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  1. You will be In Hellesylt/Geiranger August 15 Arrival in Geiranger 07:00 - Departure from Geiranger 14:00 and arrival in Hellesylt 15:30, Departure from Hellesylt is 17:00. - you either need to be back in Geiranger for the 14:00 departure or in Hellesylt for the 17:00 departure.
  2. Are you sure it is the June 27 sailing that is cancelled? Roald Amundsen is expected to arrive in Hamburg June 27 at 8 am - current position June 26 at 10 pm
  3. Cruise June 27 does start in Hamburg, Germany - I think they better have to sail toward Hamburg for a 27 departure. However looks like she is on her way from florø southbound for Hamburg. Hurtigruten has newer got any prices for good and timely communication - if she cannot make Hamburg in time they will fly all guests to the next port of call.
  4. Norwegian does have a connection via London with layover of 8h:25m - no direct flights LAX - BGO as well as too late arrival into BGO. My answer is for that specific sail day in October 29
  5. Sorry - my mistake - I got the two ports swapped. Information from from the official Hellesylt / Geiranger Cruise Port web site Link to Cruises ship arrivals Technically this is the same port at two different location. So alternatively take the ferry from Geiranger to Hellesylt
  6. August 14 MSC Meraviglia will arrive in Hellesylt at 07:00 and depart for Geiranger at 14:00 - arrival Geiranger 15:30 and depart at 17:00. If your preference is Geiranger you can take a ferry from Hellesylt to Geiranger . The ferry will depart 08:00 from Hellesylt ferjekai (Stranda) and arrive 09:09 at Geiranger HBkai (Stranda) - link to time table and ticket information
  7. Many possibilities Here are some addresses and links to wine shops - you can also get very good wines in ordinary supermarkets. Close to the hotel Damgaard Vine Nørre Voldgade 90, 1358 København, Other Wine stores http://Http://skjold-burne.dk Østergade 1, 1100 København  http://Http://kjaersommerfeldt.dk Gammel Mønt 4, 1117 København, http://Http://hustedvin.dk Naboløs 6, 1206 København  Supermarket http://Http://Netto.dk Store Kongensgade 49, 1264 København Ludv. Bjørns Vinhandel A/S, H. C. Andersens Blvd. 42, 1553 København http://Http://lb-vin.dk Supermarkets Brugsen Inside Copenhagen Central Station Irma Vesterbrogade 1A, 1620 København Netto Vestergade 39, 1456 København
  8. More and more LNG and hybrid ships to come.Carnival has just launched their first LNG powered ship - AIDAnova - pretty sure that we also will see LNG powered HAL ships. RCCL , Costa and others are building LNG ships - however so sail Norwegian Heritage Fjords the ship must have electric propulsion (LNG hybrid ships)
  9. I always ask the hotel to call the taxi - I do prefer Taxi Stockholm. I would expect the cost to be around SEK 300 on a Sunday.
  10. For the future it will require LNG powered cruise ships - after 2026 only electrical propulsion will be allowed in the Heritage Fjords. Hurtigruten and Havila will have hybrid ships ready by 2021 - Carnival, RCCL, Costa and AIDA will have LNG and probably also hybrid ships at that time. I do not know of all plans here som link with more information Link to new concept and LNG powered ships Probably not with current ships.
  11. Departure October 29 is 9:30 pm. You’ll arrive in Bergen after the round trip at 2:30 pm - taxi to/from airport is no more than 30 minutes. I do not think you can find direct flights fro LAX to OSL or CPH - so you will need to have a two stop flight - a bit risky however you can always catch the ship in Ålesund the following Day if problems. Bergen is a very nice city - you can easily spend two days there.
  12. Excellent idea - How was the weather?
  13. At arrival in Amsterdam - No passport control - no luggage pickup (luggage checked through to final destination) - it will take 30 minutes to get through the airport at arrival - another 30 minutes from airport to Amsterdam Central Station - 30 minutes back and you should be at the airport 90 minutes prior to departure - security check and passport control. it will allow you for max 2 hours in Amsterdam. however might be a bit stressful and need datailed planning.
  14. Depends on where i Norway - examples min / Max Bergen 54° / 65° F Tromsø July 50° / 63° F Honningsvåg 48° / 55° F ... and be prepared for rainy weather
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