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  1. It's in the article MadFlyer posted. Said he didn't know there were Floridians and US Citizens onboard. Talked to Trump. You can quit looking for the source. ETA. Sorry. I didn't see that it had already been covered.
  2. When did you purchase the insurance? Ours was purchased in January 2019, and I fully expect them to cover cancellations (that are beyond our control) that occur in 2020.
  3. California is pretty much shut down until May 3. The economy is wrecked. Coyotes are wandering around in San Francisco. https://www.sacbee.com/news/coronavirus/article241616581.html Why should Florida be any different? Stay at home!
  4. Here is a link to it: https://www.maritimesc.org/page-18081/8867715 Wow that is pretty amazing. But not a total surprise, everyone is kind of buttoning up. And as I recall, at the meeting with VP Pence, the cruise lines said that they would be responsible. I sort of doubt if the Bahamas, Panama or Liberia will offer much in the way of assistance to them.
  5. It's not usually for us either. But this was going to be a special trip.
  6. You have to book non-refundable if you book a full suite. We booked a Grand Suite for our retirement cruise on Nov. 1 out of Barcelona. Flying Norwegian airline. I am slowly, but surely losing enthusiasm for the whole trip.
  7. Since they have yet to amplify the ship, it is still on Deck 11.
  8. No they're not. The US has fewer people than China and more than Australia, but our population is sort of dispersed without a lot of unity. But I think we're trying. The San Francisco Bay Area counties have a good stay at home compliance rate and we are entering our third week...with probably more to come. Of course, when testing is increased, the number of cases goes up and the mortality rate goes down. Strange times.
  9. We're good here. We are going in to week 3 of our shelter in place order here in the SF Bay Area. "Stay at Home" in other places. We will probably have a week 4 because the numbers are still going up. And for the most part people are obeying, they are estimating about 85% compliance. Everyone here is social distancing. It is however, difficult at the grocery store. Delivery services are overwhelmed and there is still no TP or paper towels. We found some online yesterday, it will arrive next week. I lucked out. After being on a February Noro cruise a couple of years ago, I purchased my own Noro kit for cruising with multiple bottles of Purell Advanced hand sanitizer (70% alcohol) and wipes and Clorox commercial hand sanitizer spray. It is coming in handy now. This is interesting. It is from a local newspaper about the 1918 Flu Pandemic. It is amazing how similar it sounds to what is going on today. I am surprised that "slacker" was a word in 1918. The link to the article is here: https://news.yahoo.com/must-wash-properly-newspaper-ads-153547699.html
  10. That's not a very nice thing to say. One of the articles on Seeking Alpha mentioned that next Friday is an important day, because companies will be posting their first quarter earnings and future projections. SA is opinion pieces but for gamblers (excuse me, stock market people) many stocks will either go way up or way down. DH owns quite a bit of RCL in his IRA, but for now, I am just holding on to cash.
  11. O/T. Wow! @Ocean Boy Rhode Island must REALLY be a small state. Link: https://news.yahoo.com/rhode-island-governor-announces-national-211516742.html
  12. I believe quite a few of the crew flew to places elsewhere....
  13. @dani negreanu Was supposed to be onboard for the inaugural sailing of Celebrity Apex. Apparently they have 29 CV-19 infected crew members. That's kind of odd for all these ships that aren't sailing...and haven't been for a while. That isolation thing isn't working out very well. Link: http://crew-center.com/number-infected-crew-covid-19-celebrity-apex-raises-29
  14. OurusualBeach said it is 60% off second guests and also KSF.
  15. And the OP already lives in NJ...…..
  16. Wow. We're all really bored aren't we? Grandeur has already been sold. I don't know if they have yet recouped their investment in Empress.
  17. Refundable-no limit. Non refundable is not redeemable.
  18. My dad flew the huge planes (B-52?) that picked up those gliders and dropped them behind enemy lines. He said that they had to fly low between like goal posts and catch a wire to pick the glider up and tow it aloft so they could fly and land.. He said the plane would almost stop in midair when they caught the gliders, and apparently they carried troops and jeeps. Huge things. How interesting. I didn't know they were made by Steinway.
  19. Well...you don't need to worry about how to get to Mississippi now.
  20. $22.50 per day. For the $18 drink package. We weren't fortunate enough to get it.
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