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  1. We are staying right now in the Hyatt Place on Convention Center Blvd. Rates for first weekend in June is $140 a night with hotels.com. We really like it here: big room, nice decor, super staff, large lounge area for delievered food, breakfast (haven't tried it; went to Two Chicks around the corner), and 24-hour cafe in the lobby.
  2. We are in NOLA right now at the Hyatt Place on Convention Center Blvd. From baggage clam at the airport, follow the signs to off-airport suttles and go to the kiosk to the right. The shuttle was $15 each, and cheaper than Uber. The Hyatt PLACE (there are 3 Hyatts in this area, so watch the names when you book), is very reasonably priced, terrific staff, huge room, upscale decor in the room. I think it used to be a Courtyard, because it's built like a Courtyard, and on the 3rd floor is a HUGE lounge with seating, tv, tables and chair to eat, microwave, etc. We ordered a pizza deivered and took it up there. Very nice place to sit and have a meal. You are very, very close to the port. The parking garage down the street (Hyatt is 881 Convention Center Blvd, the parking garage is 900, so it's a half block) has shuttles available on embarkation day for $5 per person. Look for the signs and little podium out front. We are thinking of Uber or looking for a shuttle service when we get off the ship, and we are doing a b2b2b, so I'll check it out on turnaround day and post back. Breakfast place is 1/4 block away between the garage and the Hyatt, called Two Chicks. On Diamond St., sharing the same building as the parking garage. Reasonably priced and GOOD food.
  3. Another vote for Two Chicks. We are in NOLA now and ate there this morning. The Under the Sea omelette was heavenly. Not many places where I live can you get REAL crab in your omelette. Very good fresh fruit and toast to go with it. About $11. It says 900 Convention Center Blvd, but the entrance is on Diamond St around the corner.
  4. We travel with a 10-inch fan all the time. It "lives" in our mattress pad suitcase, which is where we also keep Mr. Pcur's inflatable wedge pillow for his back. It's sort of our "comfort" suitcase. Well worth bringing, too, as it eliminates discomfort in hard beds, and the fan keeps wherever we stay, land or sea, cool at night. Since the fan is dual battery/electrical cord, I pack the cord in my carry-on, and the batteries are with my husband. Folds mostly flat, too.
  5. We did this on every single cruise, because Mr. Pcur's back couldn't handle all the standing for long periods. Now, I go to the designated lounge for those who cannot stand during the drill to get us seats, and he goes to the muster station when they announce it's time. He checks in with them and then comes back to sit with me. It's too iffy for both of us to take the risk of standing for 30 - 45 minutes. After 46 years of standing during these drills, we decided enough is enough because of his back. I think it's Princess where everyone sits inside near their actual station.
  6. There is/was a problem with both the gift certificate and FCC system(s) over the past holidays. I called the D+ desk yesterday to discuss both my problems. My son purchased a gift certificate for me online on 12/28, and by 1/6 I had not received the email with the certificate codes. The wonderful rep on the phone researched it, contacted the department with all the info on the purchase, and I finally got it today about 30 minutes ago. It should have been issued within 48 hours. I cancelled 2 cruises on 11/23 and am now in week 7 waiting for the FCC's to be emailed. This one has to be done manually, because it was not done correctly to begin with after cancellation. I don't know if this was: a) super, super busy time b) untrained or new or both, staff c) crappy computer system d) all of the above
  7. Depending on how the finances work out, I'd see about cancelling and getting a Future Cruise Credit for later on, then use the time for additional land vacationing. Also, see if there's another cruise line sailing in the time period. We did a b2b2b in 2018 on 3 different cruise lines out of Tampa. It was fun!!
  8. I'm puzzled, too. I was on the Jewel and the Adventure in 2019 for a total of 76 days. In all that time I think I had about 3 -4 dinners I didn't enjoy.
  9. Their itineraries. They sail from the West Coast, have a great Sea of Cortez itinerary, and sail roundtrip from Los Angeles to Hawaii and Tahiti twice a year.
  10. If this happened to us, we'd do the same thing we do with the photographers: we just shake our head "no", smile, and keep talking
  11. I can empathize with your Mom: I had a rough 5 years before my Dad passed in 2015 from Parkinson's and late stage Alzheimer's. I had a sense of humor about his auditory and visual hallucinations, but it's still hard to see them decline. It's a wonderful gift from your Uncle: kudos to him. Weather will be very hot and humid, beautiful, and even if there's an early hurricane, the ship sails away from it. RCCL are experts at doing this. Fun travels to her and your Uncle.
  12. OP here. We got back on 11/30, and the clothes I took for "gala nights" were perfect. The second leg of the cruise (it was a 17 day Hawaii plus 7 night Mexico) was like an RCCL cruise. Families and about 400 kids. Seems the San Diego / So CA schools have the whole week of Thanksgiving off. Pretty casual on gala nights on that cruise.
  13. I would tell "Those People" I had it, not the ship's crew. They would just think I wanted to binge-watch movies! 😁
  14. We always tip extra to our room steward(s), since we have to make adjustments to the bed for my husband, and it takes longer to make up the bed each day. We chat with them when we see them, and I usually ask it they are getting off the ship at any of the ports. If they are, I'll leave the extra tip in cash in the room the night before with a note. That way they have some extra cash the next day when they get off and do their shopping.
  15. My son's FIL took the entire family of 8 people on a Greek Island vacation, all expenses paid by him. His son and DIL complained and pouted about the weird food the whole time. They wanted McDonald's.
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