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  1. You should cut them back if they aren't growing any leaves. In CA, hydrangeas are on a 2 year cycle, with full bloom in the second year. So every 2 years, we cut all of the plant stalks off all the way to the base. The following year, they will have some blooms and full blooms in year 2.
  2. Thanks! That was pretty simple with Paint and the eraser. I haven't heard back, but that is neater way of submission without using the sharpie and email. 😊😁
  3. They didn't complete the muster drill? Or else crew members end of contract. Maybe.
  4. Hmmm. Hand sanitizer. No water bottles. But it looks great!
  5. I relayed the parking space and price conversation to Bill. He was shocked, as many of us are that don't live in big urban cities. Like others, it does make us even more appreciate our suburban driveways and garages. WOW. Even though we are all cruisers and <mostly> holiday travelers, it is fascinating to learn about the nuances of everyday life in other countries. It is really interesting and greatly appreciated.
  6. Where is his bias? I think it is interesting to hear what is going on. You can have your opinion, and the rest of us can just read the cliff notes without negative comments.
  7. Our Covid tests are free here. Although many of the testing sites are shutting down because the majority of Californians are getting vaccinated and our numbers are very, very low.
  8. We are booked Sept. 23 '22 on Navigator. The 4 night prior to our 7 night is on the list, but not bookable. I keep hoping it will open up, because I don't want to do the 3 night following. I would rather do the party cruise first. It would be awesome if we had a Quantum class ship out here.
  9. I would think that the old booking is the one that was cancelled. Any other cruise you apply to it would be new for the credit.
  10. Our original CDC vaccination cards will not be leaving our possession. They are with our passports. I don't really know what you are thinking with this "hand over" of the cards. Someone can confirm providers and vaccines with photocopies or photos if they want to.
  11. Are you sure they are still doing the125% for cruise planner purchases? Others have mentioned that it has not been a recent option. Cruise planner purchases are refundable, but not if you use the OBC (125% CP credit) to purchase them. You will never get the cash back then. (It becomes non-refundable) I don't quite understand the rest of your question.
  12. They were supposed to be. I guess we will find out what happened soon.
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