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  1. Hi Leafeater, Thanks for the response. We will be sure to follow your recommendations. We usually go a day early to avoid and last minute panics caused by transportation issues. Our TA may add a bonus day to our itinerary. Would it be better to add a day at the beginning or end of the trip? Thanks, Bop
  2. Any suggestion on Clarkston? We usually travel a day early before embarkation. Things to see, where to stay etc. It has been so long since we booked, I have to start from scratch in my port research. Any must sees, tours to take, or miss? Thanks, Jim
  3. Hey Bill, We're still around and vertical. Almost time to start looking for flights and reviewing the ports and tours. Winter has been wet and cold. Ready for a change of scene. Am looking for some recommendations on must sees along the L&C itinerary. Bop BTW, just click on your picture and you will go to your page to review your posts.
  4. Hi Buck 1949 et. al. Happy Holidays to all cruising friends or soon to be friends. Yes, we are still here and back on line too. It won't be long before we are preparing for the American Queen Steamboat cruise on the Empress. We will begin looking at flights soon. So sorry to hear about the horrific fires in CA. We are praying for all folks affected. Bop
  5. Thanks Carol for a great review. Glad to hear that noise level is not high from adjacent rooms. Bonnie is a very light sleeper so this may have been an issue. We are really looking forward to the cruise. It has been a while since we have enjoyed one and our first in the USA, Bop
  6. Hi NJhoo, Read your cruise log. Now I am ready to go but must wait for a year. Assume you are a fellow Hoo. Maybe this year will be better? Bop
  7. Hi Leafeater, I assume you are back in the Commonwealth and temp and humidity are "seasonal" for VA. We are booked for the 9/22/19 voyage and I am going to read your review. We are looking forward to the Paddle Wheeler experience having watched the Lewis and Clark documentaries on PBS as well as the Mark Twain Ken Burns doc. Bop (fellow Virginian Wahoo from Midlothian)
  8. Hi LE, Welcome aboard! We are converted ocean cruisers who have done several European river boat cruises on AMAwaterways. Great cruise food, services. Hard to go back to the "cattle call" of the large ships. We still are very fond of Princess although haven't been on many since the ownership change. Anyhow, I am not going to worry about fires and such quite yet. Surely the west coast will get some rain and mudslides to put out the fires . We will pray for the folks who are losing everything. I am not sure about the AQSC experience but will try to keep my expectations low and enjoy the good parts which surely will materialize. It is always a fun experience to meet new friends. We watched the PBS special about Lewis and Clark and are looking forward to traveling on the Snake and Columbia rivers. Hope we don't need gas masks:eek:.:eek: Bop
  9. Hey Buck, I see you are still on the Boards. Yes, river cruises tend to have fewer folks but things usually pick up when we get closer to embarking date. I have met some great friends on the Boards starting on the old AOL only cruise Board in the late 90's. There was big resistance when the current Cruise Boards opened to everyone. Silly, right? When we "switched over" to river boats, it was like starting over. Had to get used to checking European weather forecasts to see if we could get under the bridges and such. I think I saw Steamboat somewhere on here. He was very helpful to me on our Danube cruise. Anyway, things will pick up in a few months and we can put days until cruise counters on our pages. Look forward to meeting you. Bop
  10. Gsel, Thanks for suggestion. Will check site for quotes. Bop
  11. Has anyone found a better deal on cruise insurance At our age, the insurance is as much as the flights. AQSC insurance premiums seem very high. Bop
  12. Hi Bill, OK, debt forgiven! I was going to donate the 1$ to the indigent cruisers' society. I guess some poor family will have to stow away. Bop;););):(:(
  13. Amen! Positive attitudes go a long way in enjoying life and enhancing travel experiences. Some of our fondest memories have been in dealing with travel difficulties with new- found friends. On one trip to Sirrince (sp?) in Turkey, our tour guide drove across a pasture and cow path and our van got stuck on a hump. We all had to get out and push the van back on solid ground through the mud. It turned out to be a laughing good time and a cherished memory. We still keep in touch with the tour guide and have sent other friends to him. Bop
  14. Just checked our reservation. We are amidship on the starboard side of the boat.Looks like we will be facing north from our veranda. Bop
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