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  1. In addition to the normal gratuity, we leave our cabin steward $40 for a 7 day cruise.
  2. Agree with JF - painters are almost always out painting the ship while at the dock. OP, as for seeing the rust, were you leaning over your balcony looking at your neighbor's railing? Just arriving at Pier 91 passengers are kept a safe distance from the ship, so unless you have eagle eyes or looking through binoculars, I can't imagine that you could see rust from dockside.
  3. OP, now that you have returned from your trip, what Solstice Secrets do you have to share?!
  4. Airport transfers can also be purchased at Pier 91 just after you go through the Passport check point.
  5. It was probably due to the fact that it was the first visit of the Solstice of the 2019 season. May have not the needed Port Valet paperwork on board (the Solstice began its cruise from Vancouver, BC - now it begins the sailings from Seattle).
  6. Sorry, no. The flat rate fee of $47 is from Pier 91 to SeaTac airport. I think they can guarantee this rate because driving south to the airport early mornings is easy from a traffic congestion perceptive. The taxi drivers don't 'lose' any money sitting in traffic. The rates FROM SeaTac to Pier 91 are METERED, again due to traffic congestion. Re taking light rail from SeaTac to Westlake Center v a cab ride, unless you have more time than money, or prefer to experience public transportation in different locales, I would opt for whatever transportation that take you directly to Pier 91. It is just easier, especially after a flight. (Taxi, Uber, Lyft, Shuttle Van, etc.) I can not speak for Pier 66.
  7. Pier 91 Flat Rate for Taxis to SeaTac Airport confirmed ! $47 for the 2019 season YAY!
  8. On site at Pier 91 is Republic Parking: https://www.cruiseseattleparking.com/ The Pier provides a free shuttle to parking lot 'D' A popular off site parking lot (10 minute free shuttle) https://www.seattlecruiseparking.com/?_vsrefdom=bing&msclkid=008ef3c083df187384f9af1d7ae98159&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=*Search - Pier Names (National) - JF&utm_term=parking for seattle pier 91&utm_content=Seattle Parking%3A Pier 91 These parking lot is also called 'the Armory' because it is the site of a (former?) National Guard Armory. Folks seem happy with both.
  9. HAL and PCL passengers all use the same buses. It will not matter which ship you disembarked.
  10. Not sure about booking the transfer on the ship, but it can be purchased in the terminal just after you clear the Customs and Border Protection passport check. The staff that sells the transfers have a button or something like that indicating that they are selling the transfers. You can ask any staff person. Not sure how payment is made. There isn't any capacity - the buses run until everyone has been transported. The first buses to leave return back to Pier 91 from SeaTac to pick up more passengers. This is also why the first buses to leave tend to carry the early Port Valet passengers without luggage. They can be boarded and dropped off quickly. The buses are in radio contact with the Pier's ground transportation staff. All the passenger pick-ups (with the exception of Uber or Lyft shared based rides) all happen within the drive area in front of Terminal 91. Buses, taxis, tour buses and certain shuttles (Super Shuttle) are found on the right (east) side of the drive. Very obvious because of the taxis and buses. On the left side of the drive area (west) this is the area that folks who are waiting to be picked up by private cars (driven by family, friends), all the town cars, limos, the handful of hotel shuttles, etc - they all use the left side of the drive area. (If an Uber or Lyft car is found to be picking up in this area, they lose their Pier 91 privileges - this is what I was told). The east and west sides of the drive area are equal parallel distance and length. Unless a passenger has a mobility impairment, the distance is not a big deal - think a good city block from one end to the other. There is wheelchair assistance (expect a wait), as well porter service - both set up inside the luggage hall before going through passport check.
  11. That's a great example - the Amsterdam will be the only ship arriving in Seattle (and also the smallest!). I hope you follow up and let us know how it works out.
  12. I am not seeing it either. It is possible that the earliest flight allowed is up to the discretion of the ship. Some ships take longer to get luggage off (think Bliss or Ovation of the Seas v Ruby or Eurodam). Last year I think the earliest flights allowed were after 11 am, closer to 11:30 am. The airlines have the discretion to set the evening flight cutoff time, which Southwest did last year. Once the season really gets going, folks will post comments about Port Valet. This should give all of us additional info from passengers' first hand experiences.
  13. Penzance, if pulling your luggage is a concern for you, there are two possible solutions: the free Port Valet service that will transport your luggage to SeaTac Airport assuming that you meet the listed flight times, and that you are flying on one of the listed domestic airlines. If your flight qualifies, you would put your luggage out the night before (keeping your passport, meds, next day clothes) and your luggage would be checked through to your hometown airport (LAX?). If you qualify for Port Valet, your luggage is transported free of charge, but you will still need to purchase a airport transfer from your cruise line. Your airline will still charge you their luggage fee, unless your airline loyalty level exempts you. The Port Valet sign-up is done on the ship, not prior to your cruise. You would need to make sure that your paperwork is submitted early in your cruise. Talk to your room steward or guest services. https://www.portseattle.org/blog/explore-seattle-luggage-free-port-valet If you are not using Port Valet the other option is using a porter. These guys/gals (all longshoremen) are in the luggage hall where you will be picking up your luggage. They will have carts to load your luggage and bring you to the area where you are meeting your town car, taxi or whatever ground transportation you have chosen. As for the ship's airport bus transfer, both HAL and PCL passengers share the same buses. The buses are lined up, passengers are in queues I know at times last season there were two lines, folks with luggage (non carry-on), and folks without luggage - usually Port Valet folks). In order to relieve congestion, the non luggage/Port Valet folks were boarded on to buses quickly and sent off. Folks carrying their large pieces of luggage were boarded, but a bit slower. As soon as the buses are filled, they leave for the airport. The only time partially filled buses would be delayed leaving is later in the morning (after 8:45) and this was due to waiting for late stragglers getting off the ship. The goal is all buses leave completely filled. There is lots of Pier 91 staff on duty during disembarkation. Please fell free to ask any of them questions.
  14. The Bliss carries 4,000 passengers; the Ruby carries 3,080. I would chose the Ruby.
  15. If I read your question correctly, your 12:25 am flight would technically be the following day (after disembarking), and so I don't think your new flight time will qualify for the Port Valet service. Any chance of an earlier flight?
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