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  1. We haven't cruised in over ten years and I just can't recall.... if you get off the boat at a port where you're not from that country, do you bring your passport with you? My concern is if we were to miss the ship (we plan to be really careful, but I'm paranoid)
  2. We've never sailed with Disney...how does the kids club area work for the 3-12 age group?? Are there multiple rooms the kids can go in and out of? What kind of ratio do they have as far as people watching the kids? It just seems like such a huge age range and makes me uneasy. Do they give parents a pager if the child needs to be picked up? Do they offer lunch if you decide to leave them in there around a meal time? Snacks/drinks? If you have a 12 yearold are they able to check themself out of that club and into the Edge club area? Traveling with a 12 yearold and a 4 yearold... Thanks!
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