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  1. https://www.hollandamerica.com/blog/topics/staff-crew/holland-america-line-crew-repatriation-plan/
  2. Do you have other HAL cruises booked? I asked because I saw the post from one customer whose refund was automatically applied to another cruise, without her authorization. If HAL is doing that, I am going to cancel our next cruise and book it again later, closer to departure date. I don't want to tie up the money that HAL owes us for two canceled cruises only to find that they cancel our next cruise as well, holding on to our money for yet another "60-90 days".
  3. Thank you for the clear and complete answer. You touched on all the issues that I was wondering about.
  4. We have cruise scheduled in October. We have paid a $798 deposit, but we are still over a month away from the final payment date. If I cancel that cruise, then rebook it (or another cruise) later, before the deposit is refunded, can that $798 be applied to the deposit on the new cruise? I suspect we will have lots of time between the time we cancel and the time they actually refund the deposit.☹️
  5. It refers only to Carnival Cruises, not to the Carnival parent company. The press release includes: Beginning August 1, we may operate cruises on the following ships: Galveston: Carnival Dream, Carnival Freedom and Carnival Vista Miami: Carnival Horizon, Carnival Magic and Carnival Sensation Port Canaveral: Carnival Breeze and Carnival Elation.
  6. Looking at our booking for a Koningsdam cruise, I don't see where we book a retreat. How do I do that? Thanks.
  7. Today we received emails that our FCC and OBC are available for a June 7 cruise that HAL canceled on 4/16. When I look at my account online, that cruise still shows up as one of our bookings! Maybe it will stay there until they refund our port fees and taxes.
  8. Today my wife and I each got a notification that our FCC and $250 OBC is now available. This was for a June 7 sailing that HAL canceled on 4/16.
  9. My wife and I each received an email a few minutes ago telling us that we have Future Cruise Credit of $1,460 each and Onboard Credit of $250 each. This is clearly from the June 7 cruise that HAL canceled on April 16.
  10. I guess it varies by credit card issuer. As a test, I just started a dispute on a transaction from May 2019 on my Citi Costco Visa card, and it let me. I know that I submitted a dispute on a charge older than 60 days a few months ago.
  11. My thought exactly. Unless they get caught up by that time, I am canceling our next cruise before the June 28 final payment date. Waiting for a refund on my $798 deposit is one thing. Tying up another $6,000 indefinitely is another.
  12. If you purchase the insurance from HAL, you can purchase it any time up until you make final payment on the cruise.
  13. I just received an email voucher from Travel Guard, in the amount of the premium that I had paid for our canceled cruise. It is valid until this date, 2022.
  14. I cancelled a June 28 cruise on March 16. It still showed up on my account until two or three days ago, then it finally disappeared. I haven't received my deposit back yet, of course.
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