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  1. Friday sailaway, its a shame only one ship with no passengers.
  2. Living in south Florida we are seeing more Canadian plates in the last month. My neighbor from Quebec did not come down this year and is selling her condo, I will miss her but I understand and appreciate her reasoning. If Canadians are not supposed to travel can they still have medical coverage?
  3. Vaccines are free to over 65 in Florida. You do have to enter insurance info on the registration forms but no one is denied if no insurance .
  4. Interestingly there were 2 vehicles with NC tags at the site I got my shot at today. Also 1 California , Texas and Quebec. Looks like everyone is coming to Broward County . I'm not sure how I feel about non full time florida residents getting vaccines but they are here and in our restaurants and grocery stores. They are supposed to only vaccinate partial residents not tourists .
  5. Currently any one over 65 is eligible for Covid vaccine in Florida . I got my first jab this morning @cat shepard. I made the appointment online on Sunday morning during the brief time the website was functioning. I had all paperwork completed when I arrived and was 20 minutes early for my appointment . The whole process was very organized and I had my jab 17 minutes after I arrived . Paperwork and id was checked 3 times during the process . I had to wait 30 minutes after the jab. So far no problems . The only negative from my husband was that
  6. Sunrise this morning Hollywood Beach Florida. Woke up early and went to get water I saw 3 cruise ships going to Port. 2 to Miami and 1 to Port Everglades, Wish they were boarding cruisers, hopefully soon. Mary
  7. Great to hear, I have an appointment at Markham Park on Friday. It was good to get a first hand account. Mary
  8. I will certainly let you know how things go. Hopefully by Friday things will be running smoothly. Reports are that today was better than yesterday . I was fortunate to be able to log on to the website Sunday morning early before it crashed again and make appointments for both my husband and myself, Mary
  9. Got my appointment for covid jab for Friday. It's at a drive in site. If you have an allergy you have to wait in a parking area for 30 minutes after injection to be monitored.
  10. Yesterday I enquired about booking a late March MSC cruise and was told that it was not available to book despite showing available on the website. I think it going to be a while before cruising resumes.
  11. Port Everglades webcam today at sunset. Ready for sail in
  12. Celebrity APEX going to Cococay after 2 days in Port Everglades. Hopefully soon will be with passengers.
  13. Thanks for the information, makes sense as a way around regulations. However it's not the best thing to do, especially as many of them are older and may not have much support if they need healthcare in US. Looking forward to next year and the ability to visit my favorite place the Canadian Rockies. Hope you have a great Christmas 🎄☃️ Mary
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