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  1. We loved this itinerary and would do it again in a heartbeat. In our case, we did the Singapore to Sydney repo. It included a few Asians ports and we circumnavigated Australia going west to east, from Perth, to Adelaide, Tasmania, then finally Sydney...Ovation of the Seas. Repositioning cruises are usually done around October/November...so ships can be in Australia for their summer vacation which is typically in December. Sydney and Singapore are two of our favorite places...great cruise terminals, wonderful people, many places to visit, and extremely easy to get around using public transportation. For example: In Sydney, the OPT, Overseas Passenger Terminal, is only a short walk to the Sydney Opera House , Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Rocks, and downtown...not to mention Circular Quay train station and the ferries. In Singapore, the Marina Bay Cruise Terminal is walking distance to the Gardens by the Bay and an MRT station. You may want to visit the Asia or Australia threads for more detailed information. Sigh...brought back some fond memories...wishing cruising would start again soon...sigh.
  2. Welcome to Cruise Critic. We love B2B's or B3B's, (and S2S...side to side...as oppose to back to back...on S2S, you move to a different ship.) As stated by others, our best benefit is the big savings on airfare. 😃
  3. That's excellent! With this pandemic, and at home, we have changed our eating habits...and have limited our "eating hours" from about 3pm to 9pm. Working great so far. We don't even think about breakfast anymore. That said... It will take a bit more discipline when cruising starts again. We are in our 60's and exercise everyday at home and when cruising. Admittedly, we tend to drink and eat way too much when cruising...moderation next time. Note: We have eaten "late dining" for years......we'll do "early dining" like you.😃
  4. Thank you! 😄 You're the best...on the phone now and just confirmed our obc's can be moved to new or existing bookings. (We incorrectly assumed ALL obc's were gone/lost when cruises were cancelled )
  5. Sorry, not meant to hijack this thread...just another question for Ourusualbeach. We cancelled our b3b, Allure cruises under the CWC policy. All refunds received but still waiting for FCC's...these cruises were booked while onboard (NextCruise) and included the $100 obc's...what happens to those obc's? Thank you.
  6. Many wonderful shore excursions but one come to mind...a few years ago on the now infamous Diamond Princess in Yokohama. (😷 Before the pandemic.) It was our first trip to Japan...a bit worried because we didn't speak any Japanese. (We mostly do DIY at each port.) All we wanted was to experience the crowded train to Tokyo. What a memorable day it turned out to be. Sailing into the port, our ship was welcomed by a large group singing "Somewhere over the Rainbow"...and thousands waving American flags. We slowly docked next to one of the most architecturally stunning cruise terminals we've ever seen...the Osanbashi International Passenger Terminal. Inside, they had tables set up with locals helping cruise passengers with information and maps...and yes, they spoke English...extremely friendly and polite. We were told there was a free shuttle to the nearest train station provided by the City of Yokohama. It ran back and forth, cruise terminal to the train station, every 15 minutes or so. The train station was just like we watched on TV...clean, modern, and wow! thousands upon thousands of people. We were able to navigate our way around the train station...there was always someone willing to help. And yes, we made onto that packed train...slowly and calmly pushed in like a can of sardines. It was bizarre...no one said a word, no complaining, everyone very polite. We spent our day in Tokyo going from shrines to palaces to gardens to markets...couldn't get better I thought. Well...it got even better for me. I'm a triathlete and knew that there was an international triathlon in Yokohama. In the shuttle on our way back to the cruise terminal, I whispered: "That was a great day, but I wished there was someone I could ask that knew where the triathlon was being held...I wouldn't mind taking a quick look". Standing next to me was an older Japanese lady who said: "I speak English and I'm a volunteer at the triathlon...I can show you where it is". Wow!...incredible! When we got off the shuttle bus, she told us the triathlon site was only a short walk from the cruise terminal and pointed us towards the correct direction. With renewed energy, we made our way to the "Start/Finish" line........and lo and behold! we find ourselves watching world-class triathletes practicing. (It would be like walking on a golf course and finding Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson practicing.) We met and talked to Gwen Jorgensen, who was one of the best triathletes in the world and eventually won the gold medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics. I couldn't wait to tell our friends onboard the ship what happened.
  7. During the early days of the pandemic, RCCL cancelled and changed a number of the Quantum sailings for March and April of 2021. We, along with other passengers, were booked on the Quantum's 4-night sailing that ended April 25, 2021 in Singapore. The plan was to disembark the Quantum and simply walk over to the Ovation. Then continue on the Ovation b2b, Singapore to Japan, then the TP, Japan to Seattle. Well...that was a nice plan. The Quantum itinerary changes made by RCCL now includes Singapore to Tokyo, a 10- night Japan roundtrip, then another 10-night Japan roundtrip...ending April 25, 2021. Yes, we were booked on the Quantum's TP, Tokyo to Vancouver/Seattle...BUT it was cancelled and just flat out disappeared...a "phantom" cruise. So when will this TP sailing reappear? Will the ship sail sans passengers from Japan to the U.S./Canada? Inquiry minds wants to know.
  8. This exactly...great advice. Many years ago, we got overly excited after receiving a Future Cruise Credit and immediately applied it to a cruise. The cruise wasn't sailing for another year. Other family members who were sailing with us regularly checked for price drops. When there were price drops, we did not get it......our bottom line cruise price was already lower because we applied the FCC. Lesson learned: Apply FCC AFTER final payment.
  9. Let's say you decided a 7-day and another 7-day B2B...stay in a JS or above the first week...you'll get 14 points and be Diamond after the first week. Just make sure to speak to the L.A so you can enjoy your Diamond status the second week. Congratulations! 😄
  10. Pictures of inside the liquor store at the Pan American Pier, San Juan, PR. Freedom OTS...last December before the pandemic.
  11. Genuinely hoping our ship (Anthem) sails to the UK after repatriating crew members. If it doesn't, then it's a good indication our cruise will be cancelled...and all other Anthem sailings out of Southampton. Another bit of bad news posted on the Royal Caribbean thread...that NY/NJ won't be opening their ports to cruise ships until 2021. The Anthem is scheduled to end it's November 1, 2020 transatlantic sailing in Bayonne, NJ...sigh.
  12. Thank you as always 😊...great news. We are also grateful to RCCL for finally getting refuds. Now if RCCL can please kindly do two things: 1. When we get refunds, there is no way to tell which cruise it was for. For those with only one cruise booked, this is not a problem. But it's confusing for those who booked multiple cruises. 2. Every single refund that we've received has been short...from about $60 to $547. This will mean more time on the phone...waiting...then having to explain how much each refund was short.
  13. Sigh...feeling your pain. Same here. Happy to just get something back from our cancelled cruises. But all refunds were shorted...varying from approximately $60 short to $547 short. (We had 11 sailings cancelled. Still no refunds on 4...staying positive.)
  14. You can try to submit all your cruises in one form. We've submitted separate forms for each of our cruises. Please kindly let us know if you're sucessfull. RCL-Shareholder-Onboard-Credit-Offer-Request-Form.pdf
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