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  1. We will be sailing on Enchantment in November and although we absolutely love the vision class ships, our last cruises on RCCL featured hard or worn-out mattresses that made us nearly miserable at night and unable to sleep. We asked for toppers which were no longer offered but had the duvets folded atop the beds to some but not much avail. We will be driving to the port this time so we can allow for slightly more luggage and were considering purchasing folding memory foam travel mattresses and asking our cabin attendant to remake our beds with the travel mattresses underneath. The particular ones we are looking at fold up rather small, 24x24x9 so not much larger than a suitcase and Im fairly certain they would be the difference between a good cruise and a fantastic vacation. Can anyone advise to the actual dimensions of the twin beds on RCCL? I know they are slightly smaller than a typical twin size or single bed but I would just like to make sure the folding mattresses wouldn't be so terribly oversized to create a hazard or difficulty for our attendant. If they are terribly oversized compared to the bed we will have to think of another option. Thank you in advance for any answers or help. Smooth seas and happy cruising everyone!
  2. Ive heard reports the new Princess mattresses on Caribbean Princess are wonderful. Can anyone advise on the comfort of the new mattresses on Crown after her recent(ish) refit? We love the mattresses on Holland America and were just wondering if they were truly comfortable. We absolutely hated the mattress in our last mini suite on Caribbean and the original beds in other cabins on Caribbean, Crown and Emerald left us miserable. Thank you in advance and happy cruising everyone!
  3. Howdy everyone! Soon to be first time O cruisers here and hopefully converts from Celebrity. We will be sailing on Insignia this fall and were wondering if the changing rooms or locker rooms in the spa feature steam rooms or dry saunas? A video we watched appeared to show both, though small and the deck plans imply there may be both but I cant tell for certain and there is not a surplus of specific information about this online. If anyone has experience or can help I would greatly appreciate it. Although we are sailing on Insignia I would imagine all of the R-class in the Oceania collection will feature the same amenities. Also, if anyone could comment on the current availability or cost of a day or full sailing pass for the spa terrace that would be very much appreciated also. Thank you in advance and happy cruising everyone!
  4. Can anyone advise if the MS Volendam features a steam room or sauna in the mens locker or changing rooms? Most ships now feature the co-ed thermal spas and sanctuaries that charge an admission instead of offering them as a free amenity like on older ships. We both enjoy these and I was wondering if anyone happens to know for sure as nothing shows up on the deck plans on HAL.com. Thanks in advance and happy cruising everyone!
  5. Does anyone have a current or recent menu from the Pinnacle grill? Particularly Signature or Vista class? We will be sailing on Nieuw Amsterdam although I would assume (possibly foolishly) standard PG menus would be similar if not the same across the fleet. It's been several years since we've sailed HAL and have heard PG has changed the menu since then. Thanks so much in advance and happy cruising everyone!
  6. Does anyone have recent experience with the Cabana Butler upgrade on Half Moon Cay? Any photos or recollection of what offerings were on the menu for lunch? Is it still served from the Pinnacle Grill? Thanks in advance and happy cruising everyone!
  7. I am aware by asking this question I will likely awaken the HAL board police but I would like to preface by stating I am only inquiring and dont mean to convey ANY sense of entitlement or privilege by booking a cruise in the more expensive real estate onboard. We have decided to splurge on a beautiful itinerary on Nieuw Amsterdam NEXT December in on of the beautiful Pinnacle suites. This will be a first for us to sail so high on the hog on HAL. Although I know aboard HAL all passengers in all cabins have the luxury to order room service off the dining room menus each night, does anyone have experience with either Neptune or particularly Pinnacle suites in ordering room service from the other restaurants on board? Is it possible to order room service from Tamarind, Canaletto or the Pinnacle Grille? Is the concierge able to make such arrangements? We would fully expect to pay full covers for each passenger or for each item ordered, but I'd love to know if anyone has heard of this being possible? This entire trip will be a treat and I;m sure a hard earned indulgence as we face a very difficult year ahead and the earliest we can plan time for ourselves (and possibly a wonderful friend who doesnt mind sleeping on the roll-away) is next December. Thank you in advance for any responses and as always, Smooth Seas and Happy Cruising to Everyone! Thank you!
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