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  1. Australia has 51 million doses of Nonavax on order. It looks like this maybe used as a booster. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-10-13/when-is-the-novavax-vaccine-coming-to-australia-/100532184
  2. Also Hal Grand Voyages always alternated every second year between northern and southern Hemispheres. With Covid this may well have changed.
  3. I also had an order with Dan's. Half the order arrived last Wednesday, a week after the order. The other half has not arrived as yet. Told it could be a while. Lucky I have a small wine cellar.
  4. The Dungog bakery and Pie Shop in May this year. Closed due to baker being in hospital. I hope it wasn't one of his pies. Taken during one of my road trips.
  5. Lamb and vegetables pie from local butcher last night. It is my favourite out of the range of pies he makes.
  6. My mother-in-law used to make individual pasties for her husband and son who worked on the mines in Broken Hill. Sometimes she would make a large batch and put the extra filling in a pie large enough to feed the family that night. Back in those days it as a cheap meal especially if you grew your own vegetables. The vegetables were often what you could pick at that time. Yes salt and pepper were the only seasoning allowed. My pie recipe is only what I remember her doing.
  7. Last night I decided to cook my late mother-in-law's cornish pastie pie. No recipe so just tried to remember. This was a common meal in the Broken Hill mining community.
  8. Thanks Gut. Are you happy with the Sunbeam 4 pie maker?
  9. Thank you for the link to www.recipetineats.com as I needed a new lot of ideas. Looks great seeing as I am now cooking for one and like to freeze extra meals. Especially like the slow cooker recipes. Thinking of getting a pie maker. Need to make normal size pies not small ones. Any recommendations out there. Four pies at once would be great.
  10. My daughter went for a covid test in the Southern Highlands yesterday as she had flu like symptoms. The staff were upset and and their first question was are you from Victoria too. They had just tested a victorian who had just turned up at the hospital testing centre. No wonder the staff were upset.
  11. It was known as underground poultry back in the day and was sold by a rabbitoh who called out as he walked the streets. Had it baked and casseroled in my younger days. Dad went on to own a butcher shop so the quality of our meat improved dramatically.
  12. Tried the Garlos pies from Coles. Really like the curry beef and the beef and mushroom. Balfours potato pies are ok prefer those from local bakeries.
  13. Yes it was. Our island home : a Tasmanian sketch book / by Louisa A. Meredith 1879. They were very excited to get it. Even took a photo.
  14. Just finished my road trip to mid-west NSW. My daughter called it a pie quest. Had my hopes raised by reviews for Denman Bakery. Alas it was closed due to baker being in hospital. Hope it wasn't from one of his pies. Pie quest was a fail. Not one pie stood out. Not even at the National Arboretum in Canberra. Looked good but no taste. Called in there to donate one of my late wife's books which is going into their rare book library.
  15. Well I guess that I win on AZ so far. Flu symptoms in the first 24 hours but only lasted 5 hours. Then vomiting and diarrhea for another 5 hours. A bit lethargic but started my road trip anyway. Now in Newcastle staying with best friends then off to Mudgee and wineries on Wednesday.
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