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  1. Future cruise credit is just that. A credit. No cash value to you. If you use it to book a cruise you will owe the Port and Tax. If your FCC has an overage they will keep it as FCC towards your next cruise. If you do not use it. it wioll expire and you are out. So we booked a cruise that ended up $14.00 more then the FCC. Our cost. Tax & Port plus $14.00 Not bad. The cancelled and we took the full refund and the FCC for the basic cost of the cruise. So this 7 day for 2021 is costing us $295.00 cannot beat that.
  2. Received a $50 dividend for March 2020 I have had Carnival stock for a few years now and I always received the dividend. Do not know what will happen now though.
  3. Carnivals steak is the very best you can have. We were never disappointed. Always excellent and so many courses you really will have a hard time eating them all. I think they raised the price considerably. Most cruise lines have,. Not sure buy I think I saw $39.00 that includes the gratuities. I also think. A FREE bottle of whine the first evening. many are fussy on wine selection so they offer 1/2 off your choice also. We enjoyed the inexpensive red wine. Tasted good to us.
  4. The first night is NOT crazy at all. That is why they offer the FREE bottle of wine or 50% off of your choice. Plus the steak is excellent and a ton of food with it. We always go the first night. What a great deal and never crowded at all. The only thing. Many may not be dressed up due to their luggage may not have been delivered by then. So they are very slack on the attire the first night.
  5. Mine has doubled. I should have purchased 200 shares. 100 to sell later and 100 to sit on for the perks.
  6. If I ever get the full refund, waiting for $2,621.00. I already received $1,904.00 of the cost of the basic cruise in FCC which I used for a cruise in 2021. Cruise cost $2,199.00 less the FCC $1,904.00 leaving a balance of $14.00. Plus the Port & Tax $281.00 So the cruise is costing me $295.00 Not bad at all. So we did benefit from the cancellation for sure.
  7. If we need to wear a mask, forget cruising. They can sit idle and go under.
  8. Well that is a great how do you do. So the current Triple deals are a no go. Now we see July 25 for the Celebration and October 3 for the Classica. Bummer.
  9. First they chose that occupation. Second, it is required not to spread any germs in an OPEN incision. This virus has caused fewer deaths and so many other causes of deaths. I will NOT wear a mask. My opinion only. Plus it is useless unless you are using a surgical or N95 mask and using a new one every time you put one one. Once you wear any facial covering it is dirty and has germs in it. Plus it should bdiscardedarded in thappropriatete container. Wonder how many do that outside of a hospital?
  10. My wife just brought up a point. A Halloween cruise on Halloween night. Everyone wearing face masks. Really!
  11. As for the cruise ships. It would be a good suggestion for the food handlers to wear them, gloves also. Other than that. I do not see it. We play the slots and will bring our usual sanitizer wipes before we play.
  12. You say you were held up? What did he look like. I dono but he had on a Cookie Monster mask. Common sense is what is lost here. Must I tell you not to cross the street because you might get hit by a car. I certainly hope not. Same here.
  13. So Carnival will bring out a brand new ship if this starts happening and cal it. The Carnival Cremation
  14. Again, if a person coughs or sneezes the mask MIGHT do some good if you are within the range of inhaling that. Wil the mask help any other way? No! What about it getting all over you and your clothes. As with the common flu. Be cautious and stay clear of anyone that might look sick or has sneezed. We never wore any mask to protect us from the common flu, which is in vast numbers. Heck. Many do not even get the vaccine to help prevent it.
  15. Sacrifice? What? Your health! Staying in your home in isolation is the worst thing you can do for your immune system. CVD has more deaths than this virus will cause by millions more.
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