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  1. No allowed due to fire hazard. Your iron will be detected during your luggage scan and confiscated. If found in your hand carry bag, you most likely will have to say good-bye to it there. If found in your checked luggage, you probably will be able to claim it at disembarkation.
  2. The free service at Seattle Pier 66 and Pier 91 is from the Port of Seattle, not the individual cruise lines. Individual cruise lines decide whether to participate (and they all do). I only point this out as a proud Puget Sounder who wants to give credit where credit is due. The Port of Seattle employee team that conceived and implemented the Port Valet luggage program were honored for their innovative program. Thank you CruizinKittie40 for giving Port Valet a shout-out!
  3. U Purplsmurf is correct - it indicates an upgrade from Classic to Premium. Enjoy!
  4. At least in the US, all checked luggage, hand-carried luggage goes through security screening. Passengers are also screened. Employees who work at the piers also have their bags screened and walk through security detectors. Every effort is made to keep passengers and crew safe.
  5. Just make sure that your case of water has its own luggage tag attached. There will be a help desk outside the terminal entrance to help you if needed.
  6. LOL - and all this time I thought sparks1093 was the delightful woman in the photo!
  7. Washington State has a red banner across the top where the words Enhanced Drivers License is located. There is an American flag by the photo, and an Evergreen Tree rather than a star (as WA is the Evergreen State). I appreciate Ms. Sparks1093 knowledge on all things related to Travel ID issues/questions. She knows her stuff!
  8. Are you not interested in Republic RV parking due to cost or...? It would certainly be convenient if you are sailing from Pier 91.
  9. If you do go with luggage from Costco or Sam"s Club (we have some luggage from Costco), just be aware that many other passengers also are traveling with the same luggage. Be extra careful when you claim your luggage at the end of the trip - that you grabbed the correct medium black carry-on suitcase! ; )
  10. Same accommodation for Alaska cruise passengers with passports containing Canadian visa - if those passengers are scheduled to take the excursion railroad trip out of Skagway that travels into the Yukon Territory (passport required from everyone), those passengers can claim their passports from Guest Services in order to take the excursion. The system accommodates, and works!
  11. Say for example you were an international passenger who was required to have a Canadian visa in order to take an Alaska bound cruise from Seattle - your passport would be collected by the Seattle based check-in agent and turned over to the ship document control officer. Many of these passengers are from China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and South Africa. The collection of these passports gives the Canadian immigration/border officers a central location on the ship to check/verify the foreign passports, which allows the thousands of passengers who don't need a Canadian visa not to be held up for their Canadian port visit. (Passengers from the US, Mexico, EU countries, Japan, South Korea, Australia, NZ, etc would not need a Canadian visa). If a passenger who needed a Canadian visa arrived at the pier in Seattle without a Canadian visa, they would be denied boarding. Sad to say it happens all the time.
  12. At Pier 91 in Seattle employees are told not to ask passengers. Also, passengers are not asked to fill out a health form. (Health forms dropped prior to the 2018 Alaska cruise season).
  13. Employees are told not to ask female passengers if they are pregnant. If a passenger volunteers the information (especially a later stage pregnancy), then a supervisor will most likely become involved.
  14. Not really practical. Your friends should be at the Pier no later than 3 PM (and that is cutting it VERY close - not to mention tempting the travel gods that you won't run into any traffic delays). There is the Muster/safety drill happening on the ship beginning around 3:15 pm. By this time most of the Pier staff are on their way out. The ships will be 'backing' out from their berths after 4 PM, and unless your friends have a balcony stateroom that that end of the ship, and on the pier side of the ship, the likelihood that you would see them is fairly low. Meanwhile, your dogs would be in the car about a half mile away (public parking) and the parking lot shuttle would have ended for the day. Better yet, find your way to either the Palisades Restaurant (or the more affordable "Maggie Buff") and raise a glass as the ship sails by.
  15. Thanks for the info. I have wondered how the cruise-line handles the tips when passengers put down so little in their cash account. I wonder if some of these the passengers even are aware of the expected daily tip expectation. Thanks again!
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