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  1. This has been like this for the last few years as, as usual people were abusing it.
  2. Wouldn’t do to all be the same would it? We don’t do sitting in the sun. Never sit out on the deck, we used to get balcony cabins when we first started cruising but after about 10 cruises we thought let’s try inside as we never use the balcony and hey no problem so normally get inside now. Although we have got 1 balcony cruise booked (Iona- Fjords) and one outside.
  3. Lots of ladies either leave without washing their hands or just put them under the tap for a few seconds, then shake some water off and open the door with wet hands. This is actually worse as the germs spread easier from wet hands to door handles, lift buttons etc. So, yes, wash hands with soap and water please everyone.
  4. As I said in a post earlier in this thread, yes they may be advertised in the Horizon but the problem is lots of people think they have to stick to their allocated dining room, they don’t realise it is only for their evening meal, this isn’t made clear. So if the Horizon says lunch ( or breakfast or afternoon tea) is in Cinnamon and they are allocated Bay Tree they think they can’t go. P & O and many other lines should make it clear the allocated dining is for evening meal only. The other thing I think people misunderstand is afternoon tea, they think they have to use the buffet or pay for the £15 ( is that the amount) one. Mainly because of social media posts going on about the paid afternoon tea, I even think lots of the people that post these pictures don’t realise they could have had a free waiter service tea in the MDR
  5. We normally try and eat in the MDR unless we have an early afternoon tour or there is something going on around the ship very early afternoon, in which case we have a quick in and out of the buffet. I do think lots of people don’t even realise there is lunch in the MDR, which is probably why it isn’t well attended. Also you would be amazed at the number of people who think because their evening Dinning room allocation isn’t mentioned for lunch that they can’t go to the MDR, or indeed for breakfast or afternoon tea. We have told so many people that they can and they have been pleased. I think P & O and other cruise lines should really make this clear. One couple we met on day 3 of a cruise were not enjoying their holiday because they didn’t like going to the buffet until we told them they could go to the waiter service restaurant, after that we realised they were not in the minority.
  6. Well exactly. Also she could have fallen on top of someone, a child even, on the balconies below.
  7. Serves her right. I expect if she had fallen her family would have sued the company. https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/royal-caribbean-woman-banned-life-photo-rail-dangerous-ship-a9161121.html
  8. Only been on one MSC once from Southampton, as has been said they pick up at all ports it’s like a ferry service. The day we were in Hamburg there were so many passengers getting on that no one else had their cabins serviced that day at all. So all those with kids didn’t have their bung beds or sofa beds put up or put out. There was no air conditioning that day so we all had soaking wet towels. The kids club age 7 to 11 were allowed to sign themselves out and wander the ship on their own. Most of the Brits on board weren’t happy with that so had to fill a form in saying no, which the kids club weren’t pleased about. Plus when my daughter went to register the kids on boarding in Southampton, they complained that she hadn’t signed them in on day one which apparently was in Hamburg so she couldn’t as it was 4 days before we boarded. They had the farewell party the day before Hamburg so it appears the cruise was really a Hamburg to Hamburg cruise and we were just nuisances boarding in Southampton even though Brits were over half the ship trying it out for the first time.
  9. We still haven’t had our brochure yet. Just phoned them up saying we hadn’t had the 2021 brochure yet even though we are getting all the e-mails about pre registering and the chap was really puzzled, didn’t even seem to know there was a new brochure.
  10. Hubby does normally wear a white shirt with his Dinner Jacket ( why is everyone using the American Tux now ) on a black and white night he wears a black bow tie but on other formal nights he wears a coloured bow tie matching my dress or his tartan one.
  11. I never use a bag on the ship, hubby keeps my cruise card with his normally in his shirt pocket. I find they get in the way especially during meals. Plus I don’t think they are very hygienic for some people as you often see them on the floor in the toilets and then they are put on the Dinning tables. For port days I take a soft hand bag that I can wear across me, and not a very expensive one just in case someone tries to pinch it. Also take a soft rucksack in the case so we can carry rain macs etc if we think we might need them.
  12. Just to let anyone travelling down the A34 next weekend it will be closed from Hinksey Hill to Botley ( around Oxford) . It will be quite a big diversion so check everything out before travelling. Looks like it might also be close for the weekend two weeks later as well https://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/17957290.a34-closure-need-know/
  13. Interestingly we have never found a problem when parking at Mayflower. Ocean on the other hand we have had to queue in the holding car park.
  14. Iona will have 5200 passengers. We have two cruises booked on Iona and have booked the coach travel option for both, that way if there is chaos parking we won’t have to worry.
  15. Unfortunately the £1 for 3rd and 4th passengers are never in school holidays, not even winter half terms
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