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  1. I checked out their concierge and it's a little rich for us ($750 to ship one piece from Orlando to Amsterdam - the closest port to Southampton without calling for a quote). Yikes. I'll look into other services. Many thanks (again)!
  2. While I have this thread fully hijacked :), we were also wondering if Crystal rents tuxedos? Might actually make sense this time vs. schlepping our coats around Europe for 2 weeks prior to the cruise. Thanks again!
  3. Thank you very much - we'll toss a couple ties in our suitcases. It's never a good feeling being underdressed for a formal event. Hopefully by Sept 2021 this virus is at bay. Hope being the opportune word. Thanks again!
  4. Thank you. Normally we'd bring a suit, but we're going to be bouncing around Europe a lot before this cruise for a few weeks so packing light(er) is the name of the game. Thank you again!
  5. "Black Tie Optional" (basically "formal night" on other ships). That all said - this will be our first time on Crystal Ocean (loved their river cruises!) and we are thinking of just bringing sports coats to cover the two BTO nights on our upcoming Sept 2021 Southampton - NYC cruise. We would like to visit the supper club one of those two nights. Is a sports coat, button up shirt, and slacks acceptable for men or will we be "out of place"? Many thanks and stay safe!
  6. He didn't retire (and neither did I - we were just going to do a 30 day segment - but ATW soon. Like 25 years for me! LOL). Where are you all looking at going in the future? We're looking at either TOKYO - SINGAPORE or SINGAPORE to DUBAI (May 2022). Scheduled to sail on Crystal Ocean Sept. 2021 days Transatlantic from London. Been doing back to back river cruises (they're pretty great) last year and year before.
  7. TBH I'm not really looking for much. I find the prices of O cruises to be fair (in general) and have never used the air. We sometimes take O excursions, but I think I can count the number of times on one hand. I think I'm just looking for someone to handle all the crazy when things can and do go south I guess?
  8. Let's just say my old agent read this thread and connected me with my new agent (who I originally defaulted to, but didn't get two responses so figured I'd made them upset or something).
  9. Hola our friend! We're supposed to be on the ATW cruise in SE Asia right now! LOL That didn't work out. How have you been? We are doing well - bored, and very ready to get on the first plane that is safe, but well. 🙂
  10. LOL. On that point... Nobody seemed to answer this for me. What do you ask for with your TA? About to break into the 5+ club with Oceania (in 7 years). And probably going to 8+ because of pent-up vacation time and desire. Do I have leverage? How do I not be a jerk and ask for concessions? I don't even know what to ask for.
  11. We used it once and deviated and it was fine. Honestly though we have business credit cards and literally rack the "miles/points" up so might as well fly in style. LOL Also work for Marriott/Starwood so no need to spend points on hotels - I got that. 😉
  12. Thanks - I'm one of those credit card points guys so BUS is usually not a problem (in fact, supposed to be on a Singapore Air flight right now in BUS (before Covid)). I am booking this cruise this early to hit a minimum spend of $4k on a new card and to take advantage of the crazy price reductions. I won't bore you but this is my new favorite hobby and it really does pay off if you play they airline loyalty game correctly. Thank you again - I think I have found our new agent.
  13. Thank you all - I'm going to book this tomorrow AM w/ O directly then go on a hunt for an agent. A couple questions if it wouldn't be too much trouble, please: 1) Physical location (in the US) doesn't matter, correct? 2) I'm not even sure what kind of things to ask for/expect/etc. since I'm so inexperienced using TAs. I know a little OBC is pretty standard, but what else should I be on the lookout for? 3) Does the TA act as a proxy between the Air Dept. and oneself? We don't usually take the air option, but might for an EU trip we are looking at for mid-2021 (God/vaccine-willing). Thank you again for your help. 🙂
  14. Before anyone deletes this - I'm not asking for recommendations on specific agents (a big no-no here). I AM asking how do I find one? My old one retired, and I've contacted two and neither has responded to me. I've never used one before (in about 15 cruises over as many years except for once, of which I didn't get any added value) but everyone I mention this to thinks I'm nuts, so I'm reevaluating. I'm trying to book a segment of the 2022 ATW cruise and need to get this finalized ASAP as the B1/B2 cabins are in short supply after speaking with Oceania directly.
  15. Got it. That's where my logic was falling apart. I'm looking for a new agent now - my old one won't call me back for some reason (I promise we didn't do anything!).
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