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  1. Our first cruise was a porthole,every cabin on the ship had that type of window.No balconies,no insides,no suites. We said never again. Our next cruise was an Inside,we said never again.Cruise number 3 was a balcony .I did not like it.Cruise number four was a Lanai cabin on HAL,we booked several more.Then back to a balcony which in my opinion is only good if you are cruising to a warm climate. My preference is a large picture window cabin.
  2. Does anyone collect ship menu’s ? I do not have an original but I have a copy of the menu from a ship that sailed from Liverpool to NY in 1913.
  3. I only have cards from 2008 to present. I wish I had some from my early days of cruising.
  4. 30 days then when I return I will have 36 days to my next cruise
  5. A women who exercises at the gym I belong to is also on your cruise.If I see her tomorrow I will inquire if she has gotten any info from the cruise line and post it here.
  6. The first time I was in Berkeley was in 1970.I also went to Sausalito and loved both areas but not enough to leave NY.
  7. We have not done a land vacation since 2007.My wife retired in 2008 and we have only been doing cruises since.
  8. I never cruised out of Port Canaveral.I have no idea of anything going on there.
  9. I give 10 for two suitcases.I am not physically able to lift more than 5 pounds .The guys take the suitcases out of my car and when coming back they put the luggage into the car.
  10. What is PC ? In Baltimore they are not. I spoke to a guy last December.He nrought luggage to my car and saw my NY license plate.He said he is a NYC resident who was out of work and came to Baltimore to get a job as a porter.
  11. When I was 55 I was healthy,working and could do so many things that I cannot do now.
  12. Porters are not longshoremen.In Baltimore ,Porters earn ten to twelve dollars an hour.This is documented.They do not work 8 hours a day.They work only on days when ships come in or go out and for only a few hours a day.
  13. Not everyone would want to go on a lifeboat but they do not get the opportunity.
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