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  1. Harv and Marv whale watching. In Juneau I believe, could be wrong. It was amazing we were so close to the whales I could have almost touched them.
  2. I'll second or third Shadowmeboy. Jamman54 (I thingk) has good ones.
  3. You can put my in laws in that catagory. My MIL complains about the "young people" But twice a week goes to a town where there are quite a few cases, doesn't wear a mask. Goes to the chiropractor, grocery store and estate auctions and then tools around our town, again, without a mask. Yep, it's the young people.
  4. Lol, I just told my husband that I really, really want to be on a cruise.
  5. I was two floors above theater on my last cruise. Could sing word for word with them. That was around 11 pm I believe
  6. I would love a cruise to no where. 1. I love to be on the water. 2 I don't have to cook, clean, do laundry 3. Entertainment if I want to do something. 4. It isn't here.
  7. That is my thought too. We have cruised once a year since 2011. With the flight, hotels etc it does get more expensive. I too feel I have to live my life while I can. My mom always talked about going to Alaska. After I started cruising I offered to take them. But by this time my dad had alzheimer's and she didn't want to go. My in-laws often criticize my "traveling all the time" My FIL told me I needed to quit vacationing and save my money for retirement. Wastes more money in a month then I spend on my yearly vacay. Then complained to me that he has never gotten to use the giant RV he bought in 2003 because he just didn't have time. Well his is dieing now and has still never used that RV. But I've seen some awesome things.
  8. I'd go, I just like cruising. I don't think there is a ship or company I "would never" go on again. I have a line I never recommend to people and if I have a choice I won't go on them but if it's the only game in town, sure.
  9. I would never recommend Carnival to anyone. Other then that maybe Princess.
  10. Oh what I wouldn't do to fly to a cruise right now. I used to not enjoy flying but now, boy, I would love to be on a plane. In my mind if I lived by a port. Or even within say 8 hours (driving distance for me well maybe up to 15 hours) to a port I would cruise a lot more then once a year. How often do you all cruise? Flying makes it so much more expensive.
  11. Op I’ve been down too. I just went in January so I shouldn’t. But I didn’t have one planned so I have nothing to look forward to. I udd sad ually spend my time on the boards reading reviews but I can’t do that wither. Cheers
  12. On my 8 cruises I've only been in a pool once but if I wanted to go I would. No I wouldn't wear a mask.
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