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  1. Sigh...we were Elite on Celebrity before sailing with Royal Caribbean...Elite on Celebrity gets free laundry...you'll have to be D+ to get free laundry on Royal. Elite breakfast on Celebrity also has unlimited mimosas and bellinis. We love both...the drinks...and Celebrity/Royal. ☺️
  2. Hi roger b...thanks for all the info. It will be our first time in Palma. Guessing that Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas will be docking at the new terminal?...how can we find out or do you know? If docking in the new terminal, walking to town will be too far. Based on all the readings, it's best to just take the shuttle from the cruise terminal to town...walk around town...then take the shuttle back. Thoughts? Thank you as always. (Note: The first week, there will be just 2 of us...the second week, there will be 11 of us...all family with 2 using canes...limited walking.)
  3. Sorry, not meaning to hijack this thread...just looking help from euro cruiser or anyone that can help. First time stopping in La Spezia (always been Livorno) and thinking perhaps going to Florence may take too much time on travel. We usually DIY. How far is the train station from the La Spezia cruise terminal? Thinking of going to Cinque Terre, Lucca, or Lucca then Pisa for the day. Thank you.
  4. Thanks Donna and dogs4fun! Waiting on link so we can purchase tickets online in advance of our trip this June...Thanks!
  5. Hi again euro cruiser! It's been a long time since our last stop in Civitavecchia. Can we still purchase BIRG tickets? What is the cost now? The last time we were there, a lady by the tobacco stand sold us a pair of BIRG tickets for 12Euros each...we walked to the train station and headed to Rome. Note: Just finished reading your posts on the seasonal express train...thinking perhaps the BIRG ticket may be better since BIRG tickets gives us access to the subway in Rome...any thoughts? Thank you as always.
  6. πŸ˜₯...Still crying...John&Lala, and Bob already answered our question...no "special" dining room for suite passengers on the Adventure....unlike Coastal Kitchen for Oasis/Anthem class ships.....😒
  7. Agree with Balsam12. Hope you are planning a few days in Singapore before or after your cruise. English will be the primary language...and I would guess there will be many passengers from Australia or the U.K...along with Americans. There are so many things to see in Singapore...as "tiny" as it is...heck, even the airport now has the tallest indoor waterfall. "Gardens by the Bay" is a short distance from the cruise terminal. Taxis are cheap and the MRT is easy to use and can just about get you anywhere. I'm sure you've heard that Singapore is perhaps one of the cleanest countries in the world. And we love the Voyager...great crew and wonderful service. Happy Sailing!
  8. If all else fails before your cruise, please make sure to speak to the Maitre D' as soon as you board the ship. Then politely make your request. You won't be the only ones there to see the Maitre D'...often times, there's a long line. They will usually accommodate you. Happy Sailing!
  9. Other random thoughts for B2B: * If you want a particular table, perhaps a romantic table for 2, let the maitre d' know the first week...they will usually accommodate you. * There will be a "special lunch" for B2B passengers the first day of the second week...limited menu but very nice. * I know you said you will be moving to a new cabin, same deck, in a JS. Usually, for those staying in the same cabin, you will have access to your cabin. Note: If you introduce yourself to the cabin steward of your second cabin, perhaps he/she can have that JS ready earlier...and you can have access to it sooner than most passengers. * Something minor: Put away your old seapass card, so you won't get it mixed up with the new one...it happens to the best of us. 😁 The old one won't work...quite embarrassing when you do it when leaving the ship. Congratulations and Happy Sailing!
  10. Feeling your pain......perhaps that's the reason why (and only my opinion and guessing), D+ are discouraged to continue becoming P's...unless of course you are very close. Then you'll start worrying about perks that will be removed from P's.
  11. * Apologies if this posted twice. euro cruiser...thank you for the detailed walking route to Porta Nolana and info on the ferries to Capri. We will follow it. We are grateful...thanks again.
  12. dogs4fun..brilliant!...thanks again. Bookmarked that link and read the article. This is great information for those with disabilities. (Sigh...just thinking and wishing it would've been nice to have this when my dad visited over 30 years ago...he had mobility issues...may he rest in peace.) Thanks.
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