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  1. Wow! Fastest I’ve seen during these crazy times.
  2. The free laundry bag is great as well as the extra Internet time. The 340 luncheon is also very nice. As a sometimes solo the 340 150% solo supplement is appreciated and can save a few $s. We are Pinnacle now but many of the perks are still the same. I appreciate all that we are given. Katherine
  3. Inmates — starting to feel a bit like that. I really do like my house but enough is enough! Keep the humor coming — we all need it. Katherine
  4. I don’t know. Just know that online it says one cannot get a Real ID at this time. Katherine
  5. Passport card update. I see there has been discussion as to get or not to get a passport card — which I did apply for (see first post). I just saw that my state — PA — is allowing mail in driver’s license renewal. Usually we have to get a photo card by mail or online for license renewal every 4 years. At this point, because of Covid, we can renew online and the DMV will use our old photos. Since I am up for renewal this is a win for me. Also, PA is not issuing real ID at this time. So my decision to get the passport card has worked out well for me. Hope all continues to go well for everyone and stay safe. Katherine
  6. Cape Liberty adds at least one hour travel each way for us. Traffic can be awful, tolls are very expensive. And parking is more expensive too. Pleasant drive to Baltimore for us and less expensive. The port is a snap to drive in and out of — unlike Cape Liberty. Of course we will sail from Cape Liberty if it is our only choice not to fly. My understanding - the Philly port has been closed to cruise ships for many years. My final trip from Philly was on the Celebrity Horizon. Katherine
  7. But at least I know the Passport office has my information. 😀😀
  8. I read that “Nicholas” posted online that there will be a season 4 as well.
  9. Check to Department of State hit my account today. Four days! I will be optimistic and think this is good news. Katherine
  10. Do you have captions turned on? No captions on big screen tv in our house but captions turned on when I watch the show on my laptop. I thought the dubbing was quite good. I didn’t even notice it until I read the show was fron Spain online.
  11. For those needing a cruise fix I suggest High Seas if you have access to Netflix. A bit quirky story set on a liner in the 1940’s — lots of murder and mayhem. But you see what liners were like long ago when there was definitely class distinction. Ladies — the costumes are very Art Deco — no torn jeans, bikinis or inappropriate clothes for dinner. Interesting to see how everyone dressed — even during the day. I am 4 episodes into Season 1. There are 2 seasons with a third to come later this year. Katherine
  12. Not losing my cruise addition but wondering when I will ever be able to cruise again — and use up all the FCCs. Because of my/our ages I worry that restrictions might be put on our future sailings by with Royal or by the industry in general. So my cruise addiction may come to a forced end — not something I look forward to. I guess this is life. But I still very thankful that no one I know has been affected by Covid. Katherine
  13. Lady Hudson


    Anyone find any good deals for 2022? Reduced deposit? OBC? Looking at the 3/22 Northern Lights trip. Katherine
  14. Absolutely. I disagree with the idea that there are passengers who have a lot more to drink than what you have suggested. But to each his own. Guess I should have said that not everyone goes to the lounge to drink. Cheers! 😀
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