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  1. I guess I am in the minority because I have never been on a cruise where politics was a discussion at a dining table.
  2. I fell and broke my wrist last October. My wrist was put in a cast for 7 weeks. Two days after the cast was removed I left for a 12 night cruise,a bad decision on my part.My wife had to carry everything.I could not use my hand ForbanythingFor anything
  3. We are going to see The Prom in two weeks.We are going to see Tina next summer. Friends of ours saw Hillary and Clinton two nights ago and said it was OK.
  4. Many years ago we took a tour of houses of worship in Aruba. Does anyone know if there are still organized tours ?
  5. It was a great play wit h special meaning to me. I was supposed to be at 2 World Trade Center that morning.
  6. The final performance will be Sunday June 23.The play cost $4.2 million to produce and so far they made $4.7.
  7. I previously posted that I am going to see Hillary and Clinton on July 17 but just read on line that the show is closing June 24. If anyone posting here has tickets for the show after June 24 you have to address this .
  8. We only do dinner for two after 2 bad experiences.One a guy so unbelievably racist who probably had his white sheet in his luggage. On another cruise a couple who professed their hatred for a religion which happened to be ours.
  9. Am I wrong or do all other cruise lines require final payment with 90 days to go before the cruise .I just got an e-mail stating my final payment on a NCL cruise must be at the 120 day point.
  10. The wife of one of my friends is an actress..She studied at the HB studio in the village. They put on productions several times a year.DeNiro,is one of the grads. The plays are directed by alumni of the theater and are free to graduates.However,each person is allowed to bring two guests. My wife and I have been to more than 100 plays ,always great. We have been to theaters all over the US (including Texas)and Canada.
  11. We have several theaters on Long Island where I can get first row seats with plenty of leg room . I saw a production of Man of LaMancha that was equal to if not better than the Broadway show.
  12. I am 6' 5 and there are many theaters without sufficient leg room.I try and get an aisle seat for this reason.
  13. It is the same markup if you buy refreshments in a theater or sporting event.
  14. I have been suffering from vertigo since 2011. My PCP told me that having the Eppley Maneuver does not always work and can cause other problems. I have been to ENT's 'and virtually every other king of doctor.Nothing works.I cannot travel by plane or train and have been to more ER's than you can possibly imaging.
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