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  1. I must have misunderstood your post, then. I thought you were referring to the PPlus including the mini bar and laundry. What works so well for my husband and I with PPlus is the drink package includes soft drinks and my club soda/sparkling water during the day. Laundry is not a problem for us, since our cabin is 6 doors down from the self-service laundry. We have a hefty store card coming from our Big Box travel agency, so that offsets any additional laundry or other onboard purchases. We use the card to buy gas for the cars.
  2. You have just described the Brilliance and the Vision, both of which are expected to be sold. Cruise ships are beginning to look like casinos to me: beautiful inside, lots of things to do, few clocks, and lots of encouragement to spend money. That's why no matter what ship we are on, no matter what cruise line, we head to the upper lounge that has views of the ocean, and that's our go-to spot if we aren't eating, in our cabin, or out on deck.
  3. I can see your point of view since you live in a county with very low cases. Your exposure is very minimal compared to counties with much higher populations. Your entire STATE has 1/3 the population of the COUNTY I live in here in CA. So, my exposure is much higher than yours, and therefore we wear masks. Wearing a mask, sheltering in place, etc. is not one-size-fits-all, but neither is it insanity. It's just safety measures to avoid getting sick. My son, his wife and our 2 grand-toddlers ages 2 and 4 live within 15 miles of one of the worst hotspots in the US in Wayne County, MI. They are still sheltering at home, and are keeping their little ones out of day care, working by telehealth or occupying empty offices, and wearing masks. They are at high risk from people coming in and out of their local area from Wayne County. So, what works for you doesn't work for everyone, and makes a lot of sense for those of us who live in highly populated areas. I'm sincerely glad to hear from someone who has weathered through this so easily, and I hope it stays that way for you. 🙂
  4. I'm not sure what Princess Plus you are referring to, but my Princess Medallion reservation for next year says: Complimentary Wi-Fi (one device per guest) Princess Plus: All guests in stateroom receive offer. Offer is nontransferable/no cash value/expires at end of cruise/not combinable with select offers. Wi-Fi redeemed onboard; details delivered to stateroom. Minute-based connectivity guests receive 5,000-min voucher in lieu of unlimited Wi-Fi. Refer to princess.com for more info on MedallionNet-enabled ships (automatic Wi-Fi). Usage subject to Princess' standard policies. Premier Beverage Package (ages 21+) not applicable during land portion of cruisetours. Includes beer, spirits, wine by the glass and cocktails under USD 13. Daily limit of 15 drinks. Certain exclusions apply. Guests under 21 receive Premier Coffee & Soda Package. Package type assigned prior to sailing based on age. Gratuities based on pre-payment by Princess. Does not include gratuities for bar charges, dining room wine accounts or Lotus Spa. World Cruise, Grand Voyages and cruises at capacity excluded. Other exclusions may apply. • Premier Beverage or Premier Coffee & Soda Package• Complimentary shipboard gratuities Gratuities for the beverage package are also included.
  5. "On 5/30/2020 at 8:36 AM, PrincessLuver said: Aloha.....I appreciate the understanding and it is amazing how the haters on CC are going to hate plus evidently they do not understand the concept that people may own more then one home......I find the Ignore Button very useful and it makes reading CC much more informative and useful for the people who post factual and relevant opinions.....great advice for people who feel harassed, bullied or put off by others on CC!!!! " ******************************************************************************************************************************* It's been pretty mean and crazy over on the RCCL boards lately, too. I got to the point where I was contemplating putting 4 people in one day on my ignore list. I decided to just remind them of the policies about treating people with politeness. Some posters just cannot stand to be wrong, and will split hairs endlessly to try and prove they are correct. PrincessLuver: where you live, don't live, and for how long doesn't matter in the context of this thread's conversation. The rest of us "get it" and understand you. Stay safe, and I hope you get to see your family in the near future.
  6. I cancelled on 5/20/20 and got my refund credited on 5/29/20, with the Memorial Day holiday in between.
  7. Lift and Shift is really RCCL going back to their (very) old policies again. Previously, and for decades, you could cancel at no cost with a full refund. You could move a deposit to another sailing at no cost. They were the most flexible cruise line in the industry at one time. If you booked more than 6 months in advance you got a 25% discount off the brochure rate. Yes, this was before everything was computerized. I can't remember when they started the cancellation schedule, but it might have always been in place in some form or other.
  8. Interesting. I'm not into that much analysis. I look for an itinerary and start price comparing for similar cruises. It's just that I noticed during my recent search, trying to move cruises to later dates because of COVID19, that Celebrity kept coming up more expensive.
  9. I was attempting to compare as close as I could get between Princess and Celebrity. Using the term "same cruise" was misleading. I was thinking more in terms of cost per day, included perks, and not itinerary. It was primarily a cost comparison. All said, I still think the Princess roundtrip cruise is a great alternative to Celebrity. It doesn't have the hassle of airfare to one airport, and home from another. It's also longer, if you like sea days. I'm hoping RCCL puts a ship back on the West Coast and does Mexico/Hawaii itineraries. We did this on HAL last year and loved it. It was a 24 night roundtrip from San Diego, going to Mexico, and then to Hawaii. Great cruise!
  10. I agree. We love the Rhapsody. I wonder if they do (per the link to the sales ad), which ship will replace her out of Tampa?
  11. I believe they are. Being West Coast residents, there is always the added bonus of SF or LA departure ports, but that's more aesthetic for us. It's not always like this, but like I said above, I've recently priced equivalents for the cruises we had to cancel, and I found Celebrity more expensive for every date I looked at. But, this Hawaii cruise was an eye-popper. Don't misunderstand: we love Celebrity, but spending $8,900 versus $4,500 is literally the cost of another cruise for us. The other thing that was a sweetener for me, is Princess found the cruise I had cancelled two days before that hadn't been refunded, and just moved the deposit money over to the Hawaii cruise. I liked that, too.
  12. No, it's a one way from HNL, so yes, there is air to consider. I left that out of my comparison, since we have enough Sapphire points to fly to/from for about $22 in fees.
  13. Yes, it does for my cruise. The "double" price for Celebrity is a pro-rated daily cost, because their cruise is 11 days, while Princess' is 15 days. So, that's a dealmaker right there. Both have the same perks, same cabin type was priced, etc. If I took out the drink package since we get a free happy hour on Celebrity, they are still more expensive. Plus, with Princess we get the free soda and drinks all day rather than just in the evening. So, I added the drink package in with Celebrity to have an apple-to-apple comparison, and it was double the price of Princess.
  14. Assuming Princess is sailing then, it's a roundtrip to Hawaii from San Franciso. Hawaii has a bulletin out that "based on current assumptions" it won't allow cruise ships until the last half of 2021. So, this one may not sail. However, Princess offers an FCC for double the deposit for cruises they cancel. So, I'm holding the cabin and waiting to see. Ruby Princess - 15 nights - San Francisco roundtrip Hawaii They are also offering their Princess Plus package with this sailing: drink package for two, gratuities for two, and free wifi. (Our Big Box travel agency is also giving us a $310 store cash card). If you ever book obstructed ocean view cabins like us, and you aren't familiar with this web site that shows pictures of all the OV cabins on Princess ships, this might come in handy: https://sites.google.com/site/cabinviewbyrenmar/golden-grand-star-princess/cabins-401--425
  15. I wonder if it was Angelo. He was incredible. He had one of those side seating areas in the 'Jammer, and would literally welcome you to his section as you walked in. It was like "his" restaurant. We fell in love with him.
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