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  1. We haven't used the teen club on FOS, but on Allure, the 12-17 year olds were basically in the same area except for a few scheduled activities that were aged based. There were kids of all types in there. By that I mean, the kids who were polite, well mannered and there were those who dropped F bombs like the word "the." The kids just gathered and did pretty much what they wanted and hung out in different areas of the ship. A lot depends upon your granddaughters as to whether or not they enjoy the kids there. I've seen kids just hang out near the elevators and every time the doors opened, they jumped up. I have no idea why, but it didn't seem to bother anyone. My granddaughter met some nice kids and kind of hung out with them at the pool during the day etc. She is more on the quiet, reserved side and had a good time with the friends she made. My son and his wife did set some rules for her such as no going to someone's cabin for any reason or having someone come to yours. Their rules were just common sense and she was fine with them. I do believe most parents know their kids well and if they will follow the rules and if they can be trusted to do so. Just keep in mind, it's like having a teen roam a small city.
  2. That is true, but who knows how much is the tip? No where does it state the amount included, so we tip $10 per person for dinners and $5 per person for lunches. We do get the UDP so we have lots of meals in the specialty restaurants. We also tip at least $1 per drink except if we just get a bottle of water. We get the alcohol package and even though 18% is added, the tip comes to less than $1 a drink for us as we drink specialty coffee, fresh juice, bottled water, perhaps an alcoholic drink during the day, wine with dinner and an after dinner drink or 2.
  3. I realize not everyone drinks, but I have never heard of calling and being allowed to get a soda package instead of the alcohol package. I do know one can get the Refreshment package instead of the alcohol package, but that is very different from just the soda package.
  4. I have done an 8:30 flight from Ft Lauderdale in June when we sailed on Allure. My family did self-assist and we were in line about 6:15 or so and debarkation started about 6:30. We were off the ship and through customs/immigration by 6:45 and my family had a car parked at the cruise terminal and we walked to the car and I was at the airport by 7:00 or so. I have pre-check so I was through the TSA screening within a few minutes and at the gate in plenty enough time to make the flight. I have to say I wasn't concerned because I did have a back up plan if the ship were delayed as I could have taken a later flight, or driven with family to Orlando where they were spending time at Disney and have gone home from there. I would NEVER do this without a backup plan. Prior to this cruise, I had a trip on Harmony from Pt Everglades in Jan and it was a 9:30 flight. I did the self-assist and took a cab to the airport and was there by 7:00 or so and that's what made me think I could do the 8:30 flight.
  5. When we first attended a Quest game we laughed so hard and it was a lot of fun to watch. Our next cruise we again went to Quest, but it was totally different as so many people had bags with them with things that would be requested. We have not gone in years because I have no patience for cheaters.
  6. I realize the situation I am going to talk about was a few years ago, but my dad booked as a single in a balcony cabin and paid for 2 people as was the policy. A few months before the cruise, he wanted to add another person to his cabin. He was NOT allowed to do so as the lifeboat was at capacity in that there were cabins that had 3 or more people in them. I don't know if this is still the policy, but if I were thinking of adding someone, I'd do it asap. I agree with checking the cruise line to see if it is possible as well as the drinks package. My guess, and it's only a guess, is that if that promotion is still available, she may be able to get it, but if that is no longer the case, she won't. I don't know about bookings through the UK though as in many cases they are very different from those of the US. Edited to add I'm glad you got the answer. I was typing while you were.
  7. Depending upon the ship you are sailing, a reservation may or may not be made for you for the first night. When we sailed on Harmony in January, no reservation was made for us and that was fine with us as we wanted a particular restaurant. We were told that they were no longer making reservations for cruisers because too many changed their reservations from what they were assigned to others and some restaurants seemed to be close to being "sold out" because of the original reservations made by the ship. I don't know if that was just for the cruise we were on or if it is now a policy, but when we were on Allure in June, we weren't told of any reservation, nor was there any card in our cabin telling us we had a reservation at any restaurant. We just made our reservations for the week when we got onboard.
  8. I guess I must be strange in that I think the truffle pasta at Jamie's is really good. I also love their burgers at lunch and the salmon I had there was as good as any I've ever had. I thought that prior to our cruise on Allure in June that Giovanni's had the best steak onboard, but this time it was so tough and hard to eat that we never went back there even though we had reservations for a couple of nights. I am hoping that Jamie's is as good on Harmony in January as it was last January. We had the UDP and had lunch there 3 days and dinner a couple of nights.
  9. I thought only the newer ships, Harmony and Symphony had them.
  10. As long as you have your confirmation, you are all set. I don't know which ship you are sailing, but when we sailed on Allure and Harmony, the app we downloaded, had our times listed when it got close to boarding day. Not all things from our calendar were loaded until we were onboard, but the dining times came up, the shows came up etc. If I don't see everything before we leave for the port, which is a few days before the cruise, I print things out and have them as a backup. So far, I haven't had any problem with any reservations on the app.
  11. My first cruise was on Home Lines Oceanic in 1981 and we had the book with all passenger names in it too. We paid for our deck chairs for the week, so no matter when we went out to the deck, our lounge chairs were waiting for us. I think it was perhaps $10 or $15 for the week. Everyone dressed up every night for dinner and all meals were at the same table. We were on that cruise in April and it was an Easter cruise. OMG how spoiled were the kids on that cruise? The night clubs had 10PM nightly time for kids under 18 or 21 to leave and many of them who were 16 or so, wouldn't leave so security had to remove them and then their parents were up in arms as they were in suites and felt they "owned the ship." The same kids would order Long Island Iced Tea which, I guess, was something new, although I hadn't heard of it before the cruise. When their parents asked them what they were drinking, they said "iced tea." Cash was king then, no charge cards to pay for things. Before we got off the ship we decided we wanted to do another one, so we got off on Saturday and on Monday I booked us on another cruise for July of that year on another Home Lines ship, the Doric. Oh such great memories!
  12. Thanks. I was not able to pull up all the info on Izumi. I only saw the info about the price.
  13. I purchase primary insurance as I don't want to go through the trouble of perhaps getting rejected by my own insurance and thus delaying reimbursement. My insurance does not cover me out of the country, but in the past when I had to use the purchased insurance, I had to get the rejection first etc. I don't see any con to getting insurance as primary other than it may be slightly more expensive.
  14. In looking at my Cruise Planner for my Symphony cruise, it shows Izumi is now a flat fee restaurant. It states on the website "From 49.99 per adult" which leads me to believe it is no longer a la carte. I know in the past it was a la carte, but I am not sure now based on what I am seeing. I am not a sushi person, so it won't matter to me in the least, but if it has changed, I just wanted the correct info to be posted. Perhaps someone who is going soon will be able to clear it up. If I am incorrect, I do apologize and I think the website is very confusing if that is the case.
  15. The Hibachi area is very small and has far more limited seating than the other restaurants. If you read the fine print regarding the 3 night package, it does state that you can't use it at Hibachi. It is available to those with the unlimited dining package and that makes me believe they will enforce the not allowing those with the 3 night package because of this.
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