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  1. I was always curious as to why Celebrity ships fly a flag from a line under the bow while in port? I always wondered about it and tried to find out the true meaning online, but I am coming up empty. I did find and somewhat heated exchange online between two people in a forum. One claimed it marked a "fire wire" - used by tugs to locate a line to pull the ship off the dock in case of fire. The other claimed it was dropped as a warning to other vessels to stay clear of the bow. Captains of Celebrity - can you enlighten us so we have dinner table banter to impress our friends when we sail again?
  2. Jaime & Skylar - great videos of your trip on the Summit (one of our favorite Celebrity Ships). It was great to visit the islands again!
  3. Hi Maris, Thank you for another great post. I read a few times in your posts that you have trouble orienting when on a ship (fwd/aft). I sometimes have the same issue - certain that I am going forward only to discover I am heading to the stern. One tip - check out which way the staircase landings face. On the Summit, the last flight faces the forward when going down. Knowing that always helped! Be safe!
  4. Hi, I saw this and know I am too late in responding but the mention of an old favorite caught my eye. I assume you were asking about Galleon Beach on Freeman's bay near English Harbour. It is a nice beach, but it is far from the port and there are no facilities. The Galleon Beach Club unfortunately closed a few years ago. There are still private villas there, but the GBC units are closed. You can still go to the beach there, as any beach on Antigua, but there are no chairs. There are 3-4 thatched umbrellas on the beach that offer some shade. Good snorkeling right along the beach from the first dock to the last dock toward the left of the beach. At the opposite end of the beach is the Inn at English Harbour. That is operational, but I do not believe they offer day passes for chairs. You would have to find out by contacting them. They do offer a nice little restaurant on the beach. Not inexpensive but you can get a nice lunch there. Sad about GBC. My family vacationed there at Christmas for 20 years. It was a beautiful little gem and the people were wonderful. Hopefully it will get sold and reopen at some point in the future.
  5. Just a note to say thank you for posting this. Staying at home during this crisis means we are living vicariously through your posts. We are booked to sail on Celebrity again in early December and are keeping fingers crossed that a major breakthrough happens so life can return to normal. In the meantime - everyone stay safe! Best wished to all.
  6. I agree! Go very early and try to get your chairs in the front row. We arrived around 10:00 and the beach was packed. No sand chairs left. We got the loungers and unbrella and I tipped very well to get a front spot down by the last lifeguard stand. The chairs were heavy so I dragged them for the attendant for the last 40 yards or so. We went on August 21. Not the best water conditions vs. previous years. There was a lot of seaweed and an undentified white substance floating on the water surface. We walked down to the next cover (opposite end from the snack bar) and the water quality was a little better - just seaweed. On our last day (short day) we tried Snorkel Beach (a short walk from the dockyard). This is a man made beach. The sand only goes out about 3 yards and then coral and rocks so bring swimming shoes if you have them. Costs $5 pp to get in. Very crowded but most only go in the water near the shore. They were out of chairs and umbrellas so we just swam out beyond the crowd for a nice hour long swim. OK for $5. Drinks were on the expensive side, but it was OK for our last day.
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