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  1. That is solely my perception .I could be totally wrong.
  2. Nobody who posts on CC has ever experienced a year like 2020.People believe that the vaccine will be a magic wand and everything will return to normal.That may never occur.I have already heard on TV reports of people taking the vaccine and throwing away their masks.
  3. We may have a society like China and wear masks forever.
  4. Masks may just be a necessity for years after the virus is totally eliminated.
  5. Sorry for your loss. A very close friend of mine passed away 3 months ago.He had terminal cancer.He and his wife cruised more than anyone I ever met,mainly on Princess ,a few on Royal.Last year when my friend knew that he did not have to much longer to live he wanted to do one last cruise.His Oncologist could not talk him out of it nor could his family. Even though we were friends since college we only went on one cruise with him and his wife.Everyone on the ship seemed to know him.He conversed with everyone ,passengers and crew.Your post reminded me so much of my friend and his wife
  6. I never have a problem for the simple reason that I have yet to enter a ship pool.
  7. Not on the ship ,but when we went on a shore excursion in St.Thomas a few years ago the Tour Guide told us that he is only in the island 6 months. He gave us a “lecture” about his other job which was a pro basketball player .
  8. I guess I am in the minority because I love everything about Royal cruises especially the opportunity to have Sorrento’s Pizza anytime .
  9. We were on a Celebrity cruise to New England and Canada.They had a person giving a lecture about Canada. Four people showed up.My thinking is that there would be standing room only for a port shopping lecture. We never go to them.
  10. I still have pain in my arm but only slight but I do have a headache. One of my daughters took the vaccine this morning and she is fine.
  11. I had the injection Wednesday at 1PM .I still have a headache as well as pain in my arm.The pain is tolerable and does not warrant taking anything to alleviate it.
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