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  1. Just a detail I very much appreciated your bringing to our attention: you mentioned that "the flat rubber circles wouldn't seal with that big lump of a plug". I brought one anyway. Hubby just unscrewed the plug and removed it. We were then able to seal the drain with the rubber circle so we could soak our delicates for a few minutes. Thank you for that tip, Host Jazzbeau.
  2. Fighterone

    New Port

    Just got notice that we will be leaving out of Cozumel instead of Puerto Morelos on the 12/21 cruise. So sorry Ponant has to be put through this by the Mexican Government. We are on another cruise right now and the internet is pretty spotty but I will try to keep you up to date.
  3. Thank you 81Zoomie. I am more perturbed than worried.
  4. We haven't been told this definitely yet by either our T.A. nor Ponant. If it were definite, we would change our reservation to stay at the Hyatt but there is a cancellation fee with a short deadline. We can cancel the Puerto Morelos hotel up to this Tuesday without penalty. If we don't hear by then, we might not be going to the Hyatt at all.
  5. Does Ponant normally include luggage tags when they e-mail the e-documents? There were none with the e-mail our travel agent sent us and we may not receive the hard copies of the documents before we leave In a couple of days. The Ponant rep said we don’t need them but this seems unusual and is certainly not the norm on any other cruise line we have sailed on. Would anyone have a picture or be willing to describe what the tags look like and what they include?...color, our names, stateroom number, booking number, etc. so we can “try” to duplicate them especially since we might have to check our suitcases before getting on the ferry to Cozumel if the Puerto Morelos embarkation port is cancelled... just another “little” detail we have not been informed of yet. 😪 TIA
  6. Fighterone

    New Port

    So far the only info we have is from Meidapro who is leaving tomorrow. They will leave out of Cozumel. We also have a hotel booked in PM. Not going to change hotel and transportation for now either. BTW, I am st.zoomer's other half, laurelguy.
  7. Fighterone

    New Port

    Mediaprohi, curious to hear what the final instructions are as far as the port of embarkation. We still have no word from Ponant and we sail on 12/21 out of Puerto Morelos, supposedly. However, I have received different information from the contact given on Ponant’s documents. It is included below in my response to HappyInVan. HappyInVan, I went ahead and contacted the address Ponant noted on the email documents, as you recommended. Here is the response I received. I will be curious to see what the final word will be on this. If you contact them, please note that the email address provided by Ponant In the edocs received is wrong and does not include an “r” after dotcom. “From: fcaceres <fcaceres@aconsur.com> Sent: Thursday, December 12, 2019 19:10 To: .... Cc: Jose Celis; destrella Subject: RE: Ponant's Le Champlain Embarkation on 12/21/19 Good afternoon ... For Your kind information the embarking port for now is Cozumel Island ,Mexico And the name of the pier is PUNTA LANGOSTA CRUISE TERMINAL and is located on the Rafael E Melgar Av. Between 7 and 9 street. In down town. Any more information that you required please feel free to contact us. My best regards L.T. Fernando Caceres Echavarria Operations Manager Mobile: 521)9878711135 Mail : fcaceres@aconsur.com Agencia Consignataria del Sureste S.A de C.V.“
  8. Thanks we will let you know how it goes.
  9. We called Ponant about our documents that were supposedly sent to the wrong address and asked about the Puerto Morelos port address. The Ponant rep did not know. Let us know if you find out. Not even sure we will depart from there since there seems to still be some controversy. What sailing are you on?
  10. Than you utexplore! Wow! They missed the mark since we are now just 10 days prior to the sailing. This delay wouldn't have anything to do with our travel agent, would it?
  11. We received documents via e-mail from our T.A but no hard copies yet. My questions: 1- How long before the sailing should we get the hard copy? 2- Are these usually sent via FEDEX, USPS or UPS in the US? 3- Will those include luggage tags since there were none in the e-mail file sent? Our sailing is in just 11 days and we are leaving home in 6 days for a 3 day cruise prior to Ponant's. 😟 TIA
  12. Glad you told us! Now we are prepared, LOL! I had already packed the dry rubber circle.
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