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  1. You will be fine in a dress shirt and slacks. Some dress formal and others don't.
  2. We were on the Allure November 2019 on a Caribbean cruise and a lot dressed up. I'd say about 40% formal, 35% dressy and 25% forgot to change out of there Walmart clothes. 💃👗👠💄🍹🥂 Dress formal and enjoy yourself.
  3. What??? How dumb. 🤔🙄🤐😱🤮
  4. They don't deserve a penny. Why would Royal go to mediation and not fight it? Is this something that's required first and if they don't come to an agreement then it goes to trial?
  5. Why would anyone take a FCC that is the same value of a cash refund? Makes no sense.
  6. It still went under so maybe that's not the reason for the bankruptcy.
  7. I haven't for the last 58 years, I just never started and same with hubby. Funny thing is everyone in both of our families smoked, we are just the 2 oddballs. 😁
  8. You right, I completely forgot about that.
  9. Has anyone heard anything else about this? I looked, but didn't find anything. I hope for sure Royal doesn't pay out with everything going on.
  10. I really don't think ports will be open for his cruise. It would really be great, but I doubt it will happen.
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