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  1. I put them in my checked bag, key reason is because it’s one less thing to tote along 🙂
  2. I always recommend CC to my friends when they are new to cruising. I know one has gone here to research stuff, but never joined. I don’t think any of the other ones even tried to come here. Not sure why?
  3. I have given up on cruise ship Bingo. The last few times it was overpriced, and in uncomfortable venues
  4. Yay! I hope it’s as nice on my trip next month 🙂
  5. On a happy note... my cruise is next month 🙂
  6. I think it is worth the extra $$, for ships with hooked, playmakers and wonderland 🙂. Love them!
  7. I was really hoping to do this one next year, but bought a new cabin, so have to be thrifty for a while 😞. Hopefully we can do it in a couple of years!
  8. Actually, they will need the card to get off and on the ship at ports
  9. I think you will be fine 🙂. Worst case, you and the wife split up, and each sleep with a kid. Note, I have no kids, so it’s easy for me to say this 🙂
  10. I feel so bad for the grandpa! Also, this makes me think of a real life story... when I was little, we lived in a giant farmhouse, with an open stairway up to the second floor, that just had a railing. My brother would grab me, and hold me by the ankle, over the rail. So glad he didn’t stop me, as I was struggling!
  11. But if you buy UDP online, do they still get a tip at the specialty restaurants, out of that fee?
  12. I really wish we knew this info before our last cruise! We did UDP, and tipped a little, but had I known this, I would have tipped more!
  13. The next time we do a long cruise, we will definitely skip the package due to cost. We will carry on water and wine. I will sacrifice and just have free coffee, instead of the “good stuff”. I will not try the “interesting” drinks that I’ll likely not like. And, hopefully we’ll be diamond by the, so we can do the free happy hour 🙂
  14. Sending positive thoughts and prayers to the family, and the people at RCI who have to work on this case 😞. Such a tough situation!!
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