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  1. One of the Seabourn ships had been anchored off Costa Rica (Pacific side) for several weeks. Recently went through the canal and is now somewhere off Curacao with some HAL ships. I noticed when I was checking the ship's location that there are some NCL ships nearby in Aruba, wonder if Mariner is headed over there?
  2. Thanks M&P. I miss Seabourn so much. I miss the ocean too. We have no future cruises booked. We have no overseas holidays booked. Travel, and the people we've met on our travels, has been one of life's biggest pleasures for the past 30 years and right now it feels as if it has been taken away from us.
  3. Deleted - different promotion in UK! In this case it may apply to early booking and early full payment on booking - a way for SB to get some funds during this time!
  4. There is a self-service laundry, detergent definitely provided but not sure about fabric softener. Heads up though - Covid19 - it's not certain right now whether or not the cruise lines will allow the self-service laundries to be used initially when cruising starts again.
  5. Sorry to read but must say not surprised. I have friends are on that cruise too , or should I say were on it, 14 nights.
  6. None of the Regent ships is smaller than Seabourn's smallest three. Navigator is the only ship in the Regent fleet that is smaller than even Seabourn's largest two ships. Maximum capacity on any Seabourn ship is 604 passengers. You said earlier "I suspect most people don't need Regent to state the obvious..." Is there a suggestion here that Seabourn guests are somehow lacking in intelligence?
  7. SLSD, I understand exactly what you're saying. I'd very much like to meet you and your husband on board one day. (And Mauzac too, we didn't meet last year).
  8. Mauzac I'm in complete agreement with everything you've written here. I believe we were on Sojourn at the same time last December. When we disembarked on 4th January the world cruise was ahead and our favourite crew members who were remaining on board were all so excited about the adventure ahead. I feel quite sad about it all today.
  9. 'less than two months testing on humans'. Yikes.
  10. Edited - somehow I missed the mention of Seabourn's WC in the first post, which makes my own post irrelevant! Can't even use the excuse that I've not had coffee yet since it's past noon here. 😆 I'll blame the heat instead
  11. Posting at the same moment!
  12. To update, announcement is now on Seabourn.com Sojourn operations 'paused through world cruise 2021'. No mention of Odyssey and Quest.
  13. The lengthy layup for Sojourn could be if the WC has been cancelled? Not surprised by any of this but very sorry for crew.
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