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  1. Is it really worth it to drag beers back home?
  2. Thanks for the info. I didn't know that and it's our first TA. I guess I'm way behind.
  3. If your cruise is canceled and you used a gift card, does it expire after a certain time? Wondering what would happen if you can't book another cruise for a while.
  4. Same here, but in November. I was hoping to be able to go in the concierge lounge on our Brilliance TA this May.
  5. Now that's an idea. Get drinks in the diamond lounge and instead of getting bottled water from the lounge I'll just do this.
  6. I don't go into the casino so this point stuff goes over my head, but if I were you I would be pissed. I don't think you're being petty.
  7. It keeps me from lugging them on board.
  8. No, but plenty of people do it including me.
  9. That really sucks because if you want a soda or water there goes several of them.
  10. True, but it looks like they were doing their research and happened to come up with an old thread. I've seen people post on here when someone asks a question saying google is their friend and also people saying it's an old thread. People just can't win can they? Maybe they will get the answers they are looking for now that this thread has been brought back to life.
  11. Tell them you're on a liquid vegan diet.
  12. Yuck, I don't even want to think about what I've seen. I have seen far to many people come out of the bathroom without washing their hands. I don't bring hand sanitizer to the buffet with me so I do these small things. We normally eat in the buffet including dinners (except formal nights) so there is plenty of exposure to germs. It is what it is. I came across the hand washing stations for the first time in November. It's a great idea and I loved it.
  13. Of course I'm touching my plate. I use my left hand and I try to take one from the back. You can only do so much without becoming crazy. I also get my drink with my right hand. Sometimes if I think I might have touched something with my left hand then I will only hold my bread at the end and not eat it all. I try to do what I can, but I'm not going to make myself go crazy doing it. Have I ended up getting germs in my mouth at one time or another? Probably far to many times, 🍉 but I do these small things to help reduce the amount. Regarding the exposure from other passengers, EVERYTHING has been exposed to passengers in one way or another. Do what you can without going overboard.
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