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  1. Lamb is not one of my favorites, but they didn't have anything with crab meat other than the crab and avocado bruschetta.
  2. I like some of the foods from Giovanni's and some from Jamie's. At Jamie's, I thought the plank was great and loved the pasta with truffle cream sauce. At Giovanni's I like the filet better than the ones in Chops. I also liked the pasta with Bolognese sauce. I, also, used to love Portofino with the seafood speidini.(sp) On Harmony in January we had excellent service and our waitress brought us things she felt we "needed" even when we didn't order them. That 's how I tried the plank. We are going on Allure next month and am sure the service and food in Giovanni's will be great as always. When we go on Harmony in January, I hope Jamie's will still be there so I can get the pasta again.
  3. If you download the app from Royal Caribbean, the menus may be on there. For our June cruise, the info showed up in March or so. There is a lot of info on the app and it is added piecemeal to the app, but the menus were one of the first things on there.
  4. I very seriously doubt your son will receive the Boardwalk balcony perks as they only apply to those booked in a Boardwalk (view) Balcony and NOT an ocean view balcony. We have stayed in both and when we had the Boardwalk Balcony we received the perks, when in an ocean view we did not. The ocean view is a more expensive category cabin and I think the perks for the Boardwalk Balcony as well as the Central Park Balcony are to encourage people to book those cabins. JMO.
  5. Ive used my drink coupons on Harmony and Allure in the specialty restaurants with no questions asked. I've also walked in with a drink in hand.
  6. We purchased our UDP last Black Friday for our cruise in June as week as for our Harmony cruise which we enjoyed in January. We did not have an 18% gratuity charge, but I did see when we were on Harmony making reservations for the restaurants, the price was higher and 18% was added because it was booked onboard. It appears the same 18% gratuity applies if booking a single restaurant onboard as opposed to booking online before the cruise. When we use our plan we tip a$5 per person for lunch and $10 per person for dinner. We have tipped more a few times when we had what I consider, extra special service.
  7. Central Park, while beautiful, is very hot and humid. Even in the fall/winter when the ship leaves FL and gets to the Caribbean it is so hot and there really is not much air movement. I'd never be able to sit outside on the balcony and enjoy the park because of the heat and humidity. We have stayed in a Boardwalk balcony and it is great for people watching. It is quite noisy though and although we never heard the Carousel, we did hear the shows in the Aqua Theater including the movies shown there. We stayed in the second cabin from the aft and could see the ocean while standing on our balcony. We could also see the Aqua Show. It was a real pain though to walk the long hallway to the elevator/stairs all the time. I have found at night, if we closed and lock the balcony door and drapes, it is not bad for sleeping. My choice though is booking an ocean view balcony as I do enjoy looking at the sea. Depending upon my sailing companion(s) we book a Boardwalk balcony as my sister enjoys the included soda and JR. I don't drink soda and am not a fan of JR, so they're not draws for me. My son and his family like the ocean view balcony so that's our choice when sailing together.
  8. You may not have as it depends upon the price you paid online. I have seen it online for my cruises advertised at 30% off so that would, in all likelihood, be the same price as onboard.
  9. I want to preface my post by stating that I do have our tips put on the Sail & Sign card and we do tip extra usually for our cabin steward and if we eat in the dining room, to our waiter as well. Having said that, I do feel we should not have to tip those behind the scenes that are considered "others" in the tip pool. I expect that I will have clean sheets, towels, napkins, tablecloths etc. I believe they have been paid with my cruise fare. I feel guest services employees are basically the same as those in a hotel whom I don't tip and don't see the need to tip them on the ship. I expect the halls, stair railings etc to be clean and believe I paid for that again, as part of my cruise fare. My feelings are that some cruise line, I think Carnival, but could be wrong on that, decided they could increase their revenue by adding gratuities to employees that were not part of the tipping policies and that cruisers would just pay them because they were either bullied into doing so by other cruisers or that it's expected so we need to pay them. After the success with the first line doing so, others jumped on the bandwagon and this will continue as is until they find we need to tip the Captain and the other officers for keeping us safe. Then there will be an additional charge known as the safety charge. JMO.
  10. Because they have notified people that the itineraries are changing until the end of October, I feel they are planning to continue sailing with no cancellations until then at least. I wouldn't be surprised if they changed the itineraries until they sail to Europe for the dry dock. Too much was lost on Oasis and they don't want to cancel any cruises and lose more money. JMO.
  11. On Allure I have had the English bacon every morning in the WJ. I have also seen the tomatoes. I realize this is not part of a traditional English breakfast, but Allure has the best crispy hash browns in the WJ. The potatoes that come with breakfast in the MDR are gross.
  12. For the last couple of years on Allure and Harmony, I have asked about the lasagna and was told it was no longer available. I have been there both for lunch and dinner and it wasn't on any menu. I wish they would have lasagna as that is one of my familiy's favorite foods.
  13. Yesterday when I posted, I checked the fine print and it states what I posted about children. Today when I went to copy and paste the info, it is now what you have above. I am guessing that my Allure cruise for June wasn't updated with the new info, but it is now. I should have just copied and pasted yesterday. Sorry.
  14. On sea days the MDR has the best salad at the Tutti salad bar. You pick the ingredients and the staff make your chopped salad.
  15. The payment in advance of the 3 night packages or even the UDP package isn't required for anyone under 13. So, if you decided to do that, you won't be paying in full for your children and looking for a credit. The info is in the "fine print" on the cruise planner under the dining package; therefore, you are not paying $200 in advance and looking for a refund. By the way the cost isn't half price for your older child, it's $10 IF food is ordered from the child's menu. That also is on the website and unless the info on there is wrong, I feel you are worrying needlessly. I do think Royal Caribbean uses some creative math when they show the prices of drink packages or dining packages/reservations. If I see a price I feel is fair, I book at that and if the price goes down, I know I can cancel and rebook.
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