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  1. Fjords In Norway are very different- and also the light. Nothing like sailing through the Norwegian fjords early morning or late evening. Sailed many fjords - my favorite is Trollfjord at 11pm - unfortunately only small ships cruise ships can enter Trollfjord.
  2. So far only offers in 2020 listed - I assume that the no single supplement offer will continue in 2021 . Here is link to the offers At the Norwegian site
  3. January will be a great time for Northern Lights - and also the train from Oslo to Bergen will be a great experience. Here is a review from my January 2019 voyage. I only did 7 nights from Bergen to Kirkenes and spend few days in Kirkenes before flying to Oslo. First there are multiple options to consider. From January 2021 there will be two operators at the Norwegian Coastal Route from Bergen to Kirkenes and back - Hurtigruten will operate seven ships on the 11 days return voyage while Havila Kystruten will operate four ships - Havila Kystruten is a new company starting the voyages by January 1st, 2021 - however the crew will be transferred from Hurtigruten to the new Havila operated ships. In addition to the seven ships sailing the Coastal Voyage Hurtigruten will transfer four ships to 12 day expedition cruises from Bergen to Honingsvåg and back. Where the coastal voyage has 34 stops ranging from 15 minutes to 3 hours along the coast from Bergen to Kirkenes the expedition cruises will have much fewer and longer stops. All the ships are different and so are the cabins. For the Hurtigruten ships you should avoid the cabins at the promenade deck (usually deck 5) you will have other passengers walking by your cabin window and they will be able to see into your cabin. Also avoid the cabins in the left side (port side) of the ships - this is the side used for loading/unloading goods and cars - can be noise at port stops during night - you will not have that problem at an Hurtigruten expedition cruise - no stops during night. I do not know the Havila ships - there will be two new build ships and two 'rented' ships. You will find some quite good descriptions of each ship at hurtigruten.com - please not the topic'booking at hurtigruten.no' discussing saving when booking at the norwegian site rather than the global site
  4. Norwegian air now has the Chinese state as the new major owner. Lessors including China’s BOC Aviation are now the biggest shareholders in Norwegian Air. Major lessor Aercap now holds a 15.9% stake while China’s BOC Aviation Limited has 12.67% after converting lease obligations into shares. BOC Aviation is ultimately owned by the Chinese government, via a series of other companies including Bank of China. Link to Reuters
  5. @vtgumby thank you for your update as inspiration for others - wonder why those big differences. I have always booked at the .no site. A bit easier for me since I do understand Norwegian language - but all sites are similar.
  6. It is both when entering the fjord - usually early morning and in the evening when leaving. It takes 4 hours - so yes, early rise - sunrise is at 4 am and sunset 11 pm (depending on time of year.) I do prefer morning - very quiet and no interference with dinner. You'll get an idea from this video
  7. Might be good to know which other port of call in Iceland and Greenland.
  8. Yes, The Norwegian Parliament has adopted a resolution to halt emissions from cruise ships and ferries in the Norwegian world heritage fjords as soon as technically possible and no later than 2026. This will mean that only ships with electric propulsion can sail in the heritage fjords. from January 1, 2026.
  9. Jewel of the Seas cruise from Civitavecchia to Dubai November 30, 2019 - additional videos from Suez Canal Passage and Gulf of Aden Crossing
  10. Four videos from Jewel of the Seas visit to Santorini, Greece December 4 2019 Visit to Oia, Santorini Cable Car and Tendering to the old harbour - her last visit to Santorini in 2019 hence the Harbour Farewell Fireworks
  11. Sailing through the scenic fjords in the morning and evening is a must - Geiranger and Flåm are my favorites - alternatives are Olden and Skjolden. A visit to Bergen is also a must. Norway are enforcing new strict environmental regulations on heritage fjord sailings - in few year’s ‘ordinary’ Cruise ships will not be allowed in the fjords.
  12. Yes, the expedition voyages with fewer and longer stopsfrom Bergen to Honningsvåg are new offerings starting January 2021 - also some from Hamburg and Dover (Seasonal) The reason is the Hurtigruten will operate fewer ships on the coastal voyage with the 34 stops from January 2021 - now they are the only operator with eleven ships - from January 2021 two operators - Havila Kystruten is new with four ships and Hurtigruten will operate seven ships. Hurtigruten will use the four ships replaced by Havila for the new itinerary. Small expedition ships - no casino, no shows and limited entertainment. Expedition teams on ship and daily lectures.
  13. Yes, not an ordinary cruise line - smaller ships and more like expedition cruises. In fact working ships with daily departures and 34 port stops with cargo and car service along the route - many short stops and few longer. It's a return service - 12 days Bergen to Kirkenes and back - but you can book from/to any port along the route - my suggestion is the 7 day Bergen to Kirkenes northbound. Very nice scenery, good food and service - but not the same level of entertainment as cruise lines. In addition they do have expedition teams and daily lectures onboard.
  14. Do not understand! If Norway is open for traveling in July there is a Hurtigruten departure each day from Bergen. I’ll suggest the seven days Northbound from Bergen to Kirkenes combined with some days in Oslo and Bergen - train ride from Oslo to Bergen is beautiful - possible stop in Flåm with a Norway In a Nutshell tour. You can easy book Hotel, boat, bus and train segments yourself. just a hint. Check Hurtigruten prices at both the US web in US$ as well as their .no page in NOK - might be big savings when booking at the Norwegian page in NOK rather than US$ .
  15. Also HAL, Azamara, RCCL, Princess among others. Some cruise lines might have problems with reposition. Also there might still be strict traveling restrictions. Make sure to check cancellation policies. If you want to try something different you can also have a look at Hurtigruten.
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