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  1. You are entitled to your opinion which is because we live in a great country.
  2. If you mean cruising without wearing masks and other restrictions my guess is 2024.
  3. I live in a condo .There are many kids among the residents.However,over the past few years there has not been much interest in trick or treat.
  4. I never posted the above. I have no idea of what happened.
  5. My wife and I saw that film about 25 times,we have a VHS copy and we did our own version of the movie,with nobody around as Munchy Muenster and the Pot Cheese kid. Many of the things attributed to Butch and Sundance were not true according to Etta Place.
  6. Hopefully that would not be me as I cannot swim.
  7. When people occasionally ask me how old I am I respond with a music or sports reference ,something that I know they would be familiar with.If I was responding to you I might say older than Lloyd Free but younger than Bill Russell.😀
  8. I did not have a TV or a phone in my house till I was 9 years old.We lived in a three story apartment building ,no elevators,no AC .
  9. I too was an adult when Love Boat aired.If you read my post re my first cruise in 1973 it was very cheap for that cruise.There were no specialty restaurants,no shore excursions,no shopping areas.The next time we cruised was 1994 and everything changed. I am not asking your age but I assume you were an adult in 1973.I define adult as 18 .
  10. Muster drills,casinos,theaters,dining ,restrooms ,pools ,boarding and leaving the ships,using the library,religious services all will be masks and social distancing except when eating.I am sure I have left some things out.
  11. Yes,cruise lines will likely resume but not in the way the were pre-Covid.That will take a long time ,I believe.However,I could be wrong.
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