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  1. I agree. Makes no sense to me either. The Medallion should turn the lights on and off when entering and leaving.
  2. 1-1/4 inches diameter. About 1/8 thick. Has any one other than me noticed there are magnets inside of them. Put one just near the other and they interact. If you have a charge card that can be erased by a magnet. Be very careful you do not put it with the Medallion.
  3. Normally you were to use you ship room key card. So when you leave you would take it with you and the lights would shut off. Now no more. The problem previously. If you walked out and forgot to take you room key. You locked yourself out. I would think the door locks once you enter your room. maybe you need to walk a bit into the room before it will lock. What about late sleepers. Does that info now show on the screen outside of the room?
  4. About Bingo. I see you can play Bingo using the Oceanmedallion and your iPhone. Do they still play regular Bingo live? If yes. How mush is it and is it on paper or the electronic pad?
  5. We live less than 2 hours from the port. So we are lucky, we park off site and take the shuttle. Latest information on sodas on Carnival and Princess. Starting Jan 2020 no more Coke. It will be Pepsi products. They also have the freestyle machines and I really hope they get put on the ships. Rum & Pepsi please ? 🤨
  6. Taken from the information. Excludes beverages offered via vending machines, but includes Coke Freestyle machines where available (coming soon). Carnival & Princess will be switching to Pepsi products January 2020. Pepsi does have freestyle machines. Have no idea if they will put them on the ships. I hope they do.
  7. Well I will certainly see if that happens. I will be on the Sky Princess Jan 11th 2020
  8. Switching, not so fast. This is in the soda package information Excludes beverages offered via vending machines, but includes Coke Freestyle machines where available (coming soon).
  9. Excludes beverages offered via vending machines, but includes Coke Freestyle machines where available (coming soon).
  10. You must consider what is best for YOU. The sip and sail or 3 free are all added to the cruise price. If you drink a lot the sip and sail is great. However if not. If I choose to get nothing I will receive a far lower cruise price. You do pay for anything FREE, however. What you are charged extra is much lower than if you purchased them separate. Again. It is what is best for YOU! Many time the FREE stuff includes OBC. Remember on Princess you get some great OBC if you are a vet.
  11. According to the Drink package information. Right now you get fountain sodas. It also says. They will be installing the Coke freestyle soda machines. So it certainly sounds like Coke is there to stay.
  12. Very confusing. On what ship? I just returned from the Magic and always had Coke Zero
  13. I always use my credit card. I get FREE Travel insurance when using it to pay for the cruise and I get 3-1/2% back on what I put on the card. Depending on the ship. My last cruise, a few weeks ago, they charged my card every 2 or 3 days. A few days after I returned home. It showed the total not the individual charges to the card. So for us. We certainly use the charge card only. Never ever had a problem with this bank. One thing. With my bank I can notify them of the cruise, the ship, the destination and the dates and a contact number and request not to put a hold on any charges during those dates. I had a different bank several years ago and my card was put on hold because of the overseas charges. That really messed us up on the cruise.
  14. Drink service. Needed to get my own drink while in the buffet. Only one person was walking the buffet to take drinks. You would see him about every 15 min or so. No problem at the bars or in the casino. The last $5,000.00 major bingo, there was no one at all taking drink orders, before or during bingo. Heard the dining room service was super slow. We do not do the ding rooms any longer. Service at the steak house was excellent as was the steak. remember. First or second evening at the steak house. A FREE bottle of white or red wine. Your own choice 50% off. As usual it was worth every penny.
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