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  1. Thats encouraging , so I will continue to check around Christmas to see what the prices might be.After all the April TA cruise for 2021 is quite away in time from now Dec 8 ,2019
  2. Wow their prices are high . Do you think that HAL will have a big sale ? We lake HAL 'but ,I had booked a 18 night Celebrity Cruise ,a 2B cat Veranda for both of us under $3000 total with $300 OBC & ppd gratuities ,then followed that one with a B2B ,12 night British Isles cruise ,same cabin ;but ,that one is far more pricier ;but ,also $300 OBC & ppd gratuities . We are also elite + with Celebrity & literally a ton of perks probably worth $2000 for the 2 cruises . We did want to see what HAL offers & perhaps they will drop prices .We will keep a watchful eye on their TA & any B2B .We are CCL share holders so we get that OBC for any cruise we nook .. HAL also does come out with ppd gratuities from time to time sales .We have lots of time & our deposits on Celebrity are refundable . $1800 deposits for the 2 cruises we booked
  3. Thanks for your replies . We had no idea that Reflection had a extra deck of cabins & additional suites . We hope that the service does not suffer because of the extra pax . Getting a lounge chair to us is not critical as we prefer a table to play cards near to the pool area What could be more of a problem is the main showroom ,to get a good seat must be there extra early
  4. Does any one have insight as to when we should see the release of Trans Atlantic cruises in 2021 ? We are looking forward to booking a TA & then a B2B with that TA cruise TIA for your replies
  5. It has been awhile since sailing with Celebrity . We do have B2B cruises now booked for April & May 2021 We have never sailed on this ship ;but ,have been on Silhouette & Equinox & all the Millenium class vessels ,so what are the secrets of sailing on Reflection , TIA for your replies πŸ˜€
  6. Just go on the web & print them out .We are also elite + & that is what I just did
  7. Yes agreed ,some one at X should have thought of that before they said what they said .Excellent point made
  8. Info on launch of the Pinnacle class new Ryndam taken from a Google Search : She will be the third of HAL's Pinnacle class in the fleet and is scheduled to be delivered in May 2021. MS Ryndam shares her name with three previous Holland America ships; the first served in the fleet from 1901 to 1929, the second from 1951 to 1973, and the third from 1993 to 2015. Class and type: Pinnacle-class cruise ship Operator: Holland America Line Name: MS Ryndam Tonnage: 99,500 GT MS Ryndam (2021) - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org β€Ί wiki β€Ί MS_Ryndam_(2021) Notice she will be in service May 2021 & we suspect right out of the Europe ship yard for the new itineraries
  9. On the bright side of things perhaps the launch of the new Ryndam Pinnacle class ship will be in time for the 2021 Europe season πŸ˜€
  10. From the information I got the other day from Seattle talking to a personal planner is that the 2021 TA & Europe cruise will not be released until at least March or April I am with you ,I wish that was not the casr & that I could select 2 HAL cruises a TA & a B2B following the TA .My reason is because of the very long flight back from Europe to LAX So in time we will all see what HAL delivers & when
  11. We just booked a Trans Atlantic for April 19, 2021 & a B2B British Isles on Celebrity Reflections . The 16 night TA cruise is especially good with the various ports & low cost .The British Isles is a 12 night port intensive cruise & much higher priced for the same veranda cabin . What I found interesting is that HAL has yet to come out with their 2021 TA & other cruises . We would love to compare what HAL can offer to the Celebrity cruises that we just booked with Refundable deposits only . If HAL has really good TA on a Pinnacle class ship & a B2B to any where interesting ,we can then switch our cruises to HAL & also get the Carnival share holder on board credits According to a recent phone call into HAL's Seattle offices the 2021 TA cruises & other Europe cruises should be available for booking spring of 2020 We will be watching closely for a possible early booking if on a Pinnacle class & many port stops of interest πŸ˜€
  12. Replacing the shower curtain only if it smells 😩
  13. We especially love the Pinnacle class ships . Yes ,we would also like to see HAL bring back the large production shows . The BBC world video in the main showroom on the Pinnacle class ships is very well done . We feel that Canaletto is really not true Italian food fare .HAL would be well advised to change that menu
  14. Great that the ship is underway once again
  15. HAL ships usually decorate around Thanksgiving .Last year we sailed Eurodam Dec 2nd & it had Christmas decorations up
  16. It really depends on where the cruise is going .Having local knowledge about a port close to home helps a great deal .We just booked & sailed on a Mexican riviera cruise where we booked a balcony guarantee at a total cost for 7 nights at $1200 . Plus we got $325 in on board credits . We know that these kind of cruises rarely fill up . If it were Hawaii or say a Trans Atlantic ,we would book early & then adjust if prices dropped . Again it really depends on many factors & if air is neede that also puts another wrinkle in the booking process Oh yes only book refundable fares to keep control
  17. Interesting & potentially useful info on those sea saltsπŸ˜ƒ
  18. Looking forward to sailing on the new Ryndam . Thnk you for your heads up post
  19. We are thinking of a 12 night cruise via this ship . However ,We are very reluctant because of the lack of entertainment .Tell us we are wrong & we will be forever grateful ?
  20. Never could understand why people bring on heavy weight water bottles ,when the ships water is converted sea water & very good
  21. Yes it is important to GO if signed up for the Meet & Mingle Hard to understand those who sign up yet do not show up . Imo total ignorance
  22. We always book late dining & expect 7:15 to 7 :30 PM ,table for 2
  23. imo paying $100 extra per day per couple, for club orange is not worth it
  24. Sailed on Rotterdam in a c outside cabin category & the ship was in great shape in March 2019
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