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  1. I had a nephew who died from a brain tumor at age 42.I cannot understand why there is not a cure for this terrible disease.
  2. Thank you. You look very familiar to me .Did you ever live in Brooklyn ? I lived there till 2003 then moved to Long Island.
  3. Does anyone here save greeting cards from family members ? I probably sound like a hoarder.I have a crate full of cards too.
  4. Graham,I just saw someone post about Pauline’s friend.Sorry for her loss.
  5. You said you can play that at any tennis court ,that is why I thought Cedar Creek.
  6. I have Parkinson’s and was going for therapy but one of my problems is Neuropathy and I lose feeling in my feet and I fall. I have had 36 falls .Even though exercise would be good for me it is not something that I can do that easily.
  7. Everyone here except new people like you know about my medical issues,13 in all including 2 for which there is no cure.
  8. I used to write music parodies at one time,just for fun,never for profit.
  9. It probably doesn’t but the older you get you realize that your time on the planet if you are healthy is less and if you have medical problems it is even less.
  10. I don’t know what it is.By May 5 I should not need a jacket to go out.I am still wearing my winter coat.
  11. We only went to Vegas once,it was 1996.I was playing a slot machine.I put in $20 and told my wife I would play it out and leave.At 2 AM I was up $400.00 and took it home.
  12. That is because I never really spent any time in Fla.I was in Orlando for a port stop on a cruise and it was stormy.I only spent about 20 minutes outside.I was in Ft,Lauderdale to take a cruise and was outside for about 10 minutes.
  13. That is me.I never had the kind of money to book 16 cruises.I was born in the wrong era.
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