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  1. So any Any cruses booked thru July can get a credit to use thru 2021
  2. We just want to go to a place to swim in the sea what’s the best place to do that?
  3. We found the decorations awesome yes they are worth it. It makes a great surprise. I am doing it again for our 40th anniversary in May
  4. I really am not looking to make money just noting the price I seen
  5. I can not find an Ovation on EBAY and the going rate average $125
  6. I have an Ovation of the seas haven’t collected any yet so I would be willing to sell it
  7. So our table mates always came late at least 20min. So we started ordering our meals when we sat down than we heard about her 500 cows I feel like she said something about her cows ever 5 min. Than the friend “taught the waiter to make tea his way” he made a big deal of it. When it came time to order dessert she would look at me and say “I don’t think we need dessert do we”. So yes I did order one. As a whole we have had great dinner mates but the couple that were bad were bad. On guy kept letting us know he did not need ***** another had nothing good to say about cruising the next day they
  8. As I found out in our last cruise decide before you leave you are going to have a great time. To many grumbled the whole cruise and what a waste it was. We had a great time even though there was 6 different changes in the year leading up to the cruise. It’s a cruise and no laundry or making dinner. Have fun
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