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  1. Aha,I am having memory lapses .If she still has family there I know a guy who is part owner of a great Italian restaurant there.My friend who played at the August 2019 Woodstock concert will be there with his band on May 9.The restaurant is Bacaro’s.
  2. I never met anyone anywhere who went to Bushwick.My late brother in law lived in Bushwick but went to Jefferson.
  3. Where in LI is your wife’s family from ?
  4. Have you ever gotten into a conversation on a cruise and found out that you shared something in common from your childhood ? I met a couple who were retired Penn State Professors.He had a very distinctive southern accent and told me he grew up in Beaumont ,Texas. His wife had a different accent and I jokingly said that she must have grown up in Brooklyn ,NY.She looked amazed and said that she did.After further conversation we determined that we went to the same high school at the same time.We did not know each other then but we had mutual friends. Small world.
  5. I met Snoop Dog at a party many years ago and realized that his rap persona is very different from the real person that he is.
  6. On a cruise last October we took a taxi to a market on a Caribbean island.A guy was carving vegetables to look like other things.He gave us one for free.I offered him a few dollars but he said no.Then he carved something else for us and told my wife to take it.When she did he asked for $5.
  7. On every cruise with exception of 2 we have selected 5 PM dining.At home I eat dinner at 4:15 PM .On a cruise in 2018 we were invited to join 2 couples that we met on a cruise in 2017 for 8 PM dining.On our cruise last month we were with people that we became friendly with in 2018 and we were invited to join them for 8 PM dining.
  8. When we booked excursions we always did it on the ship and the night before.We wanted to make sure we would have reasonably good weather.
  9. On my local TV station last night there was a story about your part of Australia getting severe hail storms. Since it made the news in my small NY town on our very small TV station I assume it is causing problems in your area. I hope you are okay.
  10. We take waterproof eyeglass cases which can also be used for many other things.
  11. I was healthy until I retired.Now I have 13 illnesses.
  12. Fine but was there a store marked grocery that only sold guns ?
  13. Mine began with eyeglasses then medications then compression socks then a CPAP machine then a cane then a walker and it just continues.
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