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  1. Thank you, we have never been aware or interested in such things. Not demeaning them, just no interest.
  2. Someone else might have pointed this out, but Regal does have a Crooners.
  3. We were idly looking at that itinerary, though feared that April 2021 was too soo for us. There is no similar itinerary is there ?
  4. I don't know if this is different to F5 but if you go to settings/ privacy services / clear browsing history and clear cache and cookies, this might help. Assuming Edge and Windows, otherwise look for how to clear cookies & cache
  5. If you are using Windows 10 Edge as your Browser the link opens in a small window at bottom of screen. Easy to miss seeing this.
  6. Just a guess, it is so a quote by a TA for example, will be honored at the price quoted if you act on it. Not sure I have seen TA quotes for specific cabins. I know my TA puts a courtesy hold when she makes a quote to me.
  7. iancal, I remember now that you wrote the earlier comment I referred to initially. I was especially intrigued by your tactic of 'watching two or three acceptable cruises'. Thank for further clarification. We are able to be more spontaneous since our last pet crossed over the rainbow bridge and that brought last minute booking to mind. Must admit we are a bit more fussy over cabin selection than I implied. Must be Balcony, obstructed would be acceptable if fare was OK . But no cabin with Lido or Horizon above.
  8. Never thought of refaring after Final Payment, though watch fares on a daily basis and often rebook. Thought we were out of luck once FP passed and so curious about waiting until after FP. We are similar profile to you 🙂 10 day Med cruises have been our thing.
  9. One poster said they often wait until after Final Payment to book and it got me wondering. We are not too fussy on cabin location, so would be OK to take a chance. Are fares usually much lower after Final Payment, this would be the only reason to do this. Not sure we would do this if air, hotels were involved but a spontaneous California Coastal or Mexican Riviera would be fine. I wonder too if Princess limits the number of available cabins shown on website. A large number of available cabins might encourage people to delay booking.
  10. On the calendar, thanks ! Is there a top floor lounge ?
  11. And how do you handle the taste 🙂 Peaty, right ?
  12. On Princess we get 150 free Wi Fi minutes and rarely use more than 50, so Wi Fi is not important to us - BTW our Smart Phones spend most of their life on the kitchen counter 🙂 I can see that Wi Fi is important to some.
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