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  1. Yes Uber from the Embassy Suites is possible...figure around $35 or so. You can use Lyft as well. If the hotel arranges a cab/car service, the cost will be more, around $50+. Incidentally most of the shuttles in that area (the hotels by the ES) are run by the same shuttle/limo service so you;ll be fine. I'd call a car service like Carmel Limo or Dial 7 for a quote to NYC from the pier. Uber/Lyft can go, I THINK, never tried, but it might not be that big a savings.
  2. Park at the port and be done with it. Safe and convenient. Plus no farting around waiting for shuttles.
  3. Who books with TAs?? People who don't want to spend 90 minutes of their own time on hold with cruise lines trying to fix stuff, that's who books with TAs. And people who want service. And people who want the advice of someone who is trained, a member of CLIA, preferably with top certification...and people who don't want their cabin for their honeymoon to be a connecting cabin because the future cruise sales agent wasn't paying attention. How's that for starters?? πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„
  4. 9 or 9:30 is probably fine. There is sort of a "cell phone" waiting area along the side of the road. Express walk off guests will likely start around 7 or so. Thus, 9 or 9:30 should be good. You can probably guess a little better when the debark tags are distributed and you can see what the latest time is for all guests to be off the ship. You can maybe email to confirm with the car service on the last day, or even call them as soon as you dock.
  5. There really aren't any hotels that are really close to the pier in Brooklyn. I'd probably stay where 138 suggested and then get a car service like Dial 7 or Carmel Limo to the pier.
  6. Kimpton Ink 48 is walking distance to the pier in Manhattan. It's a lovely hotel and there are some places to eat within walking distance or you can easily get a cab or Uber/Lyft.
  7. You'll be across from NYC...! Should be ok finding food, etc.
  8. They may have a cancellation....did you try booking on line just for the heck of it??
  9. You could also look at the Embassy Suites, Courtyard or Residence Inn Elizabeth off Exit 13A and see what their rates are....then entertain parking at the pier. ES has a shuttle, it's not free, IIRC it's 20 bucks per person, round trip. Uber/Lyft would be around 35 give or take, each way. Cab/Car Service is probably around 50-60. The Residence Inn and Courtyard offer park n cruise packages but the rates vary. They're in the 250 range, and up not including tax.
  10. Define reasonable...how many people? What dates? Rates in the EWR airport area and other places like Jersey City really vary....if you give us more details we can help better. Also, look at the Cape Liberty 411 thread for ideas. You can search that board or this forum. You're only about 90 minutes away, you may want to entertain just parking at the pier. It's really easy and it's 22 bucks a day...AND safe. I am an hour away and often take the train up, but this time I drove, stayed by EWR, and then drove adn parked at the pier....it was SO nice to not have to mess around with shuttles or Uber.
  11. Ohhhh ok...πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜πŸ˜
  12. Captain Ioannis (sp) is the Master. Capt Kate is no longer on Summit. She's on vacation for several more weeks, back to EQ in Julyish, then onto Edge in August thru September. BTW it isn't a secret, this was posted previously and maybe Radio didn't see your question?? Sometimes CC is wonky.
  13. Here's hoping that the coffee is delicious and the casino is Radio friendly!!🌞🌞
  14. Hate to be a dream buster but the line at Carlo's will be RIDICULOUSLY long depending on the time of day you get there...and their stuff, which used to be quite good, is now mass produced and lousy since it's all made in their production center off site. When the show started, it was easier to get in there and the products were fresh and tasty. Now, it's not unusual for the line to stretch for 2 blocks. GO EARLY!!!
  15. The Residence Inn also has free breakfast. Any of the hotels can arrange for a cab/car service to the pier, likely via Golden Touch transportation OR you can easily get an Uber/Lyft for around $30-40 bucks depending on size of vehicle....
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