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  1. Thank you Nini, from earlier comments I thought you had changed via the airline. Our Ez Air prices are higher than when we booked and desirable outbound flight is no longer an option. So we'll stick with revised less desirable schedule. No until September so could change again.
  2. I tried to ball park the figures one night before while falling asleep 🙂 I wondered if BSE, priced correctly by Princess, would lead to more revenue by inducing more pax to go the BSE route versus a smaller number who might buy PBP. Also I think this BSE was unique in that it allowed you to keep previous fare plus perks and add BEST## often at lower cost than re-faring. Looking at a new booking, 3 day coastal, the BSE was better than Basic Fare plus PBP Plus Grat; Basic Fare and buy our own drinks; the fare has changed a couple of times but in most instances BSE was also better than Basic Fare plus BESTDG.
  3. Please explain what you did to change flight. Did you book EZ Air and change flight directly with airline ? I am curious because our Delta return flight has been changed to a long layover on one leg and Delta has a better alternative flight at the same fare, but it does not show on EZ Air. I was thinking of giving Delta a call once we are ticketed. Separate but related question: if we ask to be ticketed early, I assume we can still change flights with 45 day window etc. right ?
  4. Thanks for input. I did confirm that I had been notified of the change.
  5. Thanks you, did you keep original EZ Air fare ? I did not call Princess because I thought chances are low and the phone wait times can be very long.
  6. Yes we will leave as is, also as you say, time enough for another change !
  7. We received a new schedule for our September return from Quebec. 2 Hour extra layover in Salt Lake and Home airport at 11:25 instead of 9:11. No big deal but less convenient, we'll take Uber home instead of asking a friend to pick us up. So a question, could we change EZ Air flights without penalty since airline made a schedule change ? Also EZ Air no longer shows our desirable outward bound flight and so if we could change we would like to keep outward schedule and change return flight.
  8. Hate to hammer the point, but your posts confuse a re-fare to BSE and adding Perks to an existing cruise. Many people are unaware of the difference. Your listing shows existing perks and additional 'BSE' perks. You no doubt paid extra for those new perks. Your reference to '2 fare options with or without the BSE' implies re-faring.
  9. This looks like you added Perks to an existing booking rather than re-fare to BSE. I say this because Perks reads like ours fro adding BEST2DG. So where did the $1349 come from. Unless that is added cost rather than a saving ???
  10. Thank yo for the clarification AskOceanMedallion. I still might download the App, why not, just that mosty of what I read refers to problems. Now that it is a single App it is no doubt simpler. Thanks again.
  11. OK I just found the thread on Carnival, so will read that now. Thanks I now understand.
  12. Thanks for detailed reply, I did not find discussion on Carnival board, I scanned titles on first 6 pages. Sadly I still o not understand the process, but no problem, thanks for your response. We are long term Allstate customers and BTW I do not think the Safe Driver Awards apply in California. Lastly I am intrigued by your 'many, many thousands' comment 🙂
  13. The confusion continues ! I am, or was, a 'techie' sort of person and would normally jump on things like this. I am now convinced that we do not really need any of the Medallion benefits, other than opening cabin door and ordering a drink. And there seem to be lots of problems with Medallion Apps. So do not plan to download any apps and plan on leaving phone in the safe - can you see any problems with that ?
  14. I have not heard of these, what are they ?
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