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  1. I've booked a couple and managed to get the cabin I wanted, so it's worth booking early with the £1 deposit.
  2. I had a 1030 flight between HAM and LHR with BA and definiitely worried if it would work. I chose to self disembark with my own luggage so got off the ship as soon as they allowed passengers to. I was in a cab (not booked, there were plenty available) at 7.45 and got to the airport around 8.15am and was surprised to find the BA desk was not even open, it opened 2 hours before departure time. If it's a long haul flight, 3 hour check in is required, but as you can see it is doable but definitely get off the ship as soon as possible. If it docks late, then all bets are off.
  3. Brianl Thank you. I booked the parking a long time ago before the terminals were granted to the ships so my booking confirmation still has the "you will park the car yourself" showing on it. I didn't think to do a dummy booking, as you have done, and now see they have changed it to valet parking which works as CPS usually does on longer cruises when they keep the keys. Perfect - query now resolved. Thanks everyone.
  4. I thought this might be the case. I have used ABP before and returned to the same terminal, again on another short trip and retained keys, so this wasn't an issue. It's the different terminals (and the distance between them) that are the problem this time. We plan to self disembark early - I have a feeling there won't be any coaches when we disembark so may well have a long hike!
  5. From what you say, they keep the keys then? This goes against what was said when I booked for the 2nt in that you retain your own keys. I am aware they keep your keys on longer trips and move your car to whichever terminal you return to with a short walk. Perhaps it will be different on this trip due to the terminal changes. Let's wait and see.
  6. We have booked CPS on a short 2 nighter on 15 Nov and know that you keep your car keys when booking with CPS on these short trips. However, we are leaving from Ocean terminal, but returning to Mayflower terminal, which is quite a distance apart if walking. I know on longer cruises, CPS keep your car keys and move the car for you, but on this short trip, this will not be the case. Has anyone else had the situation before? If so, how was it handled by P&O/CPS.
  7. Lovely to meet you again and interesting to you read your running commentary. Yes, we were the "guilty" people you met on deck 8 (along with our friend JD-J) and it was lovely to have a catch up. I am pleased you managed to have breakfast, we didn't wake up in time to do this on both days, after hubby boarding the ship straight after coming off a night shift with only 1hr sleep. Having our first inside cabin may have helped as it was very dark. We didn't need breakfast though as our waiter gave us double portions of main course and dessert on the last night, so we were still very full in the morning. We woke at 0745, showered and were off ship at 0815 to catch the train home and then had to work from home in the afternoon due to lack of annual leave days. We did manage to stay up on both nights until 1am and got our usual casino fix. We were on deck 14 (the soft area above the Club cabins) at that time when the ship arrived into Liverpool and it was lovely to get night photos.
  8. I would stay with the Q6 unless it is the one close to Churchills (9001 I think) as the smoke can carry along the corridor a little and you may get some smells. We have had 9013 a couple of times (the last Q6 before they move to Q5s) and 9019 and there was no difference, except 9019 had an adjoining door). They were both over lifeboats with no view downwards whereas those nearer to the front don't have that issue, neither do those aft QG cabins (which in the past were Q6's but changed to Q5s when cabin numbers got reclassified). As long as you are not prone to seasickness, I would stick with the Q6.
  9. We have just returned from Pursuit and about 8-10 turned up for the meet and greet. We had a CC suite on deck 8 - 8064 - and found it quiet the majority of the time. What I thought was an airplane taking off a couple of times above us happened, the most notable times at 5.30am and again at 11.45pm. We were below windows cafe which is not the issue as it is capeted but it is the staff area above, which I assume is the galley for the buffet. Looking at the deck plans I think it overlaps the inner edge of the cabin so would be above the one side of the bed and bathroom area. I heard occasional footsteps but it was the rumbling noise overhead which was the most disturbing, presumably from heavy trolleys.
  10. We had priority boarding and took this photo in the Steinwarder terminal on the upper level walking to board the ship after check in. The queues were horrendous and we were thankful for priority.
  11. Re: Embarkation on 10 June This has been put on Azamara's website about the change of embarkation terminal in Venice. This notice is to confirm a recent change regarding your embarkation of Azamara Pursuit in Venice Monday, June 10, 2019. After a closer review of the guests’ experience, and ease of access, at San Basilio-- without shuttle service-- a decision was made to change the embarkation terminal. Therefore, we have moved the embarkation dock for Azamara Pursuit to Terminal 18 in the Marittima Port. Securing the dock at Marittima will ensure a better experience for you on Monday. While we apologize for the last-minute nature of this notice, rest assured it was necessary to meet our commitment to your safety, convenience, and enjoyment ashore. Once again, this change does not impact your voyage or travel arrangements in any way. It’s simply a new embarkation location. Below is a map highlighting the new embarkation location at Marittima, relative to San Basilio. Should you have any questions please contact us as soon as possible at 1-855-AZAMARA, and press option 3. Thank you for your kind understanding and for choosing Azamara. We look forward to welcoming you aboard in Venice.
  12. We booked a short trip on QM2 on Sat 25 May for a 14 July sailing. You will need to go onto the voyage personaliser and complete all details, ie. passport number, emergency contact, insurance details. After this, I looked again and we had received a cabin allocation - I don't know if completing these details made a difference. This is the earliest we have had an allocation. I was very surprised We don't have etickets or luggage labels yet and the VP states this will be 5 weeks before embarkation. In the past, Cunard have usually done gty allocations anytime between 6 weeks to 2 weeks before sail date, sometimes even up to 2 days before - more often than not, it has been 2 weeks before Keep checking the VP. They do send an email via my travel agent occasionally, but the VP is the best way of finding out.
  13. We did this in reverse, ie. LHR to HAM. Cunard gave us a Eurowings flight from LHR. I presume they would do the same from HAM. I also have done this trip when I arranged my own flights with frequent flyer miles and used BA as they had a direct HAM to LHR flight.
  14. It does look a little further down when looking at more videos.
  15. There has been an accident at San Basilio cruise terminal today with MSC Opera and a river boat. The news is saying 5 are injured (no fatalities thankfully) due to the MSC ship's inability to stop and hitting it. We are joining the Pursuit at San Basilio on 10 June. Do you think the embarkation terminal will be changed?
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