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  1. First. Do they really charge you for a slice of Pizza? Is there a complementary soft serve available? I have taken over 70 cruises and never paid for a regular slice of pizza. All the ships I have been on over the last 5 years have a soft serve ice cream machine and it is free. Some even have yogurt and sherbert dispensers that are also complementary. There other ship the Grand Celebration have both as complimentary.
  2. twodaywonder

    Princess vs Celebrity

    Any offerings on your reviews between the two companies and there ships. Both are to be a step up from there respective other. Carnival vs RCCL. My wife and I place them in this order. Lowest to the best. Carnival, RCCL, Princess, Celebrity.
  3. twodaywonder

    Sky Princess obstructed view cabins ?

    I was just told it could be obstructed because no glass below the railing. Possible metal so you cannot see .
  4. twodaywonder

    My CLASSICA review!

    You can hang at the free beach that they don't tell you about. Take a cab to town. Then just walk to the police station. You will see the nice beach. MY son took his son there and they loved it. YOu can spend some money and go to the hotels beach. It is also very nice.
  5. twodaywonder

    My CLASSICA review!

    If you are only looking for a walk and some nice thinks to see. Do not take a cab anywhere. A short walk to the Frog pub, Harley Davidson articles, different food, great drinks and a lot of locals selling there items. Professional braiding also available plus most of the time island music playing many familiar songs. When you get off of the ship, just walk down the street to the first parking lot. Walk to your left and enter it. Go to the end and you can then enter the next parking lot just behind the wooden house structure. Just walk to the end of this one and exit at the location where the other ships dock. That is where everything is. A few years back they used to dock there but no longer. They dock on the opposite side, so you need to walk. It would be a great idea for those that sell there to chip in and run a shuttle golf cart back and forth. However, we enjoy a nice walk.
  6. Mid cabin on deck 8 are all indicated as obstructed view cabins. I do not know why. The lifeboats are outside of deck 7 Looking at a side view picture of the Sky. I see no obstructed view deck 8 cabins. What am I missing?
  7. twodaywonder

    Ice bucket in room?

    Yes there is an ice bucket in the room. It will only get filled if you ask. You can also get a cardboard beer ice bucket at a bar and they will fill it with ice. Depending on the ship. Most have a small fridge in them.
  8. twodaywonder

    Just back 5/22 Sailing

    The walk from the Grand celebration is now about a 5-10 min walk depending how fast you wald. But yes you can go to the Senior Frog and that area easily. You can cut through two parking fenced areas which are open at each end. Not that bad a walk at all. The used to dock at the other pier right there. Not now. Carnival and all the others do dock at the Senior frog location.
  9. twodaywonder

    complainers please help me

    Just returned from the Grand celebration. Far better than I expected. No hidden charges at all that I know of. As for the fuel charge. That one I did not hear about.
  10. twodaywonder

    Possible Third Ship for BPCL?

    Just returned from the Grand Celebration. Cruised on that ship when they first started. it was so bad we never went back till this week. I must say. It as 110% better. Everyone now were from foreign countries and so super nice all the time. On our first cruise they were local people as crew members and were nasty and not nice at all. No help when you needed it. Food was terrible, shows were a joke.This time was a wonderful experience. The show on the second day was wonderful andreal enjoyable. So yes, I would like to see a 5 day out of Palm Beach but I do not think that is possible. We are one hour exactly from our door to the entry to the ship. Otherwise just about 2 hours to Canaveral or lauderdale. Which is not that bad. I am now going to give a review on this inexpensive get away short cruise.
  11. Forgot to mention it was for an 11 day cruise on the Breakaway. Oceanview cabin 5742 quote was $3,850.00 Plus $195.80 x 2 Plus $16.80 x 2 for a total of a whopping $4,275.40 such a deal $388.67 a night.
  12. We have cruised over 67 cruises. Usually 4 - 6 a year. Once we did 10 in a year. Wanted to give NCL a second try, after not cruising with them for several years. 11 Night on the Breakaway Jan11, 2020 $3,850.00 Ocean View Picked tw FREE offers. Drink package and dining in 4 specialty restaurants. That amount is limited in the restaurants. Go over and you pay. Then the BIG SURPRISE just before booking it. A little high priced, but better cruises usually are, we figured with the two FREE perks we will give it a try. After getting the quote and just about ready to book on the Breakaway we were then told. Our final payment will have gratuities on the two FREE offerings. I almost died when we were told the drink packages were over $195.80 EACH. The 4 FREE $16.80 foreach one, that is very low. But the catch is you are limited on the total bill. They are no longer FREE. How can you possibly tack on a prepaid gratuity on the drink packages. You have no idea how much the customer will drink. If you want to charge a gratuity for the drinks, do it when the drink is ordered. The gratuity alone would pay for 50 drinks without there FREE offerings. My wife might have one every other day, I might have 2 every day. At 18% gratuity I would need to purchase over $2,200.00 in drinks for that amount of gratuity. Roughly $2,000 in drink purchases @ 20% Needless to say, I do not like being taken advantage of, an I will now bad mount NCL as long as I live. I really hope they will change your way of doing dirty business and do a real catch free offering for your potential cruisers. There is noway you can send an email to them either. To talk on the phone never has any results. To send an email to corporate might. Like Celebrity and others, we figured there FREE offerings were like other cruise lines. They indicate on the web site FREE choices in BIG BOLD LETTERS. I should sue for the outrageous and misleading advertising they are doing. We do not sue. Never to do a second cruise with NCL or anyone I cam able to inform what they are doing. So if you like NCL jut do not pick a FREE drink package offer unless you drink, drink, drink till you drop. Then maybe. :mad:
  13. twodaywonder

    OBC cannot be used towards gratuities!

    DO NOT prepay your gratuities. If you do you can no longer change them if you are not happy with the service. You are stuck. Yes, they can be used to pay and purchase anything on your cruise ship. If you want to use it for the slots. Sometimes there is a 5% charge to give you the cash to play the slots. On RCCL the parent company. If you want to use your OBC for slots. They will put it on your ships room key. The catch is. You must use all of it. You get nothing back if you do not. Not sure but, if you have a positive OBC balance after the cruise. They do not give you the cash. Carnival does. Other words, if you do not use it you lose it. I never have a problem with that. Even with my usual $375.00 OBC we always spend a bit more.
  14. twodaywonder

    Casino name ?

    I see two names for there casino. Wynmore and Par-A-Dice. Did they change from the first to the second name after adding more games?
  15. twodaywonder

    Mini Review of Guy's Burger Joint

    I did a review and see it nowhere. There burgers are now trash junk. If you want a super thin burger you can see through and burnt than these are for you. When Guys' were first started on the Carnival ships they were a burger you could die for. With over 3600 calories for each, some maybe did. However, over the last few years they have been getting real terrible. I sent an email to Guy and never received any reply. He probably could care less as long as he keeps getting paid by Carnival. I figured it just might be that ship. Wrong. the last five Carnival cruises that had Guys' on it. The were all the same. I asked to have one for myself that was thick. I got a normal sized burger burnt on the outside and raw on the inside. That tells me they have that grill so hot as to cook thin ones fast. The meat is nowhere near as good as when they started. I emailed Carnival and the reply was. Talk to the person in charge on the ship. All ships are doing it. I think that is a order handed down from the top. I just got off the Celebrity Summit. That burger was not only cooked perfect, it was delicious. Excellent taste and the meat was first rate. Nothing special. Just a darn good berger. The frys were super hot and very tasty. Carnival. Go back to the regular burgers. Get rid of the junk.