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  1. Ico Pranic was the Snr Maitre d' when we were on board on 8 Oct. Both Raul and Ico usually switch when each is on leave. On the odd occasion, you may find someone else steps in, but it is usually these two.
  2. We have never received a call from a concierge before booking, but we tend to book Q6/Q5 suites. I wonder whether it is those booking Q1/Q2 that are getting a call. Here's a photo of the drinks list offered on board from our recent Northern Lights trip on QE.
  3. We had the same issue in 6092 on QE. We were on for 20 nights - one morning at 5am, I opened our cabin door and asked them to quieten down a little. If you look at the QV deck plan, it appears that the same indentation is showing so it is probably the same crew area where the staff congregate. It looks the same outside 6097 too. There is an opening opposite 6098/6103 but this is for the staff stairwell/lifts. Staff use this to move around the ship but the door is only left open on embarkation/disembarkation as this is where the luggage is brought up to the deck. I do not know if the door bangs when staff go in and out at other times during the voyage but if I had a choice of cabin, I don't think I'd take a chance on booking this just in case. Never noticed any issues on deck 5 or 4 for that matter in PG. Love deck 4 the most as the balconies are deeper than the other decks - overlooked by those above, but worth it for the extra space. Also avoid deck 8 - 8078 had the noise of catering trolleys overhead, passing between the winter garden and lido on vinyl flooring.
  4. When QV had its refit and the aft was squared off/extended, the deck 8 aft suites were renewed and all 5 became Q4s. They were fitted out in the dark wood style like the Q1s on decks 6 and 7. Decks 4 and 5 were left alone and just had soft furnishings updated and are still Q5/Q6s and have deep balconies, although those on deck 5 are now much more covered due to the lengthening/extension of deck 6. QE's deck 8 are still Q5/Q6s.
  5. Agree - as we much prefer the layout of the Q5/Q6 aft on QE/QV. More open layout which may not suit some and of course more movement at the back and further to walk. It can certainly hold more guests, even our PG cabin on QE seated people more comfortably than friends who had a Q4, so we tended to host the pre-dinner drinks.
  6. Hope you're having a wonderful time. I saw a recent weather report on BBC saying the tail end of Dorian may be heading towards Iceland. Hopefully it's strength will have dissipated by the time it gets there so you don't have any issues. On another note, is Katarina still one of the Commodore Club waitresses? She looked after us admirably in the CC previously but she may have moved to QV. Can you let me know who the Snr Maitre D' is on this voyage please? Is it Ico? If so, will he still be on board on 8 Oct when we join? Raul switched from QV, so he may be instead of Ico. A lot of questions I know, but always nice to know beforehand. Thanks, L x
  7. OMG Doug, it would have been hilarious. 😂 For others querying the age range, we're obviously not in our 20s but certainly on the younger age range for Cunard (most commonly 65-90) and have been approached by people thinking we are crew. We are usually in the casino until late and when we go to bed, there's no one around except the odd crew member cleaning. It's a great time to get photos though.
  8. Lovely review, thanks for posting. DWhit - your profile photo. You look like my doppleganger in my facebook profile pic.
  9. Princess Grill suites on the QE/QV are the same as the Grand class ships mini suites on Princess as far as layout is concerned, although the balcony on Princess is deeper. QM2 Princess Grill balcony and cabin are much bigger. That's where the similarity ends. Cunard's Princess Grill offers the Grill lounge,/sunbathing deck and the best of all dining in the Princess Grill dining room which offers a la carte dining on top of the set menu and tableside flambes on request the day before from the Head Waiter. You will have anytime dining betweeen 6 and 9pm and the table will be yours throughout for breakfast, lunch and dinner with the same waiters. Afternoon tea used to be served in the grills lounge but this is now done in the restaurant. You get bottled water, but no other drinks offered as you do in QG. There is a cofee pod machine in PG as there is in the QG cabins. Club class dining on Princess does not compare, they offer an additional 1 or 2 items on the menu each evening, anytime dining in a part of the dining room allocated for Club. The waiters are split into 3 sections so you may not get the same ones every evening. You will get to know them though as if you are on board for longer than a week, you tend to move around the smaller dining area. Hope this helps.
  10. I do not know about the latest time for departure but be aware that this is not allowed at certain ports, Venice and Athens are two off the top of my head, as we enquired about this as we had a late afternoon flight home. We were offered a sightseeing tour instead where our luggage would be left on the coach but decided against it as we didn't want to be hot after the excursion before the flight, so just caught a taxi to the airport and hung around instead as we had been to the port before and seen most of sights anyway. Hopefully someone will come back to you about times soon.
  11. I've booked a couple and managed to get the cabin I wanted, so it's worth booking early with the £1 deposit.
  12. I had a 1030 flight between HAM and LHR with BA and definiitely worried if it would work. I chose to self disembark with my own luggage so got off the ship as soon as they allowed passengers to. I was in a cab (not booked, there were plenty available) at 7.45 and got to the airport around 8.15am and was surprised to find the BA desk was not even open, it opened 2 hours before departure time. If it's a long haul flight, 3 hour check in is required, but as you can see it is doable but definitely get off the ship as soon as possible. If it docks late, then all bets are off.
  13. Brianl Thank you. I booked the parking a long time ago before the terminals were granted to the ships so my booking confirmation still has the "you will park the car yourself" showing on it. I didn't think to do a dummy booking, as you have done, and now see they have changed it to valet parking which works as CPS usually does on longer cruises when they keep the keys. Perfect - query now resolved. Thanks everyone.
  14. I thought this might be the case. I have used ABP before and returned to the same terminal, again on another short trip and retained keys, so this wasn't an issue. It's the different terminals (and the distance between them) that are the problem this time. We plan to self disembark early - I have a feeling there won't be any coaches when we disembark so may well have a long hike!
  15. From what you say, they keep the keys then? This goes against what was said when I booked for the 2nt in that you retain your own keys. I am aware they keep your keys on longer trips and move your car to whichever terminal you return to with a short walk. Perhaps it will be different on this trip due to the terminal changes. Let's wait and see.
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