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  1. hallasm


    I have posted the first video - 10 minutes with highlights from the Magical Islands of Bali
  2. Assuming you do mean the price - Why not - lowest price is the order of NOK 55,700 -which is €5,600 - lowest price for this cruise in 2020 is NOK 57,700
  3. One Article in English Language and Another Article
  4. hallasm


    Bali is using plugs type C and F - 220V, 50Hz - same as in Europe - universal adaptor should work I tend to disagree - I did have a number of specific sights I wanted to visit and others I did not want to - also I wanted to experience the traditional 'Kecak Ramayana & Fire Dance' as well as ‘Barong and Kris Dance’ - so some specific wishes. I did provide my list of sights to Dewa in advance and he then planned the trips. There were hundreds in the queue for immigration, however travellers above 60 years can use a special counter - no queue and friendly service at all so we got through right away. Look for the signs! We quickly got our suitcases and went to the exit - here was a massive array of taxi drivers with name tags waiting for the passengers - taxi drivers are not allowed into the departure hall - however Dewa recognized us base on a picture - not a problem finding him.
  5. hallasm


    Yes, a power bank is very useful- unfortunately mine only made the way to Bali - make sure not to exceed 100 Wh or 20,000mAh - I have problems now finding one I can use with my Mac AirBook.
  6. hallasm


    I have published my The Mgical Island of Bali' blog - with pictures and day by day posts - text in posts is still in Danish language. Will be translated into English during the next few weeks - also video will be added.
  7. Do you bring your phones - then possible to use WhatsApp - free airport network Or meet at the luggage belt for the last arriving flight - as explained by I_am_a_Dane only one arrival - terminal 3
  8. hallasm


    Unfortunately I have not yet made the English version of my Bali blog but I have a Danish version day by day - if you write an email to me I can send you a link to my private blog - Google translate can assist - I can also post a longer video - might be able to post it tomorrow. How much time do you have in Bali? Then I can add my suggestions.
  9. Please note that this not Roll Call but a Norwegian Fjords Q&A !
  10. You’re welcome - I do like aft cabins myself - however one of the problems I have experienced is black soot flakes from the chimneys on the balcony due to poor quality bunker fuel - due to the Norwegian requirements based on international emission regulations you will not experience that problem - enjoy you cruise and the aft cabin.
  11. An aft cabin will be fine - however the best views are still from upper decks Do not know which ship but I cannot see any difference from sailing the Fjords by a small or a large ship - the Fjord experience will be exact the same - no advantage of a small ship. Depends on the cruise ship companies - only electrical propulsion will be allowed from 2026 - so only hybrid ships will be able to sail - so far only Hurtigruten and Havila Kystruten will have hybrid ships - for the Norwegian national coastal route hybrid/LNG is a requirement already by 2021 while 2026 for other ships - but more strict regulation for emission already by now - however many cruise ships today will be able to meet those requirements through 2025. Most important is the Itinerary - personally I think Geiranger, Olden and Bergen are great ports. For Stotfjord and Geiranger Fjord you must be at the deck very early. below a sailing Geiranger Fjord video - by a large ship.
  12. Likely - I have had deck 5 cabins - just closed curtain when necessary - do not know how important the view is - if you really want the view you will be at deck or explorer lounge. I found it convenient with the easy promenade deck access at deck 5. Makeover is before your cruise..
  13. Some of the cabins has limited or no view - not all. QJ are at Deck 5 and 6 - life boats are in front of some QJ cabin - also be aware that cabins at deck 5 is at the promenade deck - just walking outside the window and passengers can look into the cabins. Cabins 626, 628 and 630 are fine - 532, 534, 536 and 538 has view but at deck 5. just note that MS Finmarken will get a major makeover early 2020.
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