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  1. We did the beach bed thing, and it was great 🙂
  2. We are loyal to Royal, and I just know- we won’t cruise again til 2022. And we are never eating at a buffet again.
  3. My mom was gifted a cruise from her brother. She is 74. She opted to take it next fall... she has asthma, and doesn’t want to cruise until there is a Covid vaccine
  4. Today, in lovely MN, it was “warm”. We grilled out for lunch, then went to a lake to walk the dogs, then drove around the countryside. So glad we could do that!
  5. Yeah, I thought the brisket was just ok too... the ribs were good though! The portions were so big that DH and I split the “2 meat meal”.
  6. Have sailed both, and they are both great! Honestly though, I don’t think symphony is worth $1800 more, unless you are focused on a special itinerary or something...
  7. Hmmm. The prices might have reached the “top high” point for me 😞. Has anyone booked the Feb 26 explorer sailing, and if so, what is the daily price for the beverage package?
  8. I have a bit of advice. DH and I had raw hands as well, and then I discovered something way back in a cabinet. Apparently, at the 1 Mary Kay party I went to 15 years ago, I had bought 2 tubes of “silky hands”- a peach one for me, and I scented for DH, and they weren’t even open yet. You use just a tiny, tiny squirt once or twice a day after washing your hands. It’s magic! Within a week, our hands were back to normal!!! I highly recommend! I need to find a Mary Kay person, so I can buy more in the future 🙂
  9. Argh! The cruise I was watching for next Feb has finally went down a couple hundred. But, alas, I can not book yet :(. DH has been furloughed for up to 60 days, and we are not 100% his job will still be there. And, we bought a new vacation home, with buyers lined up for our second one, but alas, in this economy, buyers have fallen through 😞. I know, first world problems!!! Stay safe my friends! Can’t wait to see you on the seas again 🙂
  10. We like to try it once per ship.... so, just twice so far. For me, the highlight is the guy who was the mad hatter on Symphony (and our waiter on Harmony).
  11. I completely get that. But, we love a hotel that has lots of stuff within walking distance...
  12. This has nothing to do with anything... but my dog is afraid of this bucket, and won’t walk past it
  13. We have stayed at that Hampton Inn twice. We love the hotel itself... however, next time we might find somewhere either in a more interesting neighborhood, or closer to the port. I know people say there is lots to do nearby, but we prefer stuff within a short walking distance, and see just didn’t find a lot there (other than amazing restaurants :))
  14. I’ve found this thread informative- I hadn’t realized that some states don’t have “cancel for any reason”! Since my state does, I guess I assumed all states did...
  15. This is the best thread I’ve seen this morning 🙂
  16. Sigh- the late January Explorer cruise I’ve had my eye on for months is still holding tight on the same price... 😞
  17. I’m happy to see that the January trip I want is still holding tight at the same price as it’s been at the last 2 months. Wish I could just go ahead and buy it, but I promised the DH no more cruises till we wrap up a current real estate transaction 😞
  18. I work for a very large company in the US. We’ve been told we must work from home until at least April. I feel sorry for all of the outsourced hourly staff who clean, work in the cafeteria, etc 😞. We’re not sure if they are getting paid during this time... I hope they are!!
  19. Why? People might have been willing to pay more, if it had more features. We went on Oasis after the amplification, and prices were slightly higher after it was amped...
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