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  1. I went in yesterday to pick up a prescription, and the "gatekeeper" nurse asked if I had any symptoms as I walked in. No, I said, but (think "I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express" type response) I had my first Moderna shot last weekend. She told me she had her first Pfizer with a little soreness at the injection site (me, too), but the second shot knocked her on her butt for 4 days. I said I had read/seen that a strong reaction equals strong antibodies. She said yes, and she was fine now. I'm not looking forward to my second shot in 3 weeks, but a girl's gotta do what
  2. The point I didn't explain very well pages and pages ago on this thread is: Even when you are double vaccinated and have all your immunities, YOU CAN STILL CARRY AND TRANSMIT THE VIRUS, but you won't get sick from it. So, we can all exchange the virus if we are not masked, and then carry it home to infect non-vaccinated people or children. That's why even with a vaccinated person, masks should be used in close or crowded rooms until full herd immunity is reached.
  3. I'm fine with all of that, plus I think they should require proof of vaccination, too.
  4. After my Spring Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 cruises were cancelled, I decided to book when I thought Mr. Pcur and I would be vaccinated. May not work out, but for now we are OK. I just made sure they are all booked within the double point window of time. I know a lot of posters here aren't thrilled with this promotion, but I am.
  5. Me, too. I had my first shot today at the drive through clinic, and while I was sitting in my car waiting for the required 20 minutes after the shot, they gave me a code to scan to make my 2nd appointment.
  6. Well, this might be how I find out if what I had last Jan-Mar 2020 was COVID19: I get sick after my vaccine shot.
  7. I thought that, too, but the supply chain is loosening up and you may be surprised. I signed up at two places: my healthcare provider, Kaiser, and my county health department. The County came through first.
  8. I got a big surprise in my email today. I had signed up with both my county health department, and Kaiser. The health department said they received a supply and said I could have an appointment in two days, Sunday. When I signed up it was literally, "don't call or email us; we'll contact you". So, I figured Kaiser would get to me first. What a surprise. I would have made one for my husband, too, but he has a doctor's phone consult on Monday for something else, and wants to make sure it's OK to get the vaccine now. I hope they have appointments still available.
  9. Right now, with any cruise booked before the end of this month, it doesn't have to be a L&S. I called my big box ta and told them we were consolidating cruises (to keep our flying to a minimum). I wanted to cancel 5 cruises and book 6 b2b on the same ship. I had spent some time the day before researching, finding the cruises I wanted, then finding the cabin that was available on all 6 cruises. The first RCCL agent said none of the current cruises' deposits, with one fully paid, could be moved unless I put a new money deposit on all of them! I told the agent to please call a
  10. We had our Majesty cruises cancelled on 12/16/20 and received the FCC's on 1/8/21. Time to call and create a squeaky wheel...............................
  11. I agree! The absolute best TA we ever took was the last Caribbean cruise, the TA, and the first Mediterranean cruise on the same ship. Super trip. We did it again in 2019 on the Jewel.
  12. I checked this thread already, but I didn't know that it had the compilation spreadsheet available. Thanks for the link!
  13. We are thinking of booking a b2b on the Liberty, and I'm wondering if there's much noise from Studio B on Deck 3 into the last cabin in the hallway, cabin 3600. I can't seem to get to any of the cabin reviews here on CruiseCritic: the links seem to be dead. So, any info would be appreciated.
  14. That's funny......whether you intended it to be or not................
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