the next refueling in Papeete.
  4. Today was Puerto Montt, a lovely little city. Lots of German influence on the architecture. Did not make it to the market, but Chef David got lots of fresh fruits, onions, and huge pieces of garlic. We did about a 4 mile walkabout down the waterfront to the Mall Paseo Constanera and then Plaza de Armas and the cathedral, then down the shopping street. Lots of folks selling fresh veggies. some pics from today. Michael & David - the internet is much better than last year. I think they may have installed the RCCL software.
  5. Yesterday was Puerto Chacabuco and it was chilly with rain most of the day along with heavy downpours. We and many others had a sea day. Some pics from the ship.
  6. SS - good that you are returning to The WC. There are about 240 WCs. Duplicate has been light on this second segment due to the numerous expedition team lectures. Generally only 3 tables and many times both Roseanne and Jerry are playing. Food has been excellent and the service outstanding. An Arctic was truly amazing.
  7. Cruising the Chilean fjords today. Got a visit from a Portuguese Penguin last night in the Panorama.
  8. Yes, it was sunny and 68F this morning during our nearly 2 hour walk. We have been incredibly fortunate with the weather.
  9. The captain called it Drake Lake as it was exceptionally calm with some gentle, long swells and we averaged nearly 18 knots, making it to Ushuaia 13 hours ahead of schedule. Thus, the crew could go out last night. We did nearly 5 miles on our walkabout today. Some pics from our walk. All continues to be excellent and we had a great time in Antarctica.
  10. Yesterday was a change of plans to to strong winds up north, so we visited the Gonzalez Videla Naval Station (Chilean). It was cold and raining, but there was a huge Gentoo penguin colony there and then it turned sunny just before leaving. Another change of plans for today and we visited Half Moon Island in the South Shetland Islands. A beautiful day and a colony of Chinstrap penguins. Some pics from both days.
  11. Thanks Stumblefoot. The zodiacs can take up to 16 people. The weather was amazing, the penguins were great, and the internet is much improved.
  12. Greetings from Antarctica. Wow! This morning was a zodiac landing at Danco Island, home to a gentoo penguin colony and this afternoon was scenic cruising and whale watching in Wilhelmina Bay. Tomorrow is zodiac cruising for an hour in Paradise Bay. Some pics from today:
  13. Just before noon today, Fernando announced that the expedition leader and the Captain wanted everyone to report to the show lounge. They explained that the weather forecast showed wind speed of 35 knots in Port Stanley tomorrow and usually actual wind speed is higher. This makes tendering impossible, thus the port is canceled and we are making a beeline for Antarctica. Therefore we are going to have an extra day of landings there. What a wonderful surprise to have 4 days there instead of 3. Some who haven’t been to the Falklands may be disappointed but most guests applauded the change in plans.
  14. No, we are going to Bluff Cove - did it 9 years ago and had a great time. The young ones walk right up to you.
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