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  1. Would've been in Fort Lauderdale yesterday...but planted trees at home yesterday. Would've been boarding the Adventure today...but enjoying the rare rain dropping in California today. Happy Palm Sunday to all.
  2. We were supposed to start TODAY...on the Adventure. B6B, Fort Lauderdale roundtrips then to Bayonne ending May 15th. These were ALL cancelled by RCCL. We booked another B6B on the Adventure...starting May 15th and ending June 26th. All from Bayonne. We have to fly to EWR. Note: RCCL already gave us the option to cancel on the first two sailings...so hoping you're right and we can still sail in June.......bigger sigh.
  3. JAMESCC...truly hoping you're right about June. We have sailings out of Bayonne...will EWR even be open?...sigh.
  4. Exactly! We said the same thing to our TA and RCCL and all they did was laughed...and agreed. They take it quick but take time to return it...now getting suspicious we may not see the refunds. And did they just move the goalpost? We cancelled our family sailings on the Allure (May 31, June 7, and June 14 sailings) on March 8, 2020 under the "Cruise with Confidence" policy. We were told the refunds and FCC's will take 7-10 days. Then we were told it would be 30 days. Then last Friday, we were told: "Yes, it would be 30 days...but from the dates of your sailings". Really???????
  5. Military vets should be exempt...I can name a number of reasons why...but imagine telling someone who served in the Navy..."You can't cruise"...hmmm.
  6. Ours is the Renaissance R4, South Pacific sailing, 2001. Wonderful ship, great crew and food, and breathtaking scenery...made lots of friends, fond memories...sigh. (We still have the key chains and fanny pack we won from trivia...regrettably, Renaissance Cruises went bankrupt.)
  7. My 2 cents... People will choose what's best for them...and should take responsibility for their actions. Those who love to cruise will continue to cruise...the non cruising public will say cruisers are crazy. There will be a decline in cruising, a decline in number of ships, a decline in ports, a decline in the trend of bigger and bigger ships. People are unemployed, people are sick,...people are dying...the last thing people need to hear is someone going on a cruise. Politics? Place your anger towards CHINA...yes CHINA. China knew about the virus back in November. Thousands upon thousands FLED Wuhan knowing they are going to be quarantined...where did they all go? Let me be clear...it's the communist chinese government responsible for lying and it's propaganda...not the people. That's my 2 cents...
  8. FCC of the Seas. Distance of the Seas. Celibacy of the Seas.
  9. Yes, our family cruise...almost the same scenario...but a month earlier. Allure, out of Barcelona, with this pandemic problem only in it's infancy. Yes, also several milestones/celebrations...graduation, birthday, 50th anniversary...with original flower girl showing up as a surprise. We asked to extend the final payment for a week (just to see if there would be any changes. Spain and Italy ports were on the itinerary.) The answer was "No". Ironically or regrettably, Royal Caribbean announced a week later (I think it was March 6th) their "Cruise with Confidence" policy. Disclosure: Here's the sad part...all bookings were originally all refundable. To save money, all bookings were changed to "NRD" in January...when all of us got our airfares and hotels....sigh.
  10. Hoopster95...exactly what we were thinking...we are booked on the Adventure, will we be even able to fly into EWR?.......or even be allowed to fly out of Ca.?
  11. There's a number of FCC threads. Lots of good questions and answers. Could someone please consolidate ALL threads regarding FCC into 1? Thank you.
  12. Agree...2020 may be done...but we genuinely hope it isn't. RCCL will follow the anticipated rolling start. Perhaps a few Caribbean sailings using only private islands. Those who love to cruise...will continue to cruise. For those 70 and over, it will be difficult. Cruising will be "at your own risk" and will be questioned by many... especially by the non-cruising public. RCCL must sail asap...or it will possibly go bankrupt. They continue to book to replace those that decided to cancel earlier. We booked a number of cruises this year...most have been cancelled. We only rebooked cruises because we have airfares that were extended only until the end of this year.
  13. Suppose this letter was sent to Mr. Bayley...wonder what the response would be? "Dear Mr. Bayley, We are both over 70 years old. We finally made Pinnacle. We have a number of cruises booked this year and next year. Our doctor said we are both healthy. However, our doctor won't sign the RCCL medical form. Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Loyal to Royal".
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