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  1. I worked in a restaurant way before tips were the norm.That was when you could get a full meal for $1.10.
  2. The most we have ever tipped in a restaurant in NY is 30 percent.We generally tip 20 percent.
  3. 1973 Cunard Ambassador sailed from Manhattan to Bermuda
  4. On my recent cruise at the first MDR lunch aside from the usual questions where do you reside,do you have children,etc. I was asked what year I was born in . When my Cabin Steward introduces herself or himself I always look to see where they are from but I believe in all my years of cruising did I engage in a conversation because the Steward was from St.Vincernt and I never saw that previously on an ID badge. I did once have a conversation with a ships officer because I saw in a handbook that he came from a city very closed to where I live .
  5. My wife waits till she is on the ship because they tend to always have sales or combos. She has never been closed out of a massage by waiting to do it on the ship.
  6. There is a lot more to NY than just Manhattan. Obviously you know that .
  7. I am smiling now ,would you like to send me money ?😀
  8. Yes,Clo you are quite right.I find myself being in agreement with you a lot more lately .I am not saying this to impress you.😀
  9. Having lived my entire life in NY and most of it in NYC I urge people to try and go there at least once.
  10. I guess that if you can afford to do so you might desire to do so but I personally have never encountered a ship employee that I could imagine giving that much to.
  11. I cannot fathom what someone could possibly do to earn a $200 tip.
  12. We love going to Vermont especially the cities beginning with the letter B .However we go to other cities as well. I assume you have been to New York.
  13. Can you please explain this statement re NYC .
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