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  1. I am planning to take a small USB powered fan on board for air flow and white noise. Am I best to pack it in my luggage or carry-on? Anyone had trouble doing this in the past?
  2. Fantastic - that's exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you!!
  3. It apparently happens automatically. When I put the UDP in my cart, it says Day One - 8:30pm reservation and doesn't give me an option to change it.
  4. Sailing on the Navigator in just over a week, and looking at the UDP since we'll do Jamie's (prob twice) and Chops. It's only offering me an 8:30pm reservation on Day 1, with no other options - although if I was just gonna book one of the other restaurants on their own, there are lots of available time slots. Will it be tough to change the reservation to an earlier seating once on board because we have the plan? 8:30 is just a little late for us. Before I commit to it, just thought I'd see if anyone has had an issue with this in the past.
  5. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and guidance. Apologies for taking liberties with the B2B term :) All I know is I'm about to spend 13 days between two cruises and I'm ridiculously excited!
  6. DH and I will be taking 2 cruises in December, back to back but on different ships (Navigator and Explorer) out of Miami. Would anyone know the process for getting from one ship to the other? Can we walk between the two ships? I'm not familiar with PoM, so not sure how far apart the ships dock, or if you're permitted to walk around the Port. I assume we'll have to be off the Navigator long before we're able to board the Explorer. Wondering what we do with our luggage in between? Can we drop it off early to the porters? Appreciate any guidance. Really wanted a B2B on the Explorer, b
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