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  1. I was doing land tours until 2016 but now my time on a bus is limited.
  2. Not exactly grow up but I did like their sound . Since you are from Rochester ,something interesting that I ask everyone I meet to is from there. I had a friend who grew up in NYC,married a woman from Rochester but the winters were too cold for him. They relocated to Hawaii and opened an ice cream parlor.His wife missed Rochester and they moved back and opened an ice cream parlor there. On a cruise in 2017 I met a Fireman from the Rochester area and he knew the story.
  3. When we were there we asked a cab driver where we could find the best pizza (we try and find pizza wherever we travel to).The guy grew up in The Bronx,NY and he said Zarrella’s. While we were there it began to storm outside so we stuffed ourselves on pizza till we could leave,it is really delicious.
  4. I am disabled. The only form of traveling I can do is being on a cruise. It can be difficult to do that as well but I challenge myself because of the nature of my disability I do not know how much longer I will be able to cruise. We have one in October,one in December and I am hoping to do at least one more after that.
  5. We were in Alaska in May 2008.We brought winter clothing and they had some of the warmest temperatures ever. I would suggest that if you go to Danali a bus excursion of the park.
  6. For many years we had a great TA bus alas he retired and relocated to Fla. We have used many since but not compare to the first one .
  7. Have you ever celebrated a birthday on a cruise ? Six years ago I celebrated a special birthday on a family cruise. One of my son-in-laws decided to arrange a birthday cake for me and to have a group of waiters sing Happy Birthday to me. However,instead of my name on the cake they had my son in laws name and sang happy birthday to me but with his name.
  8. My average is 17 .I play 52 games a day.I will challenge you now Lenny. I just challenged you .I made the word ply
  9. When I was a kid going to the beach we put messages in bottles at least once a week .I wonder if anyone ever found them ?
  10. In 2015 I was on an RCI cruise.On formal night a guy came in the MDR wearing a tee shirt and shorts carrying a lap top. We also saw a guy every evening including formal nights wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.We were close enough to hear conversations and neither guy was told to leave .In fact on the entire cruise I only saw one guy refused admission because he was wearing sandals. On my very first cruise on a Cunard ship every evening was a mandatory dress up for dinner.
  11. There were 4 substitutes in the show yesterday.The lead actors were there though.
  12. I became friendly with a guy on here who said he played Words With Friends.I said I did too.He replied that he was a great player and if I could not give him a good game I would be wasting his time. We played 30 games,I won them all and he is no longer playing me. In 2017 I started playing 7 people that I met on a cruise.I am still playing one.They other 6 are no longer playing because they were beating be badly in nearly every game.
  13. We got friendly with a CC couple in 2012 and have been on 8 cruises with them.
  14. My friends had to talk me in to seeing The Prom. We saw it today,It was great. I am so happy that I went to see it. Next play for us is the one about The Temtations. We bought tickets for Tina ,next year and plan to see Moulin Rouge and Westside Story. We are going to see To Kill A Mockingbird in September.
  15. I am sure that you meet a lot of HD riders anywhere. I have an interesting Hells Angels story . In 2007 I was walking down the street of their NYC headquarters .I was hanging out outside when a guy came out and told me to move along.I told him that a guy I knew rode with the Angels in the 60’s.When I told them who they ushered me inside because the guy I knew was like a god to them.
  16. I love conversation . That is probably why I tend to post so much on here. I have 3 tee shirts that I wear on cruises ,all will generate conversation. On sea day number one I wear my Born In Brooklyn tee shirt. On sea day number two I wear a tee shirt from the part of Brooklyn that I lived in 36 years. On sea day number three I wear a tee shirt from the town I live in now. No matter where the cruise starts from there always are people from these places. On a NCL cruise in 2015 more than 100 people came over to talk to me. In many cases it turned out that the people I met knew at least one person that I knew.
  17. Have you ever gotten friendly with a person on CC and met that person off line ? I began posting in 2008 and became really friendly with a guy who posted on many of the same threads as me.He lived close to Boston and I am close to NYC. We spoke about meeting offline with our wives. When I told this to my wife she said “Are you crazy ? I am not going to drive almost to Boston to have lunch with someone I do not know “.Two months later we took the trip but it was decided to meet at a half way point. We arrived at the restaurant at noon and spent 5 hours in non stop conversation. Today we are very good friends.
  18. Many years ago I worked with a woman who grew up in Barbados. She went back for nearly every summer vacation.I knew that one day I would have to go there and did so in 2011. We have been there about 10 times and look forward to being there again in a few months.
  19. Yes, NASA is definitely a place to go,I agree.I toured downtown Houston and Galveston as well when I was there many years ago before the hurricanes destroyed so much of the area.
  20. When you cruise do you like to keep to yourself or meet and spend time with people ? In the past 8 years we have met and become good friends with people on every cruise we have been on.In most cases we have booked cruises with these people
  21. My wife and I have been cruising 2 to 3 times a year to the Caribbean since 2011.In all that time we have never been to Bonaire or Grenada.In October we are doing a 14 night Caribbean cruise that will include both islands as well as Aruba and Curaçao that we have only been to once each.
  22. I believe that nearly all the cruise lines have at least one lecturer aboard the ship. I have posted numerous times on CC that people flying into Houston to cruise from Galveston should spend some free time if possible visiting Kemal. I was there several times many years ago and loved being there.
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