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  1. Kids are much more into sports than when I was a kid.My 17 year old grand daughter is co-captain of her HS tennis team.She is also on the school basketball team and plays on a travel soccer team.My 13 year old grand daughter is on her school basketball team and on the soccer team and plays in a league soccer team.They are both honor students.
  2. Great news ,Graham,but perhaps you should not be on line till your vision is not hazy.
  3. I only saw the very first movie but it was so different from any other film ever made.
  4. We have relatives that lived in Edgewater.Beatiful Manhattan views from there. Have you purchased your Mets WS tickets yet ?
  5. TSOTD is from SNL (not a cruise line) I was at the very first show of SNL.In Feb.2020 my wife and I were at an engagement party.One of the guests is the SNL Talent Coordinator.I introduced myself to her and told he I was at the first show.She said I was the only audience member she ever met who was there.
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