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  1. You are right - Myrdal is just few houses and nothing you can do there except a nice and maybe ‘cool walk’. I believe the ticket also is valid for the earlier train - ask at the ticket office in Flåm - might be better to spend the time In Flåm rather than Myrdal. Enjoy your trip.
  2. Proper clothing is very important - I did spend several hours in the bow and at upper deck during night. I did use wind and water resistant trousers and fleece pants from ‘66 North Clothing’ - North Face has similar clothing. As foot ware I have waterproof Loewe Hiking boots and two pair of socks. I did wear the boots when flying to Norway http://northernlightscruise.blogspot.com/p/dress-for-cold.html
  3. Yes, by ferry. The Helsinki St Petersburg ‘St Peter Line’ ferry route connects Finland with Russia. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, St Peter Line. The crossing operates up to 3 times each week with sailing durations from around 14 hours
  4. Yes - lots of information - just one example https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2559816-skagen-denmark-question/?tab=comments#comment-55214729
  5. Not screwed at all!. I have passed through FRA many times using Lufthansa - most times connecting time has been 1 to 1.5 hours. Actually Minimum connecting time is 45 minutes, according to Amadeus., but 1.5 hour might be more realistic. I assume that you have all legs of the flight on the same reservation - then your airline will ensure you have enough time based on available connections. Also your luggage will be checked through to your final destination and no customs in FRA. Customs at your final destination. However Schengen immigration/passport check in FRA.
  6. There will be continuous service throughout the day when the cruise ship is in port. The entire trip will take a maximum of three and a half hours - More info You should also consider a visit to Loen Skylift - shuttle bus from the pier. Should be time for both trips during the day.
  7. Do you mean Briksdal glacier? Which port? Assuming Olden, but could be another port! For busses there a more options from Olden - do you just want to have sightseeing tour to do you plan to stay for a longer period of time at The Glacier?
  8. hallasm


    In Bali a certified guide and Certified driver is two different things. Being a certified guide does require training and certification- for the driver the car must be certified for passengers- and regularly being inspected. Dewa is a driver and not considered a guide - however he does ‘act as a guide’ and can access all sights at no costs.
  9. Do not know the answer, but need to be sure which terminal - assuming Oceankaj but please confirm. If you don’t know which terminal then ship and date.
  10. Layers are important - I’ll recommend rainproof windbreaker/rain jacket - you might also consider gloves. Temperature might be everything between 40 to 80 F - and do expect rain - in Bergen it is raining 20 out of 30 days in both June and July. and a worm hat - not only to protect your head for the sun but also keeping your head warm.
  11. Might be a wise choice- however depending on what you’re doing the rest of the day the Aarhus Card might be an option - also taking the HoHo visit after your visit to ‘Den Gamle By’. I can see that our spellcheckers are quite consistent (even mine) - it is ’Den Gamle By’ which is ‘The Old City’ in Danish.
  12. The HoHo bus has only one cruise terminal stop close to the terminal where most ships dock - quay 129/131. Alternatively, vessels can call at the Container terminal or the Omniterminal. It is a little further away. Examples are Regal Princess, Rotterdam and few more.
  13. hallasm


    A little bit more advertising
  14. No queue for custom or immigration. With a 7 am arrival and 11 am train you should be fine. I have no experience with MSC disembarkation - you should ask at the MSC board where MSC cruisers might have experience.
  15. Some links for inspiration https://visitgreenland.com https://www.arcticfriend.com https://guidetogreenland.com/book-trips-holiday https://guidetogreenland.com/book-trips-holiday/what-to-do-in-greenland
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