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  1. When my kids and I travel we get one 21" and a backpack. No matter how long the trip or Alaska or Caribbean. It works for us although I know many wouldn't do it, and many do and that is fine. It is your trip travel as you like.
  2. I really liked St. Thomas. Now Cozumel, never want to go there again! I guess I'm probably not very mainstream either.
  3. Anyone on here done a quilting or scrapbooking cruise? Did you enjoy and was it worth the $$$? Thanks Vicki
  4. Congrats! I hope you get to do everything you want to do.
  5. Love this review. Love your relationship with your son. I have 5 kids and the youngest was 13 when we started cruising. Now he is 21. We still cruise together and I count my blessings every time we do. So enjoy reading reviews of people who go with family.
  6. Love to see families on a cruise. I bet the boys had a blast!
  7. It's their cruise not yours, why do you care? They are vacationing the way they like.
  8. If I don't remember your name it is probably because I don't care enough to remember it. Can't we just sit and chat and have a good time?
  9. I was wondering the same thing for my grandchildren ages 3 - 10 I have been on Royal, Carnival, NCL, and Princess. Well, Princess is out right off the bat. Royal was great for my teens but didn't see much for the younger set. At that time they had the shrek stuff so but is that gone? NCL, just kids club right? and Carnival had the Cat in the Hat. I am struggling too to find out a line.
  10. For my Jan 2020 cruise they opened it up last week. It only lasted 4 hours.
  11. For our Jan 2020 cruise it was just posted last week or the week before. It only lasted 4 hours so you have to be quick on the draw.
  12. Conquest - Enjoy the eastern much more then the western
  13. Where do you get fire retardant streamers? I haven't found anything that says that, that will work.
  14. FTTF lasted 4 hours for my Jan 4th 2020 cruise. It was just offered last week.
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