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  1. The $750 arrived in my account today. Boy was I surprised.
  2. United will now fly Aussies and Kiwis home on a charter flight. Looks like Holland will pick up the bill.
  3. Australian and New Zealanders from Zaandam refused boarding from San Fran to Sydney by United. Staying over night in San Fran awaiting news.
  4. Australian and New Zealanders onboard have left by air for San Francisco already. Hope they have a safe trip home.
  5. Gut please look after yourself. You have enough problems without adding to them. Good idea staying away from hospital.
  6. New canal was cleared for a faster transit. Set a new record, 3.5 hrs for the transit. I guess they wanted them out of there.
  7. I am downunder and never been to South America. Thank you for keeping me up-to-date and giving me an education at the same time. This is fascinating?
  8. And Zaandam now doing 15 knots under the pilot's control. Must be in a hurry to get them through.
  9. Comments on the Holland forum state it is the new canal and are watching on the new canal cams.
  10. You are right. Holland will be paying plenty. Priority through the new canal - unheard of before.
  11. Rotterdam looks like she is about to follow the Zaandam through the new canal.
  12. Latest news from Holland America is that the Zaandam and the Amsterdam have now been given permission to transit the Panama Canal. Fingers crossed.
  13. No such thing as takeaways anymore in our little village as the club is closed. Luckily our butcher is still open. And the pub bottle shop is open for 3 hrs each day. At least we can still get wine in.
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