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  1. Ohhhh, thank you Coral, if I did have that wrong!!! Def. would love to do either and see Tracy Arm from a smaller boat!
  2. Yes, taking a closer look, going from the nearest Fire-doors, it looks like B421 would be forward facing, and the main cabin area would be to the right, The Rabbit, Could you tell which site, or post a link?
  3. Just from what I can tell, from what you are posting, if the entry is on the left, and the cabin area is to the right, then this would be a aft/back facing bed/cabin. If the entry was on the right, and the cabin area is on the left, then this would be a forward facing bed/cabin. If R422 (Port) has the entry entry on the left (aft when facing the cabin door) , then on the opposite side (Starboard) the entry would also be aft (which would then be right when facing the cabin door). So, the 423 cabins Starboard, would have the cabin area to the left. The bed would be facing aft/back in these cabins. Notice that Riviera is a higher deck, and these cabins will be under the Sea Walk. With clear visibility from people on the Sea Walk. So most people would want a lower deck that is not just below the Sea Walk. It looks like the cabins on Baha would follow the same left/right configuration. I have read, and it seems to hold true, that It is most common that these alternate so that the baths are back-to-back. And you can look for the nearest Fire-wall, and go from there. As these would be two cabins where the firewall would mean that the baths are not back-to-back. This might not be foolproof, but I think you would be good with the cabin area to the right, and aft facing beds, on either Riviera or Baha. Hope this helps!
  4. Different does not mean mean better. Change is not always improvement. Sometimes, the opposite.
  5. I would probably pay $120.pp and go for the Deluxe! I think you would be thankful.
  6. After our last cruise, I am wondering what entrees in the MDR would really make it better than what is offered in the buffet. I would wish it were easier to eat at the buffet, with additional service! While I am sure that the buffet is way better than Golden Corral, I can def see that the atmosphere and experience could compare!!! I have read here before that Italian night and American night seem to be the least favorite menus.
  7. The forward balconies on Marina also have the extended overhang. We sailed in one! I just wanted to add that we would not book that again. There was a considerable amount of motion up there, due to some very high winds that came thru. And, for me, I became very tired of that HIKE to the cabin and back!!! We did book one day in the Sanctuary, and spent time at the adult Retreat pool. This was very convenient for those. But not anything else!
  8. If it had been possible, we would have loved to book Tracy Arm with Adventure Bound. (not 'active' but should be amazing sightseeing from a smaller vessel) Not sure if this is available off your ship at the entry to Tracy Arm, or from Juneau, if you dock early and for long enough. This is supposed to be really. great. I am not sure, but you might be able to book directly with them if the timing is possible and Princess does not offer this. Especially from Juneau.
  9. Welcome here! Yes, it is true that some things are subjective. And, some people are 'those complainers'. A lot of good comments here on your thread! I just wanted to add this. We have sailed Princess. Our last cruise was on the Regal Princess. (newer ship, sister Royal Class ship to the Sky). And, for the huge part, we loved it!!! However, yes, there are some things that we found were valid to complain about. You really have to look at these comments in an objective way. Is this a general 'complainer's' review. Were the person's expectations realistic. (as mentioned in the post above) My experience is that on the prior previous cruise, we had a totally excellent experience with dining. And that was simply not the case on our last cruise on the Regal. The menu was being changed over to the new menu and new recipes and new service procedures. And, well, just in my personal opinion, based on prior experience, it was not good. At all. When something is taken away, that is perceived as a loss and a grievance. And, is sometimes valid. I think that is a valid type of complaint, and good information. We LOVED the Regal, but based on prior experience, would notice the negative changes, and continuing of basic 'downsides', if we were to sail on the Sky. Same tiny cabins, tiny balconies, tiny showers. (Smallest of most any other cruise line). The open deck areas which used to be the replacement for a Promenade Deck have been changed to outdoor dining areas for those who ware dining in those restaurants, and are no longer open deck areas. So basically no Promenade type outdoor area on the sea. The lovely deck area around the Adult Retreat Pool has been closed in with blue tinted glass, and each side of the ship is now a new row of cabins. Which translates to even less deck area for even more passenger load. Things like this ARE valid. And it is good to be aware. It is good to have realistic expectations. Here is the takeaway... When something is that great and people love it that much and want it to remain to be the best. Like Princess has been, delivering a really great vibe and experience and cruise product.... It is like taking candy away from a baby when this is no longer there. There is the recent thread about how Princess did not get any of the main voter awards. Whether the other cruise lines have the vibe and experience that somebody prefers is one thing. When other lines have larger cabins, better food and dining, etc.. That is something more valid and tangible.
  10. Balcony Deluxe cabins have a slightly larger cabin, with a small loveseat. Premium balconies have a larger-deeper balcony. You can book a regular balcony cabin with a larger balcony, or a Balcony Deluxe cabin with a larger balcony. These will be Aft facing, or on the bump-out mid-ship, or other areas where the logistics of the ship design makes the size of the balcony larger. An option might also be UN-obstructed balcony and UN-obstructed Deluxe balcony cabins on Deck 8 of the bump-out mid-ship. These obstructed cabins are listed under Interior cabins on the Princess website.
  11. Exactly. Deluxe refers to the size of the cabin, slightly larger with a small loveseat. NOT the size of the balcony. The larger balconies will be the cabins of any category that are facing Aft, are on the bump out, or others like far forward on deck 8 that have larger balconies due to the logistics of the ship design.
  12. Thanks! If this is considered 'Gift Cards' and not 'Travel', then no need to make sure you get to level 3. I would hate to recommend to somebody that they get the card, and then this Easy Deal disappears before they get thru that first billing!!! It seems that most of these offers are a limited time. Maybe it is XXXX number available? So, when those many sell. If you can buy a lot of them, this could save a good bit of money on a cruise!
  13. I have tried to find out more, but been given the runaround and disconnected etc... by both City and the Easy Deal company. Does anyone here have one of the cards that can access this deal, and can give more details. Like, when does it expire? And it looks like Travel deals are only available to Tier three. So, it would take a billing cycle to get there. Can you buy several of these. These Easy Deals don't require a certain number of points, right.
  14. The ones I have used here are awful, when I choose COKE, they give me a watered down weird tasting concoction. Not true and strong Coke syrup. Last time I brought some bottled cokes onboard!
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