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  1. I haven't tried Celebrity but I want to. I haven't checkout out videos of the Edge either but I guess I'm going to have to. I have only went on Carnival twice. The first time we loved it and in January on the Magic we just didn't enjoy it. I think it is just not our style. Yes the Magic had tons of rust but I'm not sure if I noticed it because people had mentioned it here on CC or if I would have noticed it otherwise. I would really like to go on Celebrity and congrats it sounds like you got a great deal!
  2. I was thinking the other day. I used to be up really late and watch the ships come into Port Everglades. I always thought that Carnival Freedom was the most beautiful ship when it came in and want to sail on her. I never have, but some day I will. Does anyone else have a ship that they want to sail on but just never have? Why do you want to sail on her?
  3. We had a fishing tour in Alaska. We had the early time slot. I think it got done with at 10 am. As we got on the boat the guide told us the fish would not bite until 10. Truth. We sat down inside. My husband fell asleep, I ate licorice. and we talked to the other couple out the boat. Only got one bite and threw that back. And, one of the guides was pretty rude. Also in Alaska the Homestead tour. We thought we would see their homesteading set up. What we did was sit in her livingroom where her mother and her told us about their family. Very boring. Also in Denali Park we took an 8 hour bus ride into the park. It was pretty boring as we saw some birds and reindeer. But I got a great picture of everyone in the bus behind me sleeping. There were 8 seats of couples all sleeping.
  4. We spent a lot at the candy store. Fun to see candies you don't see around here. Probably won't go on Carnival again but I hope they keep it.
  5. I don't have a lot of clothes. Infact I usually have only enough clothes for just the trip. But I just count tops and bottoms and usually rewear bottoms. Throw in a nice outfit and off we go. I hang my clothes in a separate place that I think I am taking so all I have to do is throw in the suitcase. My swimsuit stays in the suitcase permanently as that is the only place I swim. My magnets, clock, etc all just stay in the suitcase also.
  6. I know it wouldn’t be carnival so probably princess or I want to try celebrity.
  7. I sneeze a lot. I sneezed in church the other day and there was a massive intake of breath by those around me. It just made me smile.
  8. Only been on two NCL cruises and they were my favorite. Loved eating at O'Sheeans (something like that) Great atmosphere fun crowd.
  9. Cruising really needs to start up again. I am going back and finding old reviews and re-reading them. I have no problem living vicariously through all of you. But, I want some new ones! I want to spend countless hours searching the internet for things to do on my next cruise. And, I would really like Jamman54 to go on another cruise too.
  10. I seen them on a tv show once. I looked it up on the internet because I didn't believe that they were actually true. Yes, it is!
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