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  1. I have always heard that, never tried for a reduction as my cruises always go up in price it seems
  2. Me too. I have never understood that. I don't notice having to pay for any more on NCL then I do on any other line.
  3. If they ask you to wear close toed shoes, I'm sure they want you to wear close toed shoes.
  4. I believe I read John Heald say the crew enjoys the candy. I say if you want to do it, do it. I might take a couple of my favorites to add to my tip, sounds fun. I was an aide at a preschool and I got lots of little gifts. No not all were fabulous but all were appreciated.
  5. Should look into these for my granddaughter. She took home my star wars luggage the other day. I think she would like unicorns better.
  6. LOl well I knew what I was saying in my head I guess I just didn't translate it well to the message. I would have taken that suggestion as I have grandchildren I am looking for luggage for too but those are much easier.
  7. She is 30, guess I should have said that. Thank you, I will check out the Rockland brand.
  8. I did and can't seem to find any. And I thought maybe there was some classy and fun ladies on here that love their luggage and might like to share. Thank you for the helpful reply
  9. Hope you all can help me. I am looking for some cute / fun luggage for my daughter for our cruise. She is pretty classy but likes fun luggage. I am struggling to find some. I have found the ones with cruise ships on them but don't think that is her style. maybe just cute designs. Yes I know that doesn't give much to go on. What are some companies that do more then just the solid colors?
  10. We do carry on only. Just our choice but I love Ebags brand. They have a great website too. Enjoy your trip.
  11. I miss ours too. That was a fun age to go. It is all new and exciting. I am going on a cruise with my kids in January. Now my youngest is 21. I am giving them a cruise ship gift card as a gift I will make a fun suitcase gift card holder for it.. They are paying their own way so I can't surprise them. You will have an amazing time!
  12. I made pictures of my kids and put the russian fur hats on them and on the back wrote "where in the world is ......" That's pretty creative for me. They all got it. I like the puzzle idea. Too bad my kids are all grown now.
  13. As soon as I get in my car to go I feel a million pounds lighter. and like the OP said. No bill after supper.
  14. So you booked late, didn't get what you wanted but you got what you paid for. Go have fun. Platinum has nothing to do with anything.
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