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  1. I am curious too - we bought The Key for 4 people at $24.99 pp per day for Jun 30 sailing on Allure.
  2. Thank you both. I bought the Key for 4 people @24.99 pp per day on Allure so I was a little nervous when I read that review. I feel better now. Thanks again 😊
  3. Here it is: https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=653347
  4. Please share your experiences with the Key program. I’ve just read a review of the Key program on Allure of the Seas and it sounded like a ripped off: no priority embarkation or debarkation, no bags dropped off, seats only hold for 5 min., etc.
  5. Thank you. Keeping my fingers crossed 😊
  6. Hi, I got my GTY rooms assigned 100 days before sailing. Is that unusual? And is there any chance RCL will change it? I’m very happy with the rooms because we got 2 rooms next to each other in a great location.
  7. We will be on the Allure western Caribbean in June. We are currently book on a flight out of FLL at 10:30 AM. Do you think we will make it? Thank you
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