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  1. If I have any kind of problem with any kind of electronic device I call upon my grandkids.
  2. It is not a story.I was a journalist early in my life and I know the difference between truth and fabrication.My neighbor said that his 59 year old friend a resident of NY and healthy went to Fla and 3 days later died from Covid. Obviously he could have had the virus in his system in NY.
  3. It must be a word that you young people use.I am in my ninth decade of life and have not been young for quite some time.
  4. It is not a rumor.My neighbors friend is the guy who died.That is what I initially stated.
  5. I retired in my 50’s.That was a very wise decision for me as if I waited till my 70’s or later I might have more money but less time to enjoy life.
  6. Interesting theory.Do you know that there are many former New York residents residing in Houston and Dallas ?
  7. I am content to stay in paradise .If I was single and younger than perhaps.
  8. That is too deep for me.Mrs,66 and I have been married 54 years.She does not share my desire for 24 hours of daylight.Therefore,it is a desire that shall not come to be.
  9. Alaska is not 24 hours of daylight.It is 6 months of 21 hours and 6 months of 21 hours of darkness.
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