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  1. Is that what you call it? LOL I was just thinking persnickety.
  2. We have them with us And use whichever is convenient and easy to grab. The passport card to Florida, passports to Italy.
  3. It doesn't need to be a Real ID to fly domestically if you have a passport card. Passport cards are inexpensive if you order it when you renew your passport. The card will also allow you entry into federal buildings without a Real ID driver's license. They are handy, waterproof and easy to fit into a small wallet to take ashore without carrying your full passport book. No one HAS to get one, we just enjoy the convenience of it for when we wish to carry it. Real ID licenses are being phased in here, so I will not apply for one until my DL expires in 3 or 5 years. I meantime, I have the passport card.
  4. You can use your passport card for all the things that require Real ID. I will still probably opt for Real ID next time my DL comes up for renewal.
  5. Have you already made final payment? Since L&S expires on August 1, we will have to decide before then.
  6. A face shield provides eye protection, just like safety glasses or goggles. It does not provide respiratory protection. If you wish to wear a face shield to comply with the health orders in California, it is required to have a cloth drape on the bottom to catch droplets and respiration. "People who have certain health conditions are exempt from wearing masks that fit snugly over the mouth and nose but must instead wear plastic face shields with cloth draping beneath to contain coughs and sneezes."
  7. Please do. LOL I always go in thinking it will be fine.
  8. Thanks! I will do it online then and then call them to fix it only if it goes wonky.
  9. I do have an FCC on the cruise I plan to L&S. Just a small FCC ($400+) and a deposit. Does that mean I should call if I need the FCC to shift as well?
  10. California has a multi-agency covid strike team now. It is made up of Alcohol Beverage Control, Cal-OSHA, Dept. of Consumer Affairs (licensing agency for many businesses) and CHP. They will be enforcing the mandates and investigating complaints.
  11. Not Robin Hood, William Tell with the crossbow. Or maybe Robin Hood with the arrows.
  12. No. There is not much for your kids to enjoy on Brilliance. Oasis is a better choice for kids looking for activities.
  13. Have you checked your Norwegian flight to BCN? They just cancelled our flight this morning.
  14. No one knows if it is or not, but it doesn't seem likely that it will sail with any passengers.
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