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  1. I had a refund cheque from P&O today, so much quicker than Cunard. Cunard - cruise cancelled/refund requested 16 March (cruise 28 March). Cheque received 1 June. P&O - cruise cancelled/refund requested 23 April (cruise 27 June). Cheque received today. Princess - cruise canceled/refund requested 15 April (cruise 23 May). Nothing. Advised agent who said all refunds would come to them and paid to my credit card, but cheques received instead - not sure how Princess will deal with things, but I understand they're only just working with Pause 1 refunds, and our is Pause 2.
  2. After P&O's cancellation on 23 April (refund applied for immediately from the link). The cheque came in the post today (lunchtime) for 27 June cruise. This is the quickest refund yet. Email just received confirming they'd sent it. This is a much faster refund than my Cunard cruise which was cancelled on 16 March (for a 28 March sailing) and cheque received on 1 June. Still awaiting a Princess refund applied for on 15 April (for 23 May sailing). I have a TA and have advised them I've received both P&O/Cunard directly, despite them saying it would come through them and back to my credit card. Who knows where the Princess one will come from.
  3. JohnnyLikely I received the Cunard email confirming the refund is being sent by cheque on 4 June. However, I actually received the cheque in the post on 1 June (cheque is dated 28 May). It's worth following up on the situation due to our email being received after the cheque.
  4. 16 March Cunard cancelled QV 28 March cruise in QG3 (surname begins with W) Applied for refund via email link in cancellation email the same day. which advised 45 days to process. Advised TA I had done this. They said refund would come to them and they would refund my credit card directly. 1 Jun - full refund cheque received directly from Cunard (cheque raised on 28 May) by post. I advised TA I have received it. I chased TA once but not Cunard directly.
  5. We have been successful in using the lift and shift option, moving our booking from 10 Oct 2020 (9nt) to 9 Oct 2021 (10nt). As we had booked through a TA, I called Azamara to ascertain which voyages we were allowed to move to. 4 options were given, different ships, plus/minus 1 night. There was another cruise I'd seen in Oct but that was 11nts so not an option. We were in a tricky situation as we had booked 2 spa suites with friends, so knew we had limited optioons to move due to there only being 2 of these suites on each ship. I asked if we could move up to the next category and pay the difference or down and pay a lesser sum. This was not an option as they would treat it as a new booking at the current price with the current perks and just transfer our paid deposit over. Effectively I had only 1 cruise available to me, which I managed to secure above, so very pleased as next year's price has increased. I got in touch with my TA by email who moved the booking to next year without any issues. Very pleased with the process.
  6. Thank you Les, very much appreciated. I was only able to pull up 2019 for some reason. Pleased you were around to help.
  7. I have checked on the P&O website and can only locate dress codes (as per below) for 2019 but nothing for 2020. Arcadia from cruise J814 through to J921 Aurora from cruise R818N through to R927 Azura from cruise A827 through to A932A Oceana from cruise E820 through to E929D Oriana from cruise X818 through to X913 Ventura from cruise N826 through to N938 Britannia from cruise B828 through to B934D Does anyone have a link to enable this to be looked up please? I know on the Cunard forum, there is a link to the 2020 themes which is helpful as the personaliser doesn't show any dress code (despite it saying it will). The website says the personaliser SHOULD give the information but it doesn't, hence why asking now.
  8. This is excellent, let's hope it holds for our October cruise when we have a Spa suite, so we will get free wifi. 😀
  9. On the Sapphire in Apr 2019 in a suite (and being Elite), we were given Gin and Vodka only as they had run out of Dewars and brandy. We don't drink gin, so asked for this to be replaced with vodka. As you can see, we had quite a few to keep us going😲
  10. We did a couple of 6nt transatlantics and loved them. We could combine it easily with time off work, having just a night in NY before boarding the ship back to the UK. It was perfect. We haven't done one since the switched them to the 7nt voyages but I can't see them reverting it back for the reasons mentioned above.
  11. That doorway/cupboard may only be specific to deck 6, as we've never had any issues with noise from decks 4, 5 or 8 (noise from above not opposite) (not been on 7). Look for non smooth lines on the deck plan opposite the cabins, this will indicate that it's not just a flat wall. Opposite 6098 I think it's the crew stairwell - you will see it open on embarkation day as that's where the luggage is distributed from. Deck 5 balconies seem a little less deep than deck 6, but only by maybe a couple of inches. Deck 4 are the only ones with any depth. Decks 4 and 5 don't seem to have anything across from the cabins, but note that decks 7 and 8 have open gaps on that wall, so not sure what these are. I agree with the comments above, the QE/QV PG balconies are no wider than a normal balcony - it's just the room that is long and skinny and they do not compare to QM2. They are the same as deluxe balconies on Azura/Ventura and mini suites on some of the older (flat aft) Princess ships. I do love the restaurants on QE/QV as they have wonderful views from their location on deck 11. The sun terrace is lovely too, compared to QM2. Pros and cons for each ship.
  12. I like the deck 4 cabins as the balcony has a little more depth - the downside (if you're concerned) is that people above can see you. It's great for hotter climes as you get a little more sun, but in Alaska that could mean more rain. Don't book 6092 or its opposite number. The stewards have a doorway opposite and all congregate outside from around 5.30am and they do not speak quietly! Also, the BA balcony next door is a lot deeper and on our voyage, they had mini parties there so it got very noisy.
  13. Ico Pranic was the Snr Maitre d' when we were on board on 8 Oct. Both Raul and Ico usually switch when each is on leave. On the odd occasion, you may find someone else steps in, but it is usually these two.
  14. We have never received a call from a concierge before booking, but we tend to book Q6/Q5 suites. I wonder whether it is those booking Q1/Q2 that are getting a call. Here's a photo of the drinks list offered on board from our recent Northern Lights trip on QE.
  15. We had the same issue in 6092 on QE. We were on for 20 nights - one morning at 5am, I opened our cabin door and asked them to quieten down a little. If you look at the QV deck plan, it appears that the same indentation is showing so it is probably the same crew area where the staff congregate. It looks the same outside 6097 too. There is an opening opposite 6098/6103 but this is for the staff stairwell/lifts. Staff use this to move around the ship but the door is only left open on embarkation/disembarkation as this is where the luggage is brought up to the deck. I do not know if the door bangs when staff go in and out at other times during the voyage but if I had a choice of cabin, I don't think I'd take a chance on booking this just in case. Never noticed any issues on deck 5 or 4 for that matter in PG. Love deck 4 the most as the balconies are deeper than the other decks - overlooked by those above, but worth it for the extra space. Also avoid deck 8 - 8078 had the noise of catering trolleys overhead, passing between the winter garden and lido on vinyl flooring.
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