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  1. Personally , we would not buy any stock until we see a definite change in the direction of this virus because of possible lack of workers ,lack of high debt on big corporation books from the past low interest rate environments & lack of cash flows & decreasing markets & supply lines When to comes to any cruise line stock , they could be in the penny stock arena (pink sheets ) should this go on for more than 2 or 3 months Forget about dividends as they must be cut or eliminated for corporations to pay debt interest rates
  2. A recession for sure .Let us pray that there is no depression
  3. I have invested into stocks a long time & during this widely swinging stock market we stayed away ,no stock positions .These are very serious times & there are no predictions that are reliable . The value of our currency & even the value of precious metals that got hit very hard today as well is at question
  4. Prices in cruise line stocks can evaporate extremely quick .imo ,i would not touch any stocks with high debt on their books & the cruise lines surely have a huge amount of that debt ;which has to be serviced
  5. We finally got the Princess notice from our Travel Agent . It was not very clear until we received the formal notice . Thus ,we opted for a total refund because of our age in our 80s & underlying medical issues What ever FCC they wish to extend is welcome ;but ,we are not sure we will even be able to use it
  6. Princess took $1159 in penalties when we cancelled our 4/18 & 4/25 cruises,on Feb 28th . Then they came out with they will issue future cruise credits . Now they are cancelling their cruises for the next 30 days . Thus ,we too should get our money back .
  7. We agree with your post . We are both in out 80s & very high risk because we have those underlying medical conditions . No way would we cruise until this virus is totally dead & gone . It may come to containment here in the USA very similar as it is in Italy .That would place a very heavy burden on food ,water & power
  8. If you paid any cancellation fees ,they are now to use as a FCC .The best way imo is ti check with your TA that you canceled the other cruise .This is what we are doing ;but ,I do have a record of the cancellation fees,we paid Princess
  9. We are looking into moving our FCC of $1159 from 2 canceled cruise this year April to next March on the same ship & itineraries .Sent our TA a e-mail to give us prices . Princess has perks of ppd gratuities ,preferred drink pkg & wifi included .Seems like a good time to rebook in advance
  10. Cancellation fee . Besides Orlando 's letter will give a FCC Thus ,non refundable deposits are eligible for the FCC
  11. We agree but ,it was not readily visible . They continue to send their cruise sale e-mails . I looked & there is no visible that they have a cancellation fee .Perhaps reporting them to the cruise industry , the BBB & putting their name all over social media might get them to change their policy
  12. Totally agree . File for bankrupt reorganization is a possibility . It really depends on how long this virus lasts especially here in the USA I would not buy any travel industry company shares of stock ,at this time . Certainly the bottom of their stock prices have yet to be seen & even if they go into the penny stock pink sheets area & then how long will it take to recover & get to list on a major exchange ? In our case we would not live so long
  13. We had booked our Nov 3 .2020 Hawaii 18 night cruise aboard Koningsdam with a major ,well known cruise travel agent ,who does extensive advertising . We have until the end of June to cancel this cruise .We are both in our 80s with underlying medical conditions & therefore in the highest risk levels .We recently had to cancel 2 Princess cruises with $1158 in cancellation fees from Princess ;but ,now they will credit us those fees in a FCC ;which we will gladly use once this threat is gone . We have asked this agency to waive their $100 cancellation fee if we need to cancel & I sent them the recent Orlando Ashford's letter ;which is very fair to their customers , to show compassion during these uncertain times .Prior to this last e-mail they were insisting to still charge the $ 100 travel agency cancellation fee .I know that Holland would credit us in full & I told this agency that our doctor will write a letter if needed . What are your thoughts on this topic ?
  14. This is the real problem owning any stock ;but ,imo it will be a long time for the cruise lines to recover ;because , older people will think many times before buying any passage
  15. It is possible that they may have contingency plans to moth ball the ships . Then they may also have plans to file for bankruptcy protection . What will be a huge challenge are the ships already in construction with those contracts
  16. Maybe . In a time like this of uncharted waters no one can be certain of profits .
  17. Believe what you want .CNN dow futures are showing 1174 points down at the open tomorrow . Those are facts not hopes or wishes . In all truth I would not buy any cruise line stocks or travel stocks .It is like skating up hill & the hill is full of glue My money is in cash & precious metals
  18. Personally I wouldn't even place a $11 oder for CCL or RCL or NCL
  19. You got to wonder where some people get the idea that cruise line stocks or in fact most stocks are a great buy when it is more probable that we are headed into a recession or worse because of the damages this virus is doing to the disruption many vital supply lines for most companies . Now with the 10 year bond paying less than 1% ,imo precious metals are a better buy for profit .Shorting this market is another good move at this time .
  20. Reputable companies will work with people during this national emergency
  21. We are booked on Koningsdam , November 3 ,2020 . I e-mailed the travel agency . They replied that if we cancel the cruise we pay HAL $100 & we pay the TA another $100 . We never heard that cancelling before final payment that there were any cruise line cancelation fees . Tell me this is so .Also where can we find the cancellation information on HAL's web site ? We would wait until June to decide as things could change & that is before the final payment date of July 5th .We want to do this cruise ;however ,because we are 81 & 80 with underlying medical reasons we are very high risk for recovery against the corona virus
  22. We cancelled 2 Royal Princess cruises Feb 28th . They were B3B ,starting April 18th .We were hit with $1158 .57 in penalties for these 2 cruises .now that Princess has come out with this temporary cancellation policy we are hoping to get this $1158 .57 in future cruise credit ;which we would use on a new cruise .Time will tell
  23. For Friday March 6 ,2020 the Dow ,S&P & Nasdq futures indexes are all in the red big time .Cruise lines stocks will get hammered again
  24. Personally I would not touch any stock during this time . i won't get wealthy in the stock market ;but ,i won;t loose either .I do own precious metals for quite some time & they are performing very nicely
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