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  1. We use Penguin parking, its round on the marchwood estate - secure parking compound you do leave your keys with them but they do an option to pay extra and take keys with you. They mini bus you around from there to drop off at ship and pick you up at prearranged time or ring them night before / in morning to let them know. Been very happy with them, approx £110 for 14 night cruise if my memory is correct
  2. That cruise I would love to do. Will have to wait until I'm retired thou - don't get enough days hols to do that now. Until then a 14 night to Iceland will have to do..
  3. Flying - pro's get to have more port time further afield - and P&O are now offering more med fly as well as caribbean. con's - less luggage - i still have to drive to airport get hotel ect - all adds to cost. Have a 5yr old boy.. to be fair we took him to Caribbean TA back last year - he was pretty good for his first flight.. Cost the fly to med option in 2021 instead of what we have booked was 1800 more exp for the 3 of us. Sail from southampton - Pro's - drive down parking reasonable , tends to be cheaper than fly. Luggage more flexible. drive home 3hrs after a good sleep night before far easier. Cons - limited itineraries - med, canaries , norway, iceland , baltic, british isles.. done canaries now - west med twice soon to be 3, norway. to be fair i like the cruise holiday so would like to do ones i haven't done and happy to go back and do them again especially to norway too..
  4. Ex - Royal Navy Artificer, now factory technician/maintenance. Wife is a customer Advisor whose parents cruised and she talked me into it....Hopefully will be able to cruise for another 30 years or so although not every year currently...maybe when I retire. My boy, now 5, has managed 3 cruises so far and loves it
  5. Yes - we normally do it with wine waiter at first meal
  6. Just looking at a pure cost to P&O say comparing azura and ventura one doing fly, one doing ex southampton... If the ship costs e.g. 30£ per day to run per passenger ( same ships ) , the differences would be fuel over cruise (miles sailed) port costs and flight costs. So it would depend purely on cost if the fuel run down from southampton to the posts and back is greater or less than the cost of flying to from port/transfers and miles sailed on fly cruise etc. I'd expect the fly cruise would be slightly more expensive base cost.. but they have their profit margins to play with and demand/occupation of the ships. it all comes down to itinerary ease of travel and destination for most peeps vs cost of final holiday affordable..
  7. not only are the bar prices reasonable if this is your first time n P&O there is no xx% added to each drink either what you see is what you pay. If you enjoy wine at dinner only plan on being able to get service for 1 drink during the evening meal or going to a bar to get another drink unless drinks service has got better under the new system - of which i have no experience..
  8. dont know have always bought it onboard sorry..
  9. generally stay about the same too, eat in mdr for most meals try to eat reasonably healthily but love the evening meal and only have cheese on formal nights... only drink in evenings generally, and use stairs walk as much as possible... however as long as i dont pick up a cold i do try to do 20 min on the runner and 20 min on the bike in the gym at least once per day and twice on a sea day and actually get fitter during a cruise because i have the time to do so..( i actually consider that an important part of the holiday) I also try to limit myself to 1 desert a day with a cup of tea in the buffet if i'm just killing time reading..
  10. I must admit my parents finally got me into smelly cheeses after many years of emmental and mild chedder.... I'm generally too full after the meal to go for cheese but to be fair i wouldn't know what they have as they never label it when i have seen it. I'll even eat the goats and sheep cheese too now...
  11. I've enjoyed Tony Yule ( i think) ex concorde 2nd officer - great series of talks from design thru to the future of supersonic flight. Phil Campion -Ex SAS and now TV pundit. There have also been a few monotone ones that were really boring and a forensics guy who did a talk on the kennedy assassination based on the recent hearings in the states by clinton. He mullered the presentation and wouldn't point the finger at the secret service, which a discovery programme i had seen went thru the same info far more clearly and wasn't shy in doing so.A tragic accident by the guy in the chase car for the final shot... but he would have died from the neck shot anyway apparently.. been lucky not to have any repeats so far
  12. I know getting a machine can be a struggle sometimes and when i do get one - as long as someone has taken reasonable care to put my stuff in a basket etc I have no problem them taking out my finished washing to put theirs in if im not back on the minute. I will also take peeps stuff out and either put in dryer if its standard easy care stuff or put in a basket if its expensive or fragile looking. .. there are only a limited number of hours they can run and only 4 pairs of machines. If i remember correctly ventura and Azura have 2 laundries per deck but Britannia only has 1 per deck. Those that get upset should either "get a life" ( bound to wind em up more) or stay and watch their wash or dont use the machines.. they probably hog the sunbeds too....;-) There should be no need for laundrette rage as long as someone has taken care with your items. We did use the tablets sold in the bits on bobs store on our first cruise but generally put enough capsules into a smaller plastic container to take with us ever since.
  13. Why do Military get some discounts? ask the companies involved - some do it cos owned by americans - some for publicity - some offer it but the offer same thing to other groups just under a different name, including but not limited to emergency service unions - health schemes etc. they will all have their criteria. Most of the discounts offered to Military are given to other groups as well. Personally i served in the Royal Navy, was under their control 24/7 365 - spent long periods away from home and family oh and had effectively signed my life in defense of our governments interest. Its nice to have a discount, does not affect who i cruise with. My father was in the fire brigade and did a great job for others for many years... lots of people do worthwhile jobs, those who get discounts wont say no and generally say thanks....
  14. lebreos


    With NZ looking the pick of the bunch... Hoping Wales will beat SA but after performance against France thats a lot of hope... Mind you if we do, god help us if we face NZ in the final they completely took apart Ireland..
  15. lebreos


    Yeah Fiji vs Wales.... they have tripped us up before - they are also getting better so I hope wales have their heads screwed on for the big hitting Fijians whom may not tire as much as previously...
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