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  1. I wonder if college reunions scheduled for this year and postponed to next year will be postponed again .
  2. I hope you are right but I doubt it,I am also predicting that no US sport teams will complete a season this year.
  3. My wife who had zero desire to see Hamilton in a theater watched it on Disney Plus a few days ago and actually liked it.I will be watching it today.
  4. Those of us who are seniors cannot imagine the world as it is now.
  5. Does anyone have the opinion that cruising may never resume ?
  6. The world is unlike any time in history.It is not just the virus ,It is the protesting that may never end.It is a football player believing he is quoting Hitler.I have been on the planet 9 decades and it has never been like this .
  7. I wish I was 65 ,I was relatively healthy then
  8. None will happen because the Sci Fi movie that all of us are in has no ending.
  9. I walked 3 miles every day in every kind of weather to get to school and I have perfect attendance certificates.
  10. I only wear long pants and I am no longer going to that casino or any other.
  11. My wife said we would wait in the car and asked to be called but it was too hot in the car and people looking for parking were annoyed that we were just sitting so we went back in.
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