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  1. I love this thread! I wake up every morning at home with a laugh at all the funny things that have been posted. Special *Shout Out* to @sandebeach and @SeaHunt for all of their numerous and hysterical contributions. Thanks everyone for making all of this a little bit more enjoyable!
  2. Good point. I don't recall that particular scenario in my lifetime.
  3. We met our lifelong friends on Cruise Critic and then onboard. Although we have shared tables and dining onboard, it was not how we met them.
  4. There have been a bunch of threads about that. I have been reading them with interest because we don't have anything booked until November, that we booked over a year ago. One theory is that with all the FCC's, they are trying to recoup money. Another is just that they are trying to recoup money. I think they are going to have to lower prices when they start sailing again. Because unlike Cruise Critic members, I don't think most people are jumping at the chance to get on a cruise. And we're not really even that excited about sailing again while there are still issues..
  5. Every time I see one of these dog/cat/tiger articles, I can only wonder why they are wasting tests on animals when they don't have enough tests for people?
  6. By whom? And I would call again. And there have been so many changes. You shouldn't apply it now. But by next year?
  7. Interesting (but sad) that Oasis is finally using it's tenders for something other than drills.
  8. But it is probably better to apply it closer to final payment. Having an FCC on your sailing does funny things when you go and ask for price drops. They tend not to look at the original price (before FCC was applied) Get the lowest price you can and then apply it right before final.
  9. Uhmm . NO. Usually that is a free activity. I wouldn't pay for it.
  10. It is happening in the US too, Chilburn. I think it is nice that Royal Caribbean is using their ships for a useful purpose like repatriating their crew.
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