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  1. Honestly, it was unclear to me about PMNA only not getting smoothies. Depending who was staffing the cafe you might get a different response. The Celebrity officer, Neno, indicated, no more smoothies for any package. The staff working at the cafe seemed to exclude PNAL only. Clearly, there is a disconnect between corporate and the staff who are not informed and give the smoothies out without charge and the staff trying to enforce the new rules and have to deal with angry customers. I am one of many people in the same boat (pun intended) who have marched down to guest relations and most (maybe not all) had the "smoothies" stickers added to their card. So, celebrity knows people are confused and had these dumb stickers printed. I was the tour leader of our group and all the kids were nuts for smoothies, so I felt responsible that I gave them wrong info, even though I called celebrity ahead to make certain.
  2. we had the wifi included. it was sketchy and kept bouncing us out and had to re-sign in, a whole process, even though phone settings showed connected to celebrity wifi. to answer your question - I don;t believe one day is offered but thursday or friday when the daily came out they were offering a two day package - don't recall price.
  3. In the grand scheme of life, this is not a big issue, but I have seen many people asking about smoothies at aqua spa cafe and if they are included in drink packages. I just returned from Summit/Bermuda Sunday and overall my experience as a first-time Celebrity cruiser was very good and I will do a review soon, but as to smoothies..... It took me a few convos with celebrity guest relations and even an officer at the cruise critic meet up to get a straight answer. Basically, my group of 18 (ten adults and 8 kids) all had premium bev package. The sea pass card states PAL and PNAL for the kids. My kids and niece and nephews were denied smoothies at the aqua spa cafe. I'm guessing the pressed juices are in the same category. Long story short, I asked an officer at the cruise critic meet-up and he explained (rather arrogantly and condescendingly) that smoothies are no longer included in the premium package. I told him that others will be surprised by that. I then informally polled the group in front of him and the majority felt it was included and surprised it was not. The officer, Neno?, gave a very corporate answer abut how Celebrity calculated the true cost to guests who get the premium bev package as a "free" perk at a value of about $20 dollars a day, the lowest in the industry, so we are getting a good deal already and therefore Celebrity decided the package (or any package?) will not be including smoothies. I explained that I just wanted what I paid for. Another cruise critic guest stated they should be included as they are under $15. At guest relations, they were able to affix a "smoothies" sticker to my kids cards so that they could get them with their premium package. The next day we were doing a family pic near guest relations and the rep told my SIL there was no such thing. Thank goodness, the other rep overheard and put the elusive sticker on my nephews card. I guess we are among a group of people who booked when it was included and now it is no longer included, hence the multiple convos. Just trying to inform people so they can save some time and hassle during their vacation. Like I said, I did enjoy the trip, so many good memories for me and my extended family and hate to focus on tiny things, but I do like to get what I paid for and others might as well. Happy sailing!
  4. I heard from someone at celebrity that qsine is staying, no switch to LPC.
  5. We moved to deck 7, just had a weird vibe about 9 and the overhang. Def planning to check out the persian gardens..
  6. Maybe because we are a group, we had better luck. Before final payment I got two perks. Then got a $65 reduction per person. Then after final payment the price went down and was offered an upgrade. Started with oceanview room, two perks, classic beverage and grats, $350 obc. Now- concierge (c3) all four perks and premium beverage. Pretty sure the celebrity group sales agent is sick of my emails by now.
  7. Hello- we are a group of 18 sailing early august Bayonne to Bermuda on Celebrity Summit. We had seven oceanview rooms/deck 2 but was able to get them all upgraded to concierge class deck 9 due to fare drop. Celebrity explained no discounts after final payment, so now we are in deck 9 and happy we were able to still have connecting rooms as we are all traveling with kids. Just wondering if anyone has had any issues on Deck 9 aft, under the oceanview cafe? I figured there was probably a reason the rooms were open. My parents are early to bed and I worry about noise from above. our group sales rep says the rooms are “soundproof,” but not certain I believe that. Also, considering buying a week pass to persian gardens. Anyone who has done that, was it worth it? did you enjoy? thanks for any insight.
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