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  1. Have been to China twice with Gate 1 Travel. First was 10 day basic tour which was great and 2nd time was 15 day with 4 day Yangtze river cruise which was amazing. Went with a group of about 25 people each time which was interesting. They also have small group tours(6-8 people) which is higher in price. We did land and air package which was quite reasonable. Check out their website as it explains what is included. Have done 3 tours with them and will be going to Thailand for 15 days in Feb. with them. Have been very happy with them. China is a very interesting country. Enjoy your trip.
  2. Has anyone had experience with China Eastern Airlines? Will be flying Chicago to Shanghai in Feb.
  3. I agree 100%. It is not my definition of vacation when you spend most of your time waiting in line at GS to try and rectify problems. Then their only response is " there must have been a misunderstanding" and proceed to suggest you are lying. This was my experience on the Seaside. At least on other cruise lines they listen to you and correct the problems! It boggles my mind to think someone would spend a fair amount of money on something of which you do not know what you will get. What you get is what MSC decides to give you!!!!
  4. diesel1973

    US or Bhat

    Sounds like a plan! Thanks
  5. diesel1973

    US or Bhat

    Same thing happened to me in China. Went there 3 yrs. ago solo (wife can't handle long flights) and returned again last year with a friend I worked with who finally retired. We are now expanding our horizons and trying Thailand. Have other Asian areas to see. Have to see the world before I leave it!LOL
  6. diesel1973

    US or Bhat

    Thanks for the info. I don't think we will need a large amount of cash but it is wise to know what my options are.
  7. diesel1973

    US or Bhat

    Thanks for your response Iancal. Where did you exchange US for Bhat when you were there besides ATM? Was it at banks or currency exchanges and if so was there a fee? Just wondering if Wells Fargo back home might be the way to go. Of course the only downfall with that is carrying all that cash. Getting very excited about this trip!
  8. diesel1973

    US or Bhat

    I usually purchase foreign currency from Wells Fargo before I go. I usually take 300-400 US worth. I just need money for some meals and possibly tips and mementos.
  9. diesel1973

    US or Bhat

    Will be doing a 15 day tour of Thailand next Feb. and was wondering which currency to take. Should I take mainly Bhat or US dollars? I usually take some local currency with me for incidentals and use credit cards for major purchases. Will this work in Thailand? Thanks in advance.
  10. Besides being a good entertainer I thought he was also a comedian. Contacted his travel agency to get price on his cruse and they informed me there is a $200 p/p fee to see his show! Not very funny!
  11. Rumor has it that Perry Grant will be on Summit in June of 2020 on a New England cruise. Any truth to that???
  12. Don't mean to hijack this thread but Celebrity also has some lovely employees. On a recent Caribbean cruise our Son-in law suddenly passed away while we were in Aruba. GS went above and beyond to find us a flight home and assisted us in any way possible. Also CS adjusted the price of cruise and OBC. This is one reason why we stick with them. You can't put a value on consideration like that!
  13. The Bake Shop in Girdwood for lunch. Also agree on Double Muskie and Glacier Brewhouse for dinner , and F Street for lunch. Another lunch or dinner in Anchorage is Humpys.
  14. If you think customer service is bad now wait till you have to deal with guest service on the ship. GOD LUCK!
  15. Years ago as chaperones for our high school choir we visited Notre Dame . They had the privalege of singing there . Was one of the highlights of my life. So sad!
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