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  1. This new policy helps them with liquidity and cash flow. It's for them and not for us.
  2. I am still waiting for them to cancel my May 23 Silver Galapagos vacation, so this new policy doesn't really hurt me, but I can see it hurting others. I don't know why anyone with a May 29 cruise would rush and take the 100% FFC when that cruise may be cancelled in a couple of weeks and they would get a 125% FFC. Maybe I am misreading the situation, but these cruise lines will have a tough time filling ships in 2021. I was going to ask for a move over to 2021 from Silver Galapagos to Silver Origin, but now my thought is to take the cash and do a land vacation somewhere else.
  3. There is a way to hyperlink all of that into your topic sentence. That may be the future of cruising until there is a vaccine for COVID-19, although I could see the end of buffets happening. The primary care physician letter for people over 70 clearly only relates to this pandemic though. I hope all of the major players stay in business and treat their customers and employees better.
  4. May 11 is a fantasy and I agree that this summer is a washout because this pandemic will not simply "go away". At the very least, reset dates should be July, at the earliest. I am considering not being committed to any cruise until they come up with a vaccination. That might be a prudent traveler approach. We are hitting "peak", whatever that means, in several US east coast cities in the next couple of weeks, and that doesn't mean that life is back to normal post peak. It won't be.
  5. I do agree with Sunlover33 that Royal Caribbean brands are neither being honest with customers nor treating them well. This goes double for the cockeyed optimist commencement of sailing dates beginning a month from now. That is not happening and pretending that it might is no way to treat your customers. I am not getting on a cruise ship (or expedition ship, in my case) on May 23, but have to wait for Silversea to admit that our cruise will be cancelled in order to make other arrangements (cancel flights and hotels, whose companies are more realistic). I would have taken a move over offer to same time next year, but I am losing trust in this company. This is not an Azamara issue. It's a Royal Caribbean issue. A couple of weeks ago, I might have accepted a move over offer (not at a greater price) to a year out. If they wait another two weeks, I'll probably just take my refund, no matter when it comes back. Until their is a vaccination, there is too much risk in extending risk even to 2021 at this time.
  6. Do they believe that they even have a remote chance of commencing cruising operations in five weeks? They're insulting their customers. My Siversea (another RCCL brand) is less than seven weeks away and I would think about taking the 125% credit, but I am getting so frustrated with this company, that I'm now considering just waiting on a refund check. They are insulting their customers. We all know it's about protecting their cash flow, but this could backfire on them.
  7. I was wrong to speculate that this was driven by insurance companies. It was a request from Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) to the US government. While only 13% of all cruise passengers are 70 or over, I'd bet that amount is at least doubled on Azamara. I am not so sure how much sense it makes to get on a cruise ship while this pandemic is still out there, no matter how old someone is. Dead bodies are literally in the streets of Ecuador and Silversea (and Celebrity) is planning on commencing operations there in 40 days. How responsible is this industry acting? If I didn't have a cruise booked that I will have to move, I'd take a couple of years off from cruising or at least until there is a vaccine out there. I don't know if the 70+ letter requirement is good or bad, but I am checking out for at least a year. Good luck.
  8. Maybe I should just have my TA ask on Monday., even though they may not cancel for a couple of weeks. I booked my flights on my own (they discounted my price for doing that) and I'd like to cancel my four round trips with JetBlue as well.
  9. I hope to see you on board, but have to wait for Silversea to cancel my 5/23 cruise first. I wonder if they would consider switching me before the cancellation.
  10. Despite what someone else wrote above about my chances of being transferred to the Origin, I believe they will do it and would have done it in other other circumstances too. My TA told me that Silversea is a standup line that values its customers and wants to work with them to make them happy, even at their expense. I will book the May 22 cruise next year (it's May 23 this year) if they are gracious enough to do this. Nobody is trying to get over on a cruise line here and the ship is less important than the actual experience of the Galapagos. It is just easier for most to keep our 100% payments with Silversea rather than book an entire different vacation on another line. We'll do that if we have to, but I am hoping Silversea does the right thing here. Thank you for your post. I know that airlines cannot get in or out of Quito right now, but I'm not sure about Guayaquil. I hope the people of Ecuador make it through this. From your post, it appears pretty bad.
  11. I will report on this thread how Silversea handles this. Right now, they are following the same corporate policy as the other Royal Caribbean brands.
  12. Good luck to you as well. The major issue facing the RCCL right now is liquidity and they don't want to be writing refund checks to customers who are willing to move the cruise a year out. I really can't just take their 125% cruise credit because my second room is for our two kids in their younger 20s who have less use for Silversea than I do. I have nothing against Silversea as a cruise line, but it may be a little too formal us. If they don't take my offer, we'll take our money back. My TA believes that they'll work with me and hate losing customers. We'll see soon
  13. This is not an Azamra issue, but I consider Azamara cruisers the most savvy of all and wanted to run it by some here. Silversea has not yet cancelled my Galapagos cruise on the Silver Galapagos for 5/23. Once they cancel, I can either get my money back or 125% credit to a future cruise. The problem is that they are retiring the Silver Galapagos and bringing on the Silver Origin and its rates are 140% higher than my current cruise. If I were to take the 125%, I would have to come up with $5,000 for the four of us (two cabins) to do the same itinerary next year at the same time. I have instructed my TA to offer them to move me over at no cost, or ask for my $26,000 refund. Do you think Silversea would accept my offer under the circumstances?
  14. We'll be in a recession and Silversea isn't recession proof. You can't "resell" cabins. They don't add an extra passenger just because someone takes a refund unless they expect to fully sell out these expeditions in the next couple of years. Most don't think they will. As far as a deal goes, it's $1,200 per person and it's a circumstance unique to customers who booked a ship which is going out of service. It's not someone off the street who hasn't given them cash. As I wrote earlier, I'm indifferent as to whether they give me what amounts to a 15% discount or return my money. Nobody is bullish on any sector of the economy with the exception of companies like Zoom. We've all lost 1/4 to 1/3 of our 401(k)s and this is going to impact the travel industry greater than 9/11 did. The cruise companies also can't benefit from the bailout because they aren't US corporations. They're hurting. Earlier this month, the company raised its credit capacity by $550 million and said it would cut spending, operating expenses and take other actions to improve liquidity by at least another $1.7 billion in 2020. Liquidity is very important to this company (RCCL). We'll see.
  15. I'll report it back either way. It would save me $4K or an average of $1K per person. It's hard to believe that they would walk away from $26K, but maybe they are more bullish on the cruise industry than others are. I'll find out soon enough.
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