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  1. Interesting. Because of the wording of the letter I thought the same thing. Could Pinns no longer be allowed in D lounge? Just speculation, of course, but would be a way of controlling overcrowding in D lounge. My only concern would be the location of the lounges. The location of the CL/SL on Anthem would be difficult for one of my family members. Time will tell. I get the feeling Royal is trying to figure out an effective way to control numbers. On another note - Happy football day. Who will be going to the Super Bowl??
  2. I am going to second this. Was at Coco Cay last week and was very impressed. Food stations great and the whole area didn’t feel overly commercialized or crowded. My opinion — Royal did a good job with Coco.
  3. Try getting full cream for coffee for diabetics wanting to cut down on hidden sugars. Almost impossible. Wish it wasn’t so. Katherine
  4. 16 Pins on the 1/4 cruise. 33 on the 1/11 cruise. In the 30’s is the highest I have seen on Grandeur.
  5. Just an FYI — 2020 changes. Got off Grandeur yesterday. CL is now officially Pinnacle and Suites only. Sign placed on doorway to lounge. Lounge was very “lonely”. Very few people, if any, both day and night. Katherine
  6. Why am I getting an email to upgrade my cabin for a sailing that is supposedly sold out?
  7. Thanks, all. I will decide by Tuesday. Happy New Year.
  8. I made Pinnacle in September on a Grandeur. No extra benefits nor an invite to Pinnacle meal with an Officer. No big deal. In November 2 couples made Pinnacle and they we not at the finer meal. Anthem in October allowed me to bring my son to CK but that may have changed from reading other posts. Katherine
  9. Thought there was something about sending names of passengers to Homeland Security — a cut off point. A few years back, on Quantum in Bayonne, I tried to book the following voyage and was told it was too close to the sailing date. But I can’t remember how close I was!
  10. Does anyone know how many days before a ship sails may one book? Example — for a Saturday sailing I would have to book no later than . . . ? Thanks. Katherine
  11. Thank you for taking the time from your vacation to do this review. Love it! Katherine
  12. I just got the same letter regarding the lounges for Grandeur 1/4. Stated concern is that it is a popular cruise with many top tier passengers. I think this is the wave of the future. This doesn’t affect me since I made Pinnacle in September but I feel the pain of D+ passengers. On Grandeur I often have spent part of the day in the CL because the DL can be very noisy during the day with many activities in the South Pacific. As a D+ I would have hated losing that perk. But the numbers do matter. With more and more D+ and Pinnacle passengers I think Royal is looking for ways to make the trips the most comfortable for all. Happy Holidays to all! Katherine
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