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  1. My understanding is that this is a Cruise Lines International Association regulation and Viking is not a member of CLIA. Most other cruise lines are, however. https://cruising.org/cruise-vacationer/cruise-lines This is hopefully a "knee jerk reaction" and will not last or our cruising days are over unless we sail with Viking Ocean which incidentally cancelled our cruise for May 20th out of Venice. This requirement of having a doctor sign a letter for anyone over 70 is also a horrible show of ageism.
  2. We were in the Sophia Loren suite #16007 in December 2019. This is the one and only Sophia Loren suite on Divina and across MSC’s fleet. If you can request it, I would do so. It’s fun to see her beautiful photos and we enjoyed the bright red colors. There is plenty of hanging clothes space and drawers in the walk-in closet. We did not hear any noise from the One Pool deck. We enjoyed the One Pool Buffet for breakfast and lunch until the dumb waiter broke and no hot food could be served for one lunch. We did not care for the YC restaurant, Le Muse, all the way aft. You can access it via deck 7 or by walking outside on deck 15. The butlers are fabulous and will do anything to avoid saying “No”. Be sure to check your luggage at the MSC YC tent instead of with the regular porters. They will tag it “Priority” and a butler (ground handler) will escort you to the lounge in terminal F and bypass all the queues. Do sign up for the Cruise Critic Meet & Greet?
  3. I am also one of those who packs heavy and I wish I could learn to travel lighter. Can you share what you pack for a 3 week trip?
  4. Chiming in a bit late and haven't read all the recommendations so this may have been posted. When you arrive at the port, you should go directly to the white MSC Yacht Club tent. If you are not dropped of close to the tent, inevitably, a porter will try to take your luggage and stack it with the non YC luggage and you will not get the priority check tags from the YC tent. You can either take the luggage to the YC tent yourself or have the porter take it there with you. In any case, your bags should be re-tagged at the YC tent so you have priority delivery. If you are not familiar with the YC priority elevators, do ask the butler who will first escort you to your stateroom to explain this exclusive YC perk to you. Enjoy the wonderful service and great crew!
  5. I don't think you sign up for those online. There should be an invitation in your stateroom at embarkation or soon thereafter.
  6. I didn't see your name in our roll call either. Here is the link to it. https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcalls/msc-meraviglia-february-2-2020/
  7. Just checked for your name on the roster of the meet and mingle and I don't see your name. It would not show if you don't wish to disclose it though. The following Cruise Critic members have signed up to this Meet & Mingle party: Fighterone # in party: 2 al3xweaver # in party: 2 gwpetersen # in party: 2 Greenhopster # in party: 2 Kittenshadow # in party: 1 lanieskate # in party: 2 Peggysue172 # in party: 2 Daddio300 # in party: 2 BK Cruz 2019 # in party: 2 lou?lin # in party: 2 JesseFuller # in party: 6 Chyvette # in party: 2 bonnieangel01 # in party: 2 cpoward # in party: 2 Hankystang007 # in party: 2 Maryham # in party: 2 cocoruby # in party: 2 Durban # in party: 3 timothy1122 # in party: 2 ridingdawaves # in party: 2 LACADave # in party: 2 susan bt # in party: 2 elbodans # in party: 2 suealdeb # in party: 2 Cruisergal1208 # in party: 2 Hunterridge # in party: 4 PalmSunBeach # in party: 3 rockbock # in party: 4 Millom2020 # in party: 2 happy cruzin # in party: 2 travelpez # in party: 2 KarSum84 # in party: 3 dmfloghouse # in party: 2 Kibomina # in party: 1 josnand # in party: 2 urmysshine # in party: 2 jcron106 # in party: 2 jwhooker1951 # in party: 5 TiffanyTully # in party: 3 Mmoore12343 # in party: 2 DonnaPL113 # in party: 2 Host Joe # in party: 2 Blessedchild69 # in party: 2 RobynFL # in party: 2 Ilovedisney80 # in party: 2 Jr roy # in party: 2 icats248 # in party: 2 Rebeccajoe # in party: 2 mmmcmul # in party: 2 Casanova02 # in party: 2 BPCruiser1 # in party: 2 Listqueen # in party: 2 annauccia # in party: 3 MG5 # in party: 2 havinglotsoffunoyeah # in party: 2 libra713 # in party: 2 BuckeyeTraveler # in party: 1 Some members may have elected not to display their names. The current party tally is 172. If the party reaches a tally of 6 MSC Cruises will hold a Meet & Mingle party onboard! Subscribe to Price Alerts
  8. If you go to the MDR at your regular dinner time after enjoying the meal at the specialty restaurant, there will be no issues.
  9. I agree with Mafig. We preferred Seaside's YC over Divina's because of the location of Le Muse. The One Pool area is nicer on Seaside and has a much better buffet area for breakfast and lunch. As far as the pool goes on Divina, there are no steps to access it, an issue if you have mobility problems using the ladders.
  10. You will be on the same cruise as us. There is a big roll call that you might not know about on this website. Please join us along with your friends and also plan on attending the Meet and Mingle. That roster will close this evening. www.cruisecritic.com/rollcall/ and you can locate the roll call for the 2.2 sailing by following the links from the Meet & Mingle page. As far as the time and places to eat on Meraviglia, we have not sailed on this ship yet but have sailed on Seaside and Divina. I would recommend booking the trio of restaurants for you and your friends as the experience of eating in any specialty restaurant is definitely "different" on MSC than eating in the MDR unless you are sailing in Yacht Club. In Butcher's Cut, for example, you will enjoy a prime cut of meat. As far as your question concerning a better time or evening, the only suggestion I have is that the earlier in the evening you book, the better. The restaurants seem to get very crowded every evening within an hour or so after opening. Don't know if one night is not as crowded as the other though! Concerning your hubby being a big eater and ordering more than one appetizer, entree or dessert, he will probably leave the restaurant still hungry as it's one course of each and the portions are not that big. Don't know about the favorites at Kaito but at Butcher's Cut, I enjoyed the small tenderloin. If he is a big steak eater, he might prefer a different cut of meat. I was not at all impressed with the sides offered. The mac and cheese and cauliflower were dry. The desserts were excellent.
  11. Just a detail I very much appreciated your bringing to our attention: you mentioned that "the flat rubber circles wouldn't seal with that big lump of a plug". I brought one anyway. Hubby just unscrewed the plug and removed it. We were then able to seal the drain with the rubber circle so we could soak our delicates for a few minutes. Thank you for that tip, Host Jazzbeau.
  12. Fighterone

    New Port

    Just got notice that we will be leaving out of Cozumel instead of Puerto Morelos on the 12/21 cruise. So sorry Ponant has to be put through this by the Mexican Government. We are on another cruise right now and the internet is pretty spotty but I will try to keep you up to date.
  13. Thank you 81Zoomie. I am more perturbed than worried.
  14. We haven't been told this definitely yet by either our T.A. nor Ponant. If it were definite, we would change our reservation to stay at the Hyatt but there is a cancellation fee with a short deadline. We can cancel the Puerto Morelos hotel up to this Tuesday without penalty. If we don't hear by then, we might not be going to the Hyatt at all.
  15. Does Ponant normally include luggage tags when they e-mail the e-documents? There were none with the e-mail our travel agent sent us and we may not receive the hard copies of the documents before we leave In a couple of days. The Ponant rep said we don’t need them but this seems unusual and is certainly not the norm on any other cruise line we have sailed on. Would anyone have a picture or be willing to describe what the tags look like and what they include?...color, our names, stateroom number, booking number, etc. so we can “try” to duplicate them especially since we might have to check our suitcases before getting on the ferry to Cozumel if the Puerto Morelos embarkation port is cancelled... just another “little” detail we have not been informed of yet. 😪 TIA
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