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  1. The first time we were in SF was in 1970.We stayed at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel and went to Sausalito,Berkeley,Fisherman’s Wharf and other places. We have been back several times.However,the last time we were there was 2002.
  2. He is also a lot older than he was when he was in the public eye a lot. I met him in the late 90’s.One of the guys on his show was friends with the daughter of a business associate of mine and she got me into a press conference .I got to ask him one question.
  3. Completetely off topic but interesting,at least I think so.About 25 years ago,the NY Daily News posed a question to its readers.If Casablanca was to be recast whom would you choose for the Bogart and Bergman roles.My picks were Howard Stern and Meryl Streep. i was awarded second place and the newspaper sent a crew to my office to interview and film me.I also received a VHS gold copy of the film which I still have and never opened it.
  4. When my cousins son was team Manager,Craig Forth was his roommate.
  5. Due to disabilities I am limited to how much traveling I can do.My goal is to do the two this year and two next year.I cannot plan beyond that.
  6. Not to read but to donate them to the ships library in the hope that people can enjoy them without having to buy them.
  7. I can understand that . Everyone has something that gives them pleasure or they should.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving A note to Orangefan:I am a huge Boeheim fan.My friend the late Steve Rubell played Tennis for Syracuse and Vaughn Harper played basketball. My cousins son was team Manager for the Basketball team.I have been a fan of Syracuse basketball since Boeheim and Bing.
  9. Very weird,I thought it was going to be a porn link
  10. Yes,you can. A friend of mine relocated to a Houston suburb.I went to visit him in 2006.He had a 5 bedroom house that he paid $49,000 for in 1980. My wife and I have never had a cabin higher in status than a balcony on a cruise.My preference is an OV.
  11. The only thing I leave on a ship after a cruise is books and sometimes I sign them.
  12. I refuse to go to a Specialty restaurant on a ship.The food should be the same everywhere. It’s like Sirius charging people to listen to music.
  13. I recall having a neighbor who worked for Xerox fixing machines who had a higher salary than his twin brother who graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson.
  14. If I go out for a burger it must be so well done that it looks like a hockey puck.
  15. A lot of people that I knew in NY moved to the San Francisco area in their 20’s.Three are still there.The first time I was in that part of the State was 1970.I fell in love with Sausalito and Haight-Asbury.I spent a lot of time down south in the 60’s working with Dr.King .Those were turbulent times.
  16. I agree that the type of clothing you described should not be in the MDR .
  17. Excellent point.I am leaving for a cruise in 5 days.I am packing khaki’s,chinos,dress jeans,knit shirts and some button down shirts.
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