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  1. Thanks, it might be worth while after all if I can get the OZ price. It's a b2b, and both cruises are the same price as what I paid.
  2. Yes, it's always nice to have choices.
  3. OK, I thoroughly confused. I have an obstructed ocean view, category OW. What can I upgrade to (let's assume all higher categories are available)?
  4. Well, I just checked this agency's pricing for one of my cruises, and the price with Princess Plus is identical to what I am paying for the same cabin category. The big plus for me with the Big Box, cheap hot dogs and a drink agency, is they are also giving me a $710 shopping card when I get back from the cruise, plus adding $190 to my annual rebate from them. To me, that's $900 back in my pocket after the cruise. To me, much better than obc and a coupon book.
  5. I'm confused about what will go away after 11/3/20: Cruises? COVID19? Stupidity? I would love it if the world was free of #2 and 3.
  6. Feel free to call me brainless, since I'm all over future cruises. Six cruises booked between March 2021 and March 2022: 3 each on Princess and RCCL. I expect the March 2021 and April 2021 Princess cruises have a good chance of getting cancelled, and I've spent a lot of time reviewing replacement cruises. The Princess cruises are offering anywhere from 125% to 200% FCC if they cancel, and we will have anywhere from $3k-$12k in bonus FCCs to spend on future cruises. This doesn't include the $1,020 in port taxes that will be refunded to our credit card. RCCL are original non-refundable deposits, except if they are cancelled by RCCL all the money goes to an FCC: no change or cancellation fees. We have every intention of going on all these cruises, so paying more in advance of final payment date to Princess isn't a problem: I'd rather secure additional cruising than count my measly interest income.
  7. I'm going to try this with my husband. The back of my hair is looking like somewhere between a large bubble and a mullet. If I start him at the right length, and do what you do, hopefully he won't panic. After the "oops" incident last month, he's pretty skittish.
  8. A hair stylist once told me that cowlicks are frequently mistaken for bald spots. I thought I had one on the top back of my head, and she said I actually had a "very stubborn cowlick". She had to leave that area longer so the hair would lay flatter.
  9. Our first RCCL cruise is in November 2021, and then two more in March 2022. I'm not concerned about those. We have a b2b on Princess for late March 2021 and late April 2021. I anticipate March will be cancelled, maybe April. We have back-up choices already picked for 2022 in case Princess cancels them, but would prefer to be all vaccinated and masked-up to go by March 2021. Fingers crossed. 🤞 We are not crazy about waiting for November 2021 for our next cruise, though, so we may book one if things open up next summer, if Spring 2021 doesn't work out.
  10. Are you recommending looking at segments of the WC as b2b options?
  11. That also happened to me with Airbnb, but it was just the bank reversing their TEMPORARY credit because the vendor had done the permanent refund from their end.
  12. I swear that man gets his check/plaid shirts at Costco.
  13. I can smell it from here, through the smoke, in my mind.........😀
  14. To me, that's why I have my entire Kindle library on my phone: reading time!!! Just hang out by the front door, or find a chair, until it's time to go. There is literally no where in the entire world I can be bored: I always have my 350 book library with me.
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